The Fan Empire August 2016 Subscription Box Review

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The Fan Empire delivers 4-6 high quality fandom magically geeky items every month.  The Fan Empire used to have the coolest boxes but now I get decently priced bags. The first time I got the bag I was disappointed but no longer because The Fan Empire never fails to impress.


The content card which is never boring lets us know what we will find as well as information on staying connected via social media. Our theme this month Triple Treat: Potter, Percy, Pan.


On the flip side is a Peter Pan postcard of the children flying away to Never Never Land over the London sky. A quote to keep me staying young, “All you need is faith, trust and pixie dust.” I wish this was a little bigger because I like it that much.


Tinker Bell Candy or Pixie Dust! I love popping candy because it’s like childhood in edible form.


Peter Pan Metal Bookmark is beautiful. The think happy thoughts charm really brings to life the meaning of Peter Pan. This will look amazing with my book or journal.


Percy Jackson Book Locket Necklace, has beautiful details in the art and the hinges of the book. I know nothing about Percy Jackson but I am looking forward to checking it out at my local library.


Percy Jackson Camp Half-Blood button required a bit of research for me because like I said previously I have not read any Percy Jackson. Now that I know it’s a a Greek demigod training facility I am super excited to read this series. I’m even thinking the kid will want to join  me in some non school sanctioned reading.


Harry Potter Watercolor print with the patronus. I adore this print because it’s so different then the normal Harry Potter or Harry and friends pictures I’ve seen.


On the flip side is a cute little Happy Birthday to The Fan Empire.


Harry Potter adjustable ring. All the greatest things are represented in this ring, Harry’s scar and glasses. As well as the cloak of invisibility, the resurrection stone and the Elder Wand. The uniqueness of this ring is what made me put it on and not take it off. I’m just waiting for someone to ask about it.


Trading Cards! Each pack features eight movie inspired cards.


These cards are stunning. I love that they are from my favorite movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner or Azkaban. There is a short paragraph on the back of each one with a description of what is happening in the picture.


Harry Potter Tote Bag, is wonderful! It’s thick and plush great for carrying around books or art supplies. When it’s opened up the bottom is very narrow, not really ideal for a grocery sack.


The Fan Empire brought it’s A game to this month’s box. There was a very happy balance between all three P’s, Potter, Percy and Pan. I truly loved having to look up the Percy Jackson items because it sounds like a series a die hard Harry Potter fan will enjoy. I am so happy to see that Fan Empire didn’t dedicate it’s birthday month box only to Harry Potter because they can do justice to anything they decide to represent.

What did you think of The Fan Empire this month??

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  • Jenny

    Ohh what a great box. I love everything. My boys and I have listened to the first 3 Percy books and my oldest loves them and has just started reading the first one on his own. He’s also looked more into greek Gods and other mythical creatures thanks to the series. The author has lots of extra books to go along with the main series. Azkaban is also my favorite movie of the whole series. The others just really don’t compare to me.