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  • WhiskerBox

    Thank you for the wonderful review – WhiskerBox thinks your kitties would make excellent Feline Lifestyle Experts ?!

    • PA Anna

      The kitties purr their thanks!

  • Catherine

    I think Sylvester wore the bow tie best!

    • PA Anna

      Sylvester meows his thank you 🙂

  • AngelaR

    All the kitties are so cute. Puss in Boots face is priceless while he is wearing the lion costume.

    • PA Anna

      The kitties meow their thanks!

  • Sara

    Your cats are too cute! Puss in Boots looks great in the Lion costume, though he doesn’t look too happy. I know my cat freaks out if you try to put anything over his head or around his neck, including a collar. Both cats look so cute in the bow tie!

    • PA Anna

      The cats purr their thank yous 🙂