The Curiosity Box by VSauce Subscription Box Review – Fall 2016

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The Curiosity Box  is a quarterly subscription box to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Each box comes with 6-9 items that will not only entertain, but also educate you and your family.  The subscription is $49.90 per quarter and a portion of all proceeds are donated to fund Alzheimer’s research.



If it a looks a little bit like a GeekFuel unboxing, that’s because the two companies are related.the-curiosity-box-by-vsauce-winter-2016-1

Each box comes with the Curiosity Quarterly by VSauce.

There are full spreads on some of the items and the science behind them!


This box featured a small suite of ultraviolet curiosities.


Along with a small ultraviolet lamp, the box contained a poster with hidden pictures and a bottle of germ simulator lotion.


The information card gives a brief description of each item.


The packaging for the box is top-notch.  The VSauce crew even bills it as limited edition collectible packaging!


Everything in the box!


The Iron Samurai Exclusive Shirt:  An awesome fitted tee featuring the giant robot samurai.  Not really with the theme of the box – just really cool!


Packing For Mars by Mary Roach ($12.73):  A humorous exploration of the very real issues facing human exploration in space.  Even the most mundane of human activities take on possible life and death consequences outside our atmosphere.


 The book looks at all the bizarre preparation undertaken in the name of space exploration.


Ultraviolet Poster: Several creepy creatures appear when viewed with the UV lamp.  The poster is very tall and great for hanging on a door or narrow, vertical wall space.

Ultraviolet Lamp:  This small lamp functions in both tube and torch modes.  It’s the key to unlocking the UV magic in the other two items.  Unfortunately, batteries were not included (2 X AA).

Germ Simulator:  In use for decades as a sanitation training aid, this lotion contains small bits that glow in UV light.


Magnetic Iron Filling Interval Keeper:  This “hourglass” doesn’t take but a minute to empty into the bottom chamber.  A magnet embedded in the wooden base causes the iron filings to stand on end, creating a unique pattern every time.


 Gyroscope:  When in motion, the centripetal and centrifugal forces keep this gyroscope upright and allow it to balance on the smallest of surfaces.


 It comes with a pedestal and string.  I couldn’t get it to work right off, but I’m not discouraged!


Letter Quest Remastered:  A code is included for a free download of this Steam title.


The Curiosity Box Gift Wrap:  Though branded with the Curiosity Box icon, there is no text other than the ubiquitous # and @ signs, so this paper can be used for any occasion (perhaps an odd choice for a wedding gift).


The paper comes in three large sheets – one green, one blue, and one purple.

This subscription always has cool stuff.  It is a nice break from project-based STEM boxes – the items aren’t tied into structured investigations, just for fooling with and enjoying at your leisure.  I love the book choices, and the gadgets are fun for all ages.

Visit The Curiosity Box to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Lorna Bock

    Dear Curiosity Box,
    As a family we had tried several other activity boxes but this is the first – starting from the first box that actually interested my children.
    We received the box about magnetism and my three 10 year olds would work out parts of it through out the day.
    Now the question. The Magnetic Iron filing interval keeper has broken. Is there any way to order just that item? My son is absolutely crushed that he accidentally broke it and I would like to replace it.
    Thank you for your help and wonderful box.

    • Hello Subscription

      Hi – we aren’t curiosity box (we just blog about them) and you can get a replacement on amazon:

      and 3 10 year olds! oh my! i have 4 kids but they’re all spread out! 🙂 – brandy