Loot Crate GEARS OF WAR 4 Limited Edition Crate Review

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Loot Crate released a GEARS OF WAR 4 Limited Edition Crate just in time for the release of this most awaited game!  This limited edition box was $74.99 and is still available to purchase, and is a perfect gift for fans and Locust War vets!

If you ordered the digital version ($129.99) you’ll get your DLC on October 11 – launch day!


The box came with a giant poster!


The back of it serves as an information sheet. You’ll get the names and some details about the items from the sheet.


Everything in the GEARS OF WAR 4 Limited Edition Box from Loot Crate!


Welcome To Settlement 5 Booklet

Welcome to the Settlement! This booklet provides everything you’ll need to know when moving here! I thought this was a fun item, plus it shows off the snazzy new Phoenix in the COG emblem.

Don’t forget to do your procreative duty!


Gears of War 4 Piece Pin Setloot-crate-gears-of-war-limited-edition-crate-october-2016-11

Time to choose a team – are you Swarm, COG, or Outsider? Great pin set – I thought it would look great with a black winter peacoat, or of course on your messenger bag.


Gears of War Hero Lancer 7″ Replicaloot-crate-gears-of-war-limited-edition-crate-october-2016-12

This is a serious replica, and really striking! loot-crate-gears-of-war-limited-edition-crate-october-2016-13

Lots of detail, and blood, of course!


Gears of War 4 Pint Glass: Nothing like a cold pint after a long day of ensuring the survival of humanity.


Gears of War Faction Socks: These are great, understated socks have the insignia of the COG and Swarm. loot-crate-gears-of-war-limited-edition-crate-october-2016-2

Awww, you shouldn’t have! I always wanted Microsoft socks! ?


Gears of War Reversible Beanie: Yay for a beanie! I love that they went with the COG logo for this – I think the look is super sharp. loot-crate-gears-of-war-limited-edition-crate-october-2016-4 It also reverses to a Gears of War 4 logo. In case you’re entering a Swarm encampment. This beanie is likely to accommodate most head sizes – it fits both my husband and me great!


Gears of War Versus Tee: Love this shirt and the versus design! Doesn’t get better than the skull and lancer combo. More chainsaws, please!loot-crate-gears-of-war-limited-edition-crate-october-2016-6

The game logo is on the back of this shirt.

loot-crate-gears-of-war-limited-edition-crate-october-2016-7 Settlement 5 Concept Art: This tin print is highly detailed and is about 10″ x 7.5″.loot-crate-gears-of-war-limited-edition-crate-october-2016-8

Great look at your new home!


Gears of War Phoenix Omen Hoodie: And just when you think that loot crate has already loaded you up with great wearables you come to this hoodie which is fantastic! The inside is nice and fleecy although this isn’t a heavyweight hoodie. loot-crate-gears-of-war-limited-edition-crate-october-2016-16

The back has a giant graphic of JD Fenix and it’s pretty awesome! I love the splatter design!


Preorder Bonus Pin! I also go this great Lancer pin for pre-ordering the box!

I really thought that Loot Crate nailed this box! I loved the focus on wearables – it’s something that most of us can always use, especially when they are so well done like these. For someone looking for more collectibles, this box may have been a miss, but I loved it. Compared with the Ghostbusters box, I thought this was a much improved limited edition box offering from Loot Crate.

What did you think of the GEARS OF WAR 4 box from Loot Crate?


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