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  • mmore88

    Will you guys post the winner???

    • Brandy

      When we hear back! I will post a new giveaway soon! I have some boxes hanging around that need to go! Maybe a luxe fall giveaway?

  • Jozet Gillion

    Would love to win any of these fab. Boxes!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Sandy P

    Great giveaway! I love Subscription boxes. Have tried three but the past year I whittled it down to one and now trying to decide what the other one it will be. I. Need. Two!!

  • Sonya

    Awesome giveaway!!!! Good luck everyone!

  • Lisa

    For real?? When will the winners be notified??

    • Brandy

      there are 9 days left. it’s just one winner, everything all together, it’s all packed up and ready to go out, we contact the winner the day the giveaway closes usually (it closes 3am eastern, so whenever i get an email from gleam that it’s over!).

  • Andrea Joy

    Such a wonderful giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Bethann Lutz

    Thank you so much. These are my 2 favorite boxes that I can’t get all the time unless its my birthday.. Well its November 15th so this would be a dream come try.

  • Virginia

    Wow, what a nice giveaway. Thanks.