Easy Gifting with Subscription Boxes – and Saving Money Too!

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In our Holiday Gift Guide we’ve listed information for giving a gift subscription, as well as deals and coupons on regular subscriptions. We’re going to tell you how to use this information to:

  1. give easy, luxe gifts perfect for your gift recipient,
  2. maximize the amount of money you save,
  3. while avoiding subscription pitfalls!

I promise it’s quick!

Finding the perfect holiday gift!

#1 More gift guides are coming, but the first thing you’ll want to do is match a box with your gift recipient by finding the guide that matches best! We’ve picked out the best subscription boxes for gifting this year! Be sure to keep checking back as we release more gift guides!

Single Gift or Recurring Subscription?

#2 Decide whether or not you’re looking to give a single gift, or a recurring subscription. This is where all those self-subscription deals come into play. If you’ve found a subscription that has a non-renewing gift option that doesn’t cost more than the regular subscription price, great! Otherwise, you may want to consider subscribing yourself and then giving the gift. That wouldn’t necessarily work well for a far away recipient, but if they’re local, you can take advantage of some of these crazy deals without spending a lot of cash. Your budget and exactly who you’re gifting may play a large role in this decision – do you want to buy 3 boxes for $150, or a single box for $40 that’s perfectly giftable on its own?

We do not recommend purchasing a gift subscription if you’re buying for yourself, your spouse or significant other, or your child. You’ll have more control over the subscription if you self-subscribe, and probably will nab a better deal!

Set a Reminder!

#3 Whether you subscribe for yourself in order to re-gift the entire box or individual items (don’t forget there’s tons of subscriptions that are perfect to subscribe to in order to split up have easy gifts at any time without lifting a finger) OR the subscription you have selected has a renewing gift option, you’re going to want to remind yourself to cancel so you don’t end up paying for the subscription forever! Use your regular calendar or just tell your phone “remind in 10 weeks to cancel so & so” – but check the fine print!

Plus, some of the subscriptions that are best for gifting don’t even have regular gift options (FabFitFun, I’m looking at you!), or don’t have the benefits that a month to month subscription may offer – like skipping (Loot Crate subscriptions and Cratejoy subscriptions in particular! They allow you to skip if you’re on month to month). For subscriptions without gift options you’ll definitely have to subscribe then cancel to get that gift. And if you’re gifting Loot Crate to your college student, just let them know how many months you’re in for and let them be responsible for managing it (just remind yourself to cut them off when you’re done!).

Rethink Your Gift Shopping Strategy!

#4 We mention all the time that you can save lots of money with subscription boxes – in many subscription boxes there’s more retail value than the price paid – POPSUGAR and FabFitFun are prime examples of that! If you find yourself doing a lot of shopping for others for fun items that pretty much anyone will love I strongly suggest these two subscriptions as regular monthly boxes in your arsenal against overpriced holiday shopping! Why find a luxe candle for $25, when you can have a gift closet of luxury goodies that you’ve paid pennies on the dollar for?!

Look for amazing deals on subscriptions that match your gifting preferences all November and December. You can sign up for notifications of deals and other information we add to the site on individual directory pages, plus we suggest being a Hello Subscription newsletter subscriber. It’s the best time of the year! Don’t forget that Black Friday & Cyber Monday subscription box deals will be arriving soon!

TIP: Keep buckets or other containers for organizing your goodies throughout the year, or use really nice boxes to store your items. Speaking of…!

Reuse Nice Packaging – And Take Advantage of Pre-Prettied Boxes!


#5 You can make delightful gifts by reusing the packaging you have! Whether a luxe sturdy gift box or a fun Birchbox! You can cover up the logo with a card or bow, or just remind your gift recipient that you recycle. It’s good for the planet! Be sure to save some of your prettiest squiggles for regifting purposes! And if you are giving a subscription gift, check out the reviews we have of that box – if it’s pretty when we get it, it will be pretty when you gift it!

If you’re looking for inexpensive gift ideas, be sure to check the free and cheap subscription boxes page for ideas too. Do you have any subscription box gift money-saving ideas?

See the Holiday Gift Guide for our best subscription box gift ideas!


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