Runner Crate Subscription Box Review & Coupon – August 2016

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Runner Crate is a monthly subscription box for runners – no surprise, huh?  Each month, Runner Crate will send snacks, running gear, and other fun things to “support your runner’s high.”  Subscriptions start at $35/month, with discounts for pre-purchasing multiple months.  I am a triathlete and a runner, plus a sucker for really cute boxes…so I was excited to see this running shoe-designed box in my mail again this month!


Here’s a look at everything in this month’s box.  Although Runner Crate doesn’t include an information card describing the items in the box, like many other subscription boxes do, I was able to figure out everything in this box all by myself.  (In fact, I already am a big fan of a number of the items – bonus!)

Runner Crate says each box will be filled with “brand name fitness supplement samples, apparel, workout plans, meal recipes, other gym related gear AND bling for the month!”  Each month will include 6-8 items, depending on what is included.  Let’s take a closer look at the goodies they sent me.


Haribo Gold Bears Gummi Candy: I’m assuming I’m a typical runner…and sometimes I just need (yes, need) candy.  My favorite candies for long runs are Nerds, jelly beans, and gummy bears – so I was so excited to get a bag of gummy bears in my Runner Crate.  Plus honestly, Haribo makes the best gummy bears.  YUM!


Honey Stinger Energy Gels:  Even though I’m familiar with (and a big fan) of Honey Stinger products, including their energy gels, I had never tried the mango orange flavor before.  (I tend towards the berry and vanilla varieties usually.)  This is something I totally love about subscription boxes — the chance to try out new things without making a major commitment.  Mango orange may be one of my new favorite flavors – so good.  Plus the gels are organic and naturally flavored, which I appreciate.


Honey Stinger Waffles:  Another Honey Stinger product that I was familiar with, but I’d never had the chance to try the gluten free variety or the maple flavor.  I really loved the maple flavor, especially as the weather is shifting to fall (or at least it’s supposed to be – who ordered these hot days in September?).  The texture of the gluten free waffles seemed very close to the regular ones that I use all the time, so that was cool too.  Totally happy I got a chance to try these!

Maui & Sons Dark Chocolate Coated Coconut Chips:  How did I not know these were a thing?  I love coconut.  I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate.  My favorite candy bars are Almond Joy and Mounds.  This is like candy, but you can pretend it isn’t because it isn’t wrapped like a candy bar.  OK, maybe that doesn’t actually work.  But these are amazing!  I could have eaten the whole bag.  Chocolate coated coconut chips are a great sweet snack and a lot of fun.


Nature’s Turn Banana Crisps:  Unlike typical banana chips, these are freeze dried – making them light and airy, more like banana puffs than chips.  They have no added sugar, but these are super sweet just as they are.  My only complaint is that although the bag states it contains two bananas, the bag’s nutrition facts list only 55 calories – which is a pretty light snack for me.  However, I think mixing these with yogurt or cereal would make this a totally satisfying snack.


Screaming Energy Max Hit: This is a ready-to-drink energy shot with coffee, ginseng, and taurine.  I’m not usually a big fan of energy drinks, but this one actually tasted okay.


Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder:  This summer’s humidity has made blisters and chafing a real concern…but products like Dry Goods athletic spray powder and others are just what runners need to ward off those issues.  I liked this spray – it was easy to use and seems to be pretty effective at preventing blisters for me.


Believe Training Journal:  You know how sometimes you are wishing for something but you haven’t gotten around to buying it yet…and then it magically shows up in your mailbox a part of a subscription box and it totally makes your day?  Has that happened to you?  Because I have been so planning on ordering this training journal and I just hadn’t yet…and then Runner Crate sends it to me and I’m like super giddy!


This is an awesome training journal – perfect for runners.  Plenty of place for logging workouts, plus inspirational quotes and space to indicate goals for the week, etc.  Plus it has a nice heavy cover and good quality paper that will hold up for the long haul.  I can’t even express how happy I was to get this in my box!


Fitness Jump Rope:  Last, but not least, the box included a nice fitness jump rope – perfect for some cross training.

This is my second chance to review Runner Crate (see my review of the July box here) and I love this box even more than I loved the first one.  I totally think Runner Crate nailed it with this one – sending me new varieties of products I already know and love, plus including the training log I’ve been about to buy.  Perfect!  I think other runners would also love to get Runner Crate!

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