Nerd Block Jr. Boys Subscription Box Review & Coupon – September 2016

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Nerd Block Jr is a subscription box for boys or girls ages 6-11 (you pick the box – boy or girl) that is a monthly surprise of fun little toys for kids. They’re part of the Nerd Block Family – check any of them out here.  Since I have two boys we get the boy box however we have gotten the girl one before and really liked it too.

The boxes now include a shirt! (They are the same for both boxes)


First look in the boy box for September.


The information card provides a list of all the items included in the box.


Your little boy will surely love what Nerd Block Jr. for Boys has come up for next month: Marvel, Star Wars Rebels and Minions!  My boys are already arguing over who gets what and we still have a month to go.


Everything in the September 2016 box!


Raving Rabbits Travel in Time Figurine ($7.89) I had no idea that Raving Rabbits was still a thing.  I know we had the game for the Wii back in the day before we even had kids.  My boys did not know who this was but it didn’t keep my littlest from claiming it.  He loves all figurines no matter what they are and he thought this guy was pretty funny. The boxes had assorted figures in them.


Star Wars Battle Matching Game ($7.72) – We love games and Star Wars at my house. This looks to be a really fun game and I’ve set it aside for another rainy day. We just got out of a long rainy spell so we are taking full advantage of all the outside time we can. This game is for up to 4 players which is great so that all of us will be able to play at the same time.


Megaman Monsters Factory Plush ($12.99) – We’ve gotten a couple things from Megaman in these boxes and I guess I need to look into it.  It is a classic game but not one I’m familiar with.  It doesn’t really matter since my youngest is only 5 and he still takes all plushes we get right up to his room. He can spend hours playing with them up there and new ones are always welcome.


Marvel’s Vision vs. Sub-Ultron 011 ($4.99) So should I admit we just saw Age of Ultron not to long ago?  It was on the tv so I recorded it and we watched it.  We were a bit behind in our Avengers movies but I believe we are caught up to the newest one now.  Based on the ones I’ve seen I am a fan of Ultron and the actor who plays him. My boys of course just think he is cool and again my youngest took this one when I was done.  This box is really turning into a good one for him.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MiniMates ($4.10)- If you have kids in school then you know that keychains are some of the best things ever. This is a keychain and has interchangeable pieces! In the eyes of my boys not much could be better.


There’s also a $10 coupon included when you purchase from ShirtPunch! After you use your code SAVE YOUR CARD – you have to try to collect all 9 pieces to get a completed puzzle and get a $100 card. I’m betting there will be only a few linchpin puzzle pieces – most of the pieces I’ve received have identical backs.  This is actually a different piece then I’ve gotten before which has us all excited.

Shirt Punch has shirts as low as $10 (shipping $6), so you can get a shirt around $6, which is an awesome deal, but I love the daily bundles they have!  I usually hate things I have to spend extra money on, but I’m totally ok with spending $4 for a shirt or about $9 for a shirt + Pop.


Shirts are coming!  The new Nerd Blocks will all include a shirt along with your toys.  I can’t wait to see what they will include.

My boys are really loving the Nerd Blocks each month.  This one has some fandoms they don’t really know but the items are universal so they are just as happy. I love that there was a game this month and something the whole family can get involved with. Since we’ve been watching the Star Wars movies all day today we are a bit of fans and will have so much fun playing one of these nights.

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