September 2016 Golden Tote Subscription Box Review – $149 Tote

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Golden Tote is a monthly fashion grab bag – Get new pieces monthly that are fashionable, seasonable, and affordable. When you pick the $149 tote you select two pieces and then you get 5-7 pieces with a total value of up to $600! When you get the $49 tote you pick one item and get 2 (or sometimes 3). Unlike regular subscriptions you have to purchase it every month, but you can return it. If you decide to keep part of your tote, any kept ‘chosen items’ will be sold at boutique price and surprise items for $35.


This is a review of the $149 tote. Note that you get free shipping at Golden Tote if you spend $149 or more, but regular shipping charges are $5.95.  There will also be a returns process so you can see the cost to keep each item in your tote.


The items are neatly packed in their individual plastic.



Everything in my box! I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled right off the bat.


The tote itself is fun!


Gilli Dolman Cardigan with Lace Sleeves ($40) This is a great cardigan with beautiful lace sleeves. Unfortunately for Golden Tote, I have a very similar lace kimono from Happy Rebel box (that’s just a tad more fabulous).


This is a fun look, and definitely my style. Almost kept it!


The Bomber Jacket in Black ($60) I loved this jacket! I think the vintage french/Elizabethan (really what is this pattern’s style influence?!) pattern is fabulous, I love the zipper, and I think the bomber is everything for fall. It’s fantastic and was my chosen item.


Stripe it Lucky Sweater ($45) I’m not sure why I picked this one as my chosen item, because I don’t like the faux layered look (that doesn’t even look faux-layered). I do love the neckline!


Renee C Shift Dress with Apron Pockets ($40) And, apologies to anyone who has different tastes than I do, but I hated this. I hated the color as soon as I saw it, and in no way should someone with my body type ever wear a dress styled like this with those baggy waist pockets!


Fun 2 Fun V-Neck Alligator Print Top ($40) #nope.

Unfortunately it just wasn’t worth it to keep this box – it would’ve been $145 to keep the cardigan, bomber, and sweater. I ate $16 in return shipping and sent the entire thing back. Golden Tote had sent out a satisfaction email (“reaching of for feedback”) and I explained that I was returning the whole box because of the fail with the 2 items, and they wrote “I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t like some of your items! We always try to do our best, though it’s of course not a guarantee that you are going to like everything :/ We hope your next one will be more successful!” While that’s true, I wish they would have done some trouble shooting with my profile, but they didn’t seem to care – so I’m not entirely sure why they bothered soliciting feedback.  On the other hand, this isn’t much different than eating a $20 styling fee from Stitch Fix if you don’t like anything, but I feel like Stitch Fix puts way more effort into making my box a success.

I was really bummed how this box turned out, because I wanted half the chosen items for September!  Props on the shipping time though – I got my tote in less than a week. I’m thinking about biting on the Fall Puella Gold Edition Tote though! I don’t have the details yet but I do know they are doing things differently this time with the Gold edition.

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The Subscription: Golden Tote
The Description: Golden Tote is a clothing surprise bag. Each month you’ll get either 5-7 clothing and accessories picks in your tote ($149) or 2-3 items ($49).In creating your Tote, Golden Tote allows you to select one item out of two for your first item ($49 tote) and two out of four for the larger tote. The Tote itself is reusable lightweight canvas!Sizes XS-Large. No individual returns but you can regift or exchange with friends. Alternatively you can return your entire order but you cannot return a single item or two.
The Price: $49.00 per month
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  • PA Anna

    First, I am annoyed to find out that the Bomber Brand is Pink Owl which is Junior sizes. I would never have ordered it if I have known it was a Junior Large.

    Second, I found Golden Tote’s return process to be unusual. So even though I paid $149.00 for my tote, my return total is $225.00 which is the full value of my tote. I need to return enough items to reach below $149.00 before I receive a return credit. I also need to factor in shipping costs to Golden Tote.

    I was surprised by this because Wantables will refund you based off a ratio of the box price. For example a necklace may retail at $46.00 but my price/refund price if returned is $17.25

    I am shocked that Golden Tote states that individual items are returnable. It is not true. I am unable to return the Bomber Jacket ($60.00) that does not fit as a jacket (it fits as a cardigan) because that brings the tote total down to $165.00 which nets me a zero refund because it is above the price of the tote.

    I do not understand why it is not figured out on a ratio similar to what Wantable uses to calculate return prices.

    The other items do fit and are according to my style profile. I received the City Explorer Cardigan ($45.00) which was my other selection. My surprises are Catwalk Studio Cozy Wrap Cardi ($40.00), Gilli Floral Pencil Skirt ($40.00), and Mittoshop Floral Lace Bell Sleeve Dress in Dusty Rose ($40.00) which I loved.

    Now if I kept the two items that I loved the most which are the City Explorer Cardigan and the Floral Dress, my refund amount would be $64.00 which means I paid Golden Tote full prices for the dress and cardigan. That negates the benefit of ordering from Golden Tote and being able to return.

    Fortunately, the stylist did a great job with my surprise pieces and the Bomber Jacket found a great home. All is well that ends well.

  • PA Anna

    At first, I was hoping that the alligator shirt would be in my tote. Then I saw the entire shirt. Nope.