Universal Yums September 2016 Subscription Box Review – Thailand

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Universal Yums is a monthly international snack subscription box.  Every month you’ll take a trip to a new country and munch on brand new snacks.  This month they are taking us on a trip to Thailand.  Yum Yum! There are two sizes of box, the Yum ($13) and the Yum Yum ($25).  This is the Yum Yum box, and it’s a really solid subscription that shines each and every month. This subscription ships at the very end of the month so you actually get it the next month.


This month we were treated to some fun goodies and yums from Thailand.  The beautiful information booklet that comes each month provides some extra insight into the countries history and culture. The tissue paper on the top is always in the design of the that month’s countries flag.  It’s a cool touch that sets the stage for you culinary exploration of culture.


This month’s introductory note tells us about Thailand and gets us ready for the delights inside.


And of course, there is an in-depth description and background on all the items in the box.


It has a handy ingredient/potential allergen breakdown on it, and lots of details on the snacks.


There was a lot in the September box!


Tao Kae Noi Big Roll BBQ: This is like a seaweed chip and reminds me of a kale chip however I’ve never flavored mine and with this being BBQ I think I might need to try flavoring my kale chips when I make them.  In addition to BBQ these come in coconut to grilled squid. Hmm I think I’ll stick with the BBQ.

Hanami Shrimp Crackers Hot Chili Flavor: Uhm these really do stink when you open them however when you get past the smell they are not too bad.  They have a slight shrimp taste but have more of a chili flavor.  I have a hard time getting past the smell though.

Glendee Chocolate Coconut Chips: Coconut is prevalent ingredient in Thai cuisine however I am not a fan at all.  My mother-in-law loves it though so I’m going to pass these on to her.  They are raw coconut chips dusted in cocoa powder and they do look delicious if only I liked coconut.


Fashion Food Tomato Flavored Cracker: I’m a chip girl but I don’t like ketchup and the description says if you close your eyes  it will taste like your eating a fusion of ketchup coated McDonald’s fry and Spaghetti Os. I’m not sure in whose world that sounds appealing but my ketchup obsessed son through they were awesome and well if you get the approval of the 5 year old then all must be good.

Euro Pandan Cake: The Pandan plant in Thailand is used for cooking, applied as a perfume, and sprayed on about everything as a natural way to improve your mood. This is a small cake infused with the flavors of pandan and I mean its cake so what isn’t to like?

United Coffee Candy: These are sold as a substitute for real coffee and 8 of the candies has as much caffeine as a small cup of joe.  We aren’t huge coffee people at my house so I’m going to pass it along to someone who will love it more then me.

Bonus Item: Instant Thai Tea: Thai Iced Tea is a very popular drink in Thailand.  you mix the packet with about a cup of hot water but if its still hot where you are then they suggest pouring it over some ice once you get it all mixed together.


Tom Yum Pretz: I love getting Tom Yum soup when going to the Thai restaurant and while I don’t think this tastes exactly like the hot soup it is pretty good. If you go out for Thai food then I would highly suggest trying out the Tom Yum Soup it is so yummy and a must have when I go out.

Green Tea Thai Pocky: Pocky was originally from Japan but has been made in Thailand for over 45 years. Unfortunately the plant was destroyed in the horrific floods in 2011 but after a bit of restructuring it was back up and running and selling these fun snacks.

Little Farm Garlic Bread: I know who thinks of garlic bread when thinking of Thailand?  These little bread chips are spread with elephant garlic which is three times as large standard garlic and a bit sweeter.  I set these aside to have with some hummus this weekend but in Thailand they are normally eaten with a fish flavored dip.


Spicy Sesame Coated Peanuts: Chili powder is another staple of the Thai cuisine and is on the tables like we have salt and pepper.  These peanuts have just a bit of heat and also a bit of sweet in the sesame.

Amira Tamarind Candy: Tamarind is used in so many different things. It is actually a tree that produces a fruit that comes in a pod. Inside the pod are a few large seeds and a sticky, tart pulp.  The pulp is used for tenderizing meat, making jams and chutneys, adding flavor to drinks, and even making Worcestershire sauce. It is also the main ingredient here for a candy that is sweet and sour with a floral undertone.

Sanghai Strawberry Cream Wafers: These are a strawberry wafer dessert. Chocolate is not a big dessert item in Thailand so there was not much in this box however Universal Yums says they will make up for it in the next box!


Can you guess which country is featured next? Based on the clue, I’m going to guess that we are going to get the tastes of Russia and based on the above comment there will be some chocolate in the box!

Universal Yums is a big box of yummy fun each month.  They source their snacks from the country represented so you get a real taste and idea of what different cultures eat. This month had more snacks that I would eat and try then some of the others but I already knew I liked the tastes of Thailand so that did help. We love getting to try new things and deciding which ones we would eat again and which ones we wouldn’t.  The box gives so much information on the different culture and it also helps spark conversations with my boys were we go and look things up and talk about the country so it is a great educational activity for us too!

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