Chocolate & Candy Advent Calendars For a Sweet Christmas Countdown!

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Chocolates and candies are well-loved treats in most homes (including ours!). During Christmas season, these gourmet goodies become more special – especially when packaged in luxe boxes and shared with the ones you love.

If you’ll ask us about the best way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas, it will definitely involve chocolate, candy, and of course… advent calendars! Yep, advent calendars are not just for beauty products or toys – they can contain gourmet goodies too!

Because the holidays are just around the corner, we’ve made you a list of some of the best Chocolate & Candy Advent Calendars you can use to make your Christmas celebration a little sweeter than the usual – check them out!

Vosges Enchanted Haut-Chocolat Calendar of Advent ($135)

We continue our advent tradition with a new limited edition design dancing with the gold and purple illustrations of Crystal Sloane – a crafter, collector and general creator of things. Her delicate gold branches, fairies, and endearing animals adorn each keepsake box with the magic of the season.  Each day, slide out a drawer and indulge in a morsel of haut-chocolat. Flip each drawer before replacing it to reveal a hidden design on Christmas Eve. Save your limited edition box and order replacement chocolates in future years.

► You can also try the classic version!

Quin Candy Holiday Countdown Calendar ($22)

Countdown all month long, all the way to New Year’s, with 28 doors – 25 of which reveal jaw-dropping handmade candies, like vanilla bean caramels, juicy fruit chews and gem-like lollipops. Oh, and the three bonus doors are a surprise because, as Quin rightfully points out, “candy is magic.”

► Ships within the United States.

Williams-Sonoma Advent Calendar ($15.95)

Savor the countdown to Christmas with our vintage-style advent calendar, inspired by the legendary 19th-century American poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” Every day, from the first of December until the night before Christmas, you’ll discover a different chocolate gift hidden behind a magical calendar window. Individually wrapped in colorful foil, our pre-holiday treats are crafted of all-natural premium milk chocolate.

► Ships within the United States.

Jelly Bean Count Down to Christmas Advent Calendar ($12.99)

Add to the excitement of the holidays by counting down to Christmas with our advent calendar. The enormous box is filled with 24 – 0.28 oz pyramid bags Jelly Belly jelly beans – one for each day leading up to Christmas. Kids of all ages will look forward to the tasty treat hidden behind each door.

►Also available in a 6-Count Case!

Dylan’s Candy Bar Christmas 2016 Advent Calendar ($14)

Welcome, sweet friends, to the best show in town—an Advent Calendar to celebrate Christmas all around! Join on a hunt for chocolate morsels each day, great for little ones to help bring Christmas on its way!

► Ships worldwide from the United States.

Godiva Chocolate Advent Calendar ($35)

Unwrap the joy of the holidays as you countdown to Christmas with a premium chocolate treat each day!

► Ships within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Squish 24 Days of Candy Advent Calendar ($29 CAD, about $21.75 USD)

Celebrate simply and daily this holiday season with our 24 Days of Gummy Advent Calendar. Featuring 24 of our favorite flavors – each day is a fresh gummy gift! Candy-lovers will adore this tradition filled with small surprises.

Squish Squish, it’s all gummies!

► Ships from Canada to the United States. And to Canada! ??

Wawi Chocolate Advent Calendar Set of 4 ($5.96)

The Wawi Chocolate Advent Calendar is based on the original tradition when children drew a chalk line on the door each day of December counting down until Christmas. This calendar features delightfully nostalgic artwork and authentic German chocolate.

►See more advent calendars from World Market!

Divine Fair Trade Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar ($7.99)

A delectable Christmas countdown! Each window of our advent calendar reveals a portion of the Christmas story – and yields a scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate heart. 5% of sales from this Advent Calendar will go towards empowerment initiatives for the women cocoa farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana.

► Free Standard Delivery on all orders over $65!

Mrs. Prindables Christmas Advent Calendar with Assorted Chocolates ($39.92)

24 days to open! Includes an assortment of caramels and chocolate goodies. Can be refilled year after year!

► Also available from Mrs. Prindables or Sak’s.

 Lindt Bear Advent Calendar ($25)

A charming Christmas countdown sure to be a hit with children of all ages! Hidden treats include miniature Lindt BEAR and friends, foil-wrapped milk chocolate and hazelnut chocolate balls.

► Check out the Lindt Wintercountry Advent Calendar ($38) too!

Teanzo 1856 Tea Advent Calendar ($29.99)

img_580d68b17caff(Just in case chocolate and candy isn’t your thing!)

24 days of tea to countdown to Christmas with flavors such as Fennel Chai, Black Cherry, and Earl Grey Green just to name a few. An outstanding Christmas gift for any tea lover!

► Ships from California.

CHARBONNEL ET WALKER Christmas Funfair Advent Calendar ($74)

A beautifully decorated funfair advent calendar. Each day contains a delightful surprise with delectable dark and milk chocolates.

► Ships worldwide from the United States.

Are you dreaming of any tasty and delicious advent calendars for your Christmas celebration? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, you can check out even more unique and unusual advent calendars at Etsy too!

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  • PA Anna

    INSTANT CHOCOLATE! My Divine Chocolate Calendars arrived today. I didn’t know they were located in Pennsylvania! Maybe I should share a sneak peek so I can eat a chocolate 🙂

    • Brandy

      Really?! That’s nuts! That’s not even 24 hours to chocolate.

  • PA Anna

    I want the Vsoges Advent Calendar but will have to wait until next year. I ordered two Jelly Belly calendars for the boys and two Divine Calendars for the adults. The boys love Jelly Bellys.

    I decided to pick Divines because it is fair trade and tells the Christmas story. I have a feeling our eight-year-old will be helping us eat the Divines chcoolate because his favorite chocolate in the whole wide world is Divines Milk Chocolate.

    I think I bought enough Advent Calendars this year.

    • PA Anna

      I forgot to add that both provided a discount code for first time orders!