September 2016 Yummy Bazaar Full Experience Subscription Box Review – Italy

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Yummy Bazaar delivers gourmet food items to your door monthly.  The items for the Destination Food Club are carefully selected from a different single country every month.  With the Full Experience you’ll get 6-8 full sized gourmet items from your destination for $35.95.  There is also a Sampler subscription that sends 6-8 sample sizes from various countries for $9.95.  We received the Full Experience box.


As always, the box was packed in a smartly utilitarian, corrugated, brown paper, and tape combo.  It is a very clever packing scheme — recyclable and cool looking.


This month’s featured destination was Italy!


The box is filled with items that speak to Italian food culture and tradition.  The pamphlet describes the significance of the items and how the ritual surrounding their consumption.


The guide provides recipes you can make using the items in the box!


The product description pages give a brief description of each item, along with several suggested uses, the retail price, and the origin.


All the goodies in our September Yummy Bazaar Full Experience Box.


Callipo Italian Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil ($12.95):  Mediterranean cuisine relies heavily on fish, and Italy is no exception.


In the U.S., we typically see either solid white albacore or chunk lite tuna, which is yellowfin (and actually tends to be tastier and less dry).  Packed in pure olive oil, this tuna is solid yellowfin — so it has the big steak-like sections without the dry texture of albacore. The texture is magnificent!yummy-bazaar-full-experience-september-2016-7

Coluccio Neonata Hot Fish Appetizer ($9.95):  Most maritime cultures incorporate fish into their drinking regimen.  In Southern Italy, they serve Neonata, a blend of fish and hot peppers in oil.


The fish is shredded, so the mixture looks like a loose chutney. This condiment is hard to find – but when you do, use it as a spread or to dress linguine!


J. Gasco Premium Fizzy Italian Soda Limonata ($2.50):  This refreshing soda combines real lemon juice and sugar to make a carbonated beverage that is ideal as a drink mixer or enjoyed straight. This one is bubbly and tart, with the lowest possible sugar content. Perhaps that has something to do with the odd man-rooster on the label.


Paradiso dei Golosi Premium Calabrian Bergamot Preserve ($8.45):  I love Earl Grey tea and marmalade, and this is essentially a bergamot marmalade.  I think this might make a fun starter for a homemade cocktail syrup!


It has bits of the actual bergamot in the preserve, but they aren’t as texturally prominent as the peel in marmalade.  The flavor is fairly intense and not overly sweet, maintaining much of the bright, tangy sourness of the bergamot. Perfect with a nutty Italian cheese.


Marella “The Leftovers” Organic Monnezzaglia ($9.95):  This pasta collection is named for the weekly Italian habit of throwing all of the odds and ends of pasta into a single dish.


The pasta looks amazing before it even cooks!  The optimal timing for the various kinds of pasta has to differ greatly but it cooked great – everything was perfect.


Paradiso dei Golosi Dried Arrabiata Sauce Mix ($6.95):  The “angry” blend of herbs, garlic, and hot peppers forms the essential seasoning for the fiery Arrabiata pasta sauce.  This bag looks to be sufficient to make several batches of highly-seasoned sauce! I cooked down some fire-roasted tomatoes and this blend packed a serious punch – and the results were delicious.


Majani Premium Italian Fruit Gel ($2.50):  sugar, fruit juice, and pectin combine to make a very sweet and delicate gel.


The texture is much softer and more moist than typical fruit gels — there is no way you would handle this outside of the wrapper without making a terribly sticky mess.  It is soft and almost creamy, not the least bit chewy or hard.yummy-bazaar-full-experience-september-2016-15

Naturi Organic Roasted Italian Chestnuts ($3.95):  Chestnuts are a real pain to prepare from scratch, as you have to roast and peel them.  These come already roasted and shelled, ready to eat or chop for recipes.


The nuts looked very nice, but they did have a bit of a piscine odor.  I think that is not unusual for chestnuts, but it was still a little off-putting.yummy-bazaar-full-experience-september-2016-16

La Mole Cioccobon Chocolate Hazelnut Pastries ($3.95):  Little pastries filled with a dollop of Nutella-type creme.


These were cute, with a very flaky, sugar-crusted pastry.yummy-bazaar-full-experience-september-2016-18

The pastry was dry on the outside, with the hazelnut creme moistening them from within.  They were tasty and still had a decent texture, though I’m sure this style of treat is best when purchased fresh.  Despite the combination of the creme and the sugared pastry, they weren’t too sweet and we tried to pace ourselves – but they disappeared in a few days!

This subscription box is so wonderful in that it provides a broad gastronomic exploration of a country at a time, and it’s easy, fun, and usable. Everything from Yummy Bazaar has always been top notch and really fresh – they’re an impressive company and the subscription is even more so.  This was a nice box with a pleasant combination of classic and atypical items – and the value was about $61.15!

Also FYI – you can also skip or cancel at any time – and they will accommodate most special diets if you need. They have a $9.95 per month Mini Sampler box too! Have you tried Yümmy Bazaar? What did you think of this month’s box?

Visit Yümmy Bazaar to subscribe or find out more!

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