Nerdy Post June 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Nerdy Post is a subscription that sends original, hand lettered stationery, posters, prints, stickers, and other paper ephemera around a different theme each month! Not into that month’s fandom? You can easily skip your shipment — I love when boxes allow for this feature, since fandom subscriptions can be tricky. This was their first box, and since then they have changed the packaging from a flat envelope to this new tube format due to items arriving damaged.


It made me a bit nervous about how well the items would travel after being rolled up inside. The first month’s theme was Harry Potter!

UPDATE: This box was received through a third party and the poster was not in its original bubble wrap, which protects the poster from wrinkling. Look for a new review of this fun box soon!


Hogwarts Poster This poster of the Hogwarts crest is composed of every spell in the series — and each spell is written out in a different style. This is so awesome! Unfortunately the poster arrived rolled up, and didn’t take too kindly to being unrolled.


Marauder’s Map Notepad This notepad features the motto of the Marauders. It arrived pretty curled up but I think it’ll flatten out eventually. I’m already using this to jot down grocery lists.

Prefect Pin I will be rocking this at Universal Studios!

Hogwarts Castle Sticker The art on this is so beautiful! I love the monochrome colour palette.


Quidditch Postcard This colourable postcard has the Golden Snitch and the goal hoops from the game Quidditch on it. You can either colour it before sending it, or leave it for your friend to do!


Here’s what the back looks like!


Lumos/Nox Bookmark This bookmark is absolutely gorgeous; I love the writing and the simple design. Lumos is the spell used to light up the tip of your wand, for those unfamiliar with the Harry Potter spell lexicon. And if you flip it over…


It’s Nox, which is used to put out your wand light.


I was seriously impressed with the first month of Nerdy Post! I am hoping they will rethink their packaging choice and move to a padded envelope or sturdy mailer to protect the paper goods inside, as I don’t think my poster will ever be quite the same again. I love the notepad, the bookmark, the pin and the sticker though, so even without the poster I’m still happy.

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The Subscription: Nerdy Post
The Description: Monthly Hand Lettered and Illustrated Fandom & Bookish Merch – every month features a new fandom theme from books, TV, and movies. Inside your Nerdy Post will be 4-6 items featuring original, hand lettered and illustrated quotes, symbols, images, etc belonging to that month’s theme. Every month will always include a high-quality poster and bookmark, an auto-grade sticker, and a postcard that you can send or keep!
The Price: $13.95 per month
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  • Alexis

    Hi Valerie! This is Alexis with Nerdy Post! Thank you so much for your review. I’m happy you liked the items but I am so disappointed with how you received them! I know that you got this box through the Cratejoy team and it seems that the products were removed from their original packaging before being sent to you. I personally roll the posters and take great care in making sure they are done so without damage. We also include a “how to safely flatten your poster” card with every tube now that we have changed from flat packaging. We have had zero damage complaints in this format, so I am quite dismayed that this is how your poster looks. We would like to send you a replacement, free of charge of course. This quality is not what we stand by and we want to make it right. We definitely do not want our customers and your readers to think that this is the carelessness in which we send out our products. I am so sorry about this. Is there any way you could remove this review until we can get you the replacement? Thank you. And please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or want to discuss further!

    • Brandy

      Hi Alexis – Valerie didn’t indicate the items were damaged, only that you’d switched to the tube mailer because of damage, as a way of explaining why everything was rolled. As you can see from her photograph, the poster arrived in its plastic sleeve.

      We have another review of the Supernatural box coming this week. It is my personal opinion that the items should be mailed flat. After days of pressing under heavy objects our items were all still curled. The notepads in particular do not take kindly to rolling.

      I don’t recall ever having removed a review.


      • Alexis

        Hi Brandy,

        I’m sorry. I think you got the wrong idea of our request. We appreciated the positive review, and only requested to take it down until we could send a properly packaged box, so the first image people see of our contents isn’t a mangled poster. But we completely understand if it’s your policy not to, and that’s totally fine. We just wanted to ask.

        Also, I understood what Valerie was saying about the damage. I was just indicating that this is not how you would normally receive the items. Since you do have the Supernatural box, you will know that the poster does not just come in a plastic sleeve, but is rolled much tighter and protected with bubble wrap as well. It is clear that between us sending this box to Cratejoy and you receiving it, someone has not only removed the poster from the protective packaging but re-rolled it themselves. I have watched others (my mom and husband for example) try to roll our posters, and it gets bend marks if not done correctly.

        I do understand and appreciate your opinion. We are still new, and after our Supernatural box, we have learned our lesson on the notepads. The HP box is an unfortunate byproduct of that learning as only a handful of those notepads, yours included, ever were sent in a tube.

        Please email us your address so we can replace the box, regardless.

        Thank you,