Magickal Folk Subscription Box Review + Coupon – June 2016

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Magickal Folk is a monthly subscription that brings magical items to work with moon phases through meditation and rituals to your doorstep. Different subscription options are available and any of them can be added to an existing subscription. Subscriptions starts at $5 a month for the Meditation Crystals Crate to $70 a month for the Magickal Moon Goddess Crate. This review is for the Magickal Moon Goddess, which includes 4 of their boxes. Subscribers are also sent daily emails that include mindful meditation, affirmations, magickal correspondances and other magickal tips.


Everything came into a box with nice tissue paper. No stamp were on the box and no info card were given with this box, but this might be because this box was shipped to us from a third party.


Inside the box, everything was padded with straw and in cute little bags! Some of the items looks like jewelry, so I’m looking forward to see them!

Meditation Crystals Crate ($5 a month, + shipping)


The Meditation Crystals Crate comes with 1-4 stones as well as a healing crystal meditation. I’ve received five stones, but no healing meditation. As no info on them was included, I have to guess at what each of them are. But it was the first thing I saw in the box, as stones are a sure way to my heart! I can’t get enough of them! So my guess for these one would be : a moss agate (increases optimism), tree agate (helps to clear energy blockages), a small citrine point (boosts confidence), aragonite (helps to overcome stagnation) and a bloodstone (provides motivation and self confidence). For the price of this box, these are a fair value if I were to go and pick them up by myself at the store. It’s nice to get them randomly, chosen by someone else, as it’s a neat surprise to received in the mail, and I don’t spend HOURS at the store sorting through the stones, trying to find the one that makes my heart beat a bit faster. So, I like this box a lot! Of course, I’m greedy so I wish the citrine would have had a bit more colour through the point, or the stones bigger, or non-tumbled stones. But they are nice to carry around in a purse.

Crystals and Oils Box ($10 a month + shipping)


This box usually includes 1-4 stones with corresponding oil based on the monthly themed energy.


7 Chakra And Rudraksha Bracelet, Natural Gemstone Beads ( $12.50 ). This bracelet is so very pretty! There’s Garnet, Carnelian, Honey Jade, Green Aventurine, Reconstituted Turquoise, Sodalite, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz. I wish a different stone would have been used instead of the reconstituted turquoise because r turquoise is not a real stone. It’s a mix of plastic, glue and powdered stones. Turquoises are very fragile, so only the highest quality can be truly made into jewelry. Instead, kyanite, aquamarine or even blue chalcedony would have look nice and real to me. I don’t mind fake turquoise, just not in a piece of jewelry targeting the property of the stones. This bracelet is to balance, energize and stimulates our chakras. There’s also Rudraksha seed beads, used as payer beads in Hindouism. I don’t know much about them, but they provide a nice texture to this bracelet. I love chakra bracelet so this one will be a nice addition to my rotation. It would also look good stacked with other elastic bracelets. I don’t know if it’s a normal occurence for this box to have a piece of jewelry for the stone part, but I like it!


7 Chakras Natural Incense Sticks ($4.99 on amazon). There’s 12 sticks inside the box, made of natural ingredients following traditional Indian recipe. This incense is to help in meditation and healing of our chakras. Sadly, I can’t burn incense in the house (smoke-free environment), so this one will be given away to a friend or my sister.
This box, although I like the bracelet, is not a hit with me, due to personal taste. It would be great for someone who’s looking for aromatherapy, meditation and a stone to wear.

Witchy Woman Crate ($35 a month + shipping)

June’s box was all about the Wild Unknown Tarot and how to blessed it. The ritual is explained on their website. Sadly, my box was missing the herbal element (life everlasting, rose, mugworth). This might have been due to being shipped by a third party.


The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck. ($40, based on a different deck from the same artist). At the time of this review, this deck is Out of Print and a collector’s edition, including the guidebook, will soon be available instead. I had seen this deck before and I love all the imagery based on the animal kingdom. This edition has a bit of colour, but it’s still a mostly white and black deck, very peaceful. It comes with a small booklet with word cues for the interpretation of each cards. I kinda like it. Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of explanation, just a cue word and the rest is up to the reader. I really like the size of the cards, they’re easy to shuffle and the cards don’t stick to each other. They’re about the same size as my Tarot de Marseille. This is a very pretty deck, easy to read with knowledge from other tarot deck.

Yellow Chime Candle. This is a small candle widely used in rituals for it’s burning time (2.5 hours). Yellow candle is used to improve communication and clarity of thought. It’s a great colour to get to know a new deck!

Even though I didn’t get all the components for this box, I LOVE it! I’m really into tarot, so having a new deck is always great. The herbs used for the cleaning of the deck are easy to find, so it’s not too much of a problem, and the value of the box is already above the price of it.

Moon Goddess Box (35$ a month + shipping)


This month’s theme was Honey Moon and Summer Solstice Ritual. A full ritual, or meditation, is available through Magickal Folk website.


Summer Solstice Magickal Oil

Made of Patchouli herb, Chamomille Flowers, Marigold Flowers, Sunflower oil with cinnamon sticks, honey and clear quartz crystal. Once fully charged by the energy of the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice on the same day, this oil will bring abundance, strenght, love and happiness for years to come. This oil can then be used to bring these quality to any ritual where oil can be used.


Crystal Wrap. Made of clear quartz crystal chips, with handcut citrine, a goddess pendant with sunstones and moonstones, this wrap helps to balance the masculine and feminine energy brought on by the solar solstice on the same day as the full moon. This wrap can easily be used as a bracelet or a choker after the ritual.


Sun Tea Sachet of passionflower and chamomille. This tea blend is to be drank for three days around the solstice to ensure happiness and abundance for the rest of the year.

This was my least favorite box of the four, but it was still a nice one to have. It also introduce me to a new type of magick, as I’ve never used oil in my rituals before.


I really enjoyed my Magickal Moon Goddess parcel from Magickal Folk, even if I received it after the solstice. I’m really happy to receive a new tarot deck as tarot reading has always been a hobby of mine. I was also happy to get a gemstone bracelet instead of more tumbled stones as it’s a nice way to carry our stones with us and the pairings are endless. I love chamomille herbal tea and I was happy to get some in this box, but sadly the sachet was opened and the content all over the box so I’m not confident in drinking it. I will give it to my sister who loves doing rituals with herbs.

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The Subscription: Magickal Folk
The Description: Magickal Parcels are fun little gifts that arrive at your door step every month. They excite you, inspire you and intend on enlightening you. They are whimsical, silly, serious, wise, powerful, protective, spiritual and most importantly…magickal. Boxes available for voodoo hoodoo, pagan/witchcraft, wicca, general spiritual, or a little bit of everything.
The Price: $30.00 per month


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