September 2016 Taste Club Snack Box Full Spoilers + Coupon!

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Find out what’s in September Taste Club Snack Boxes from Eat Feed Love!

In addition to the Taste Club Snack Box ($35 per month), Taste Club has the Pantry Box ($45) and Sample Box ($22)!

Coupon: Save $10 on your first box of any of the Taste Club subscriptions with coupon code HelloSubscription

Here’s everything appearing in the September 2016 Taste Club Snack Boxes

sept30What I love most about the crackers crafted at Hayden Flour Mills is the pure simplicity of them. There are very few added ingredients so you can really taste the grains, which have a yummy flavor to them all on their own. I will note that if you’re wanting to snack on crackers and don’t have any cheese or peanut butter handy, you may want to save these crackers for when you do. While earthy and nutty flavors are delightful and all, the crackers are still a bit bland when flying solo. They really yearn for some strong cheeses or peppery jams to play with. I smeared some goat cheese on a cracker topped with a dollop of Primo’s Strawberry Ancho Preserves and it was a heavenly concoction. If you have the goods for a topping, I highly recommend putting them on these crackers.

sept27We love Jack Kuo from Fuller Foods for bringing us the only indie cheesy poof on the market. Out of all the flavors available, the blue cheese is definitely the most unique. There are many people in the world who find blue cheese to be too strong but the good news about these puffs are that the blue cheese flavors are pretty mild. When mixed with the cheddar and spices and jalapeno powder, the power of the blue gets knocked down a few notches. But, it’s definitely there and it’s definitely delicious. These puffs are incredibly addicting so it’s good that the bag is King Kong-style huge, so as to last a lot longer than a regular bag of chips. They are also incredibly light so you don’t feel like you’ve eaten a whole bag of them until they’re gone. And when they finally are gone, it’s wise to have a new bag on reserve, because you will likely want more and more and then some more.

2016-09-06-1Every flavor of caramel crafted by the dessert Gods over at Chocolate Twist uses this sea salt recipe as their base, so it better be good or their whole line of caramels could be looking for new jobs. Luckily this golden treasure far surpasses the word “good” and inches closer to the “rockstar of all caramels” category. The texture alone is a work of art. It’s so smooth and creamy that it breaks in half with an ease that most caramels don’t have because they’re too sticky and hard to crack. The chewy and moist texture is even better when your teeth get a handle on it, as it melts in your mouth and hits every taste bud in your body, just like sweet warm butter would. Every single flavor of Chocolate Twist comes highly recommended but with any great food it’s always best to start from where it all began. And these caramels are where it’s at.

sept26These nostalgic candies have the sweet summer tastes of juicy watermelon all wrapped up into a handful of hard candies. Crafted completely by hand you can taste the pure ingredients and the refreshing and familiar flavors of ripe watermelon in each piece of candy. A terrific treat for a gift bag or the perfect snack to suck on when you’re sick of mints and want to add a little fruity flavor to your day.

sept01Cookies! With shapes! For adults! Speculoos cookies are famous in Belgium where it’s customary to get a little cookie on the side when you order a cup of tea or coffee from anywhere. Should we move there? Well maybe, but we don’t have to because we can enjoy the crunch of Belgium next to our own coffee plate and in the comfort of our own kitchen. The deeply aromatic and smooth taste is a major plus for these unique cookies but what I love most is the history they carry with them. Back in the day – like way way 17th century back – the cookies were carved into the shape of St. Nicholas. By tradition in Belgium, children would put their shoes by the chimney before going to sleep and the good kids would be rewarded with speculoos cookies while the naughty kids were threatened to be stuffed in a sack and sent to Spain by St. Nicholas’ helper. Sounds like a demented version of Christmas to me, but I’m from LA where everything is demented. Evy from Little Belgians kept the speculoos tradition alive by carving her cookies into things that reminded her of being a kid. The umbrella shapes represent rainy afternoons, the bird shape refers to pigeon racing (a Belgian national sport) and the house shape is carved into Evy’s favorite Belgian city, Ghent. Every cookie is like eating a little taste of what makes the artisan happy in her life. If I had cookies carved into the things that make me happy they would all be in the shape of wine glasses. But pigeon shape is good, too.

sept10This high antioxidant gourmet blend is a mix of 100% organic fruits and nuts. A handful of this trail mix is the perfect balance of sweet and salty with a tasty mixture of Cranberries, Mulberries, Goji Berries, Raisins, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds and Walnuts. The amalgam of flavor is complex and tantalizing and a little bit goes along way as a small amount is both filling and satisfying.

Coupon: Save $10 on your first box of any of the Taste Club subscriptions with coupon code HelloSubscription
The Subscription: Taste Club: Sample Box
The Description: Discover amazing new flavors with this box full of Sample size artisan products. Perfect for those looking to discover new foods.
The Price: $22.00 per month


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