Horror Block August 2016 Review & Coupon

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horrorblock_aug2016_boxHorror Block is a monthly subscription box filled with some awesomely gruesome horror toys and collectibles. The Horror Block box ships at the end of the month so this is the August Box that comes in September. I think with the holiday this one came a bit later then it does most months.  This box really starts with the box itself.  This is a favorite box at my house with my boys and myself loving to see it show up.  The box itself is also a hot commodity with both boys arguing over who gets to play with it when I’m done doing my review and putting away our goodies. It goes back to kids always love playing with the boxes and then mommy gets the goodies. Win-win.


First look at all the contents. My 8 year old was helping me do the unboxing and he about flipped with the first look at the box. He is the keeper of one of the above items and couldn’t wait to get his hands on it.  I’ll show that below.


Everything that came in the August box.  Each month we will get 5-6 horror related items.


The front side of the information card.horrorblock_aug2016_infoback

Back side of the card and all of the descriptions.  Horror Block has great information cards. They are informative but they also have fun with their descriptions. Make sure you read through them all. I love seeing all the Exclusive items in the box this month. I love having items not everyone else has.


Rue Morgue July 2016 Issue ($9.95) – Horror Block includes the monthly magazine from Rue Morgue.  This isn’t a magazine I would necessarily pick up off a shelf but it is really well done and the articles are interesting and the graphics are amazing. I love reading through it each month.


Baby Bleeds You Alive Vampire Doll Head – This is the item my son was ecstatic for. This is number two in a series from Horror Block of Creepy Doll heads since so many horror movies have creepy doll heads.  As soon as I gave the go ahead my son ran it upstairs to add to his other one. Its eyes light up too!


Doesn’t that look so appropriate on the desk in my 8 year olds room?  I do love his eclectic taste.


Shirtpunch Psycho T-shirt (This is an exclusive but other Shirtpunch shirts go for $19.99) – This month’s shirt is from Leatherface and is all out creepy.


Supernatural Coloring Book- OMG I can’t get enough of this coloring book. It is by far one of my favorite box items ever. When I pulled it out I immediately sent a picture to some of my other Supernatural friends. I was fangirling so much over this one.  It is an exclusive to Horror Block and WOW just WOW I keep getting speechless over it and I’m never at a loss for words.


I started doing a bit of coloring with the included Horror Block colored pencils however they included all bright and sunny colors and really I NEED more browns and blacks so I will have to get my stash out to finish my coloring.


The book has really nice thick pages and includes many double page scenes.


And also some great single page scenes. I am really loving this coloring book and I anticipate finishing all of the pages rather quickly.  I actually told my neighbor she should come up and we can do some Supernatural wine and coloring one night. I think that sounds like a perfect idea for a fun night.


Supernatural Anti-possession tattoo charm- A second Supernatural item in the box and I really am in heavy. This is a charm of the tattoo the boys wear to keep them from getting possessed.  The charm is another exclusive and is really a nice heavy weight and has a great feel with lots of texture.  I wish it had come with a chain of some kind but I’m sure I have one here that will work for it.


Ghostbusters Cleaning Cloth – This month had an exclusive phone case option but you had the option of opting out so I did and instead got this fun cleaning cloth.  We like Ghostbusters here and this is so soft it will be great to use.

This month’s Horror Block was totally me and my family. I loved everything and really anything Supernatural is always good for me but I also loved that it was mostly exclusive items.  That really adds to the value for me since if you are  collector of things having something that is not readily available to the masses is always a plus.

horrorblock_aug2016_septking horrorblock_aug2016_septclue

The September box is going to be all about Stephen King. With all the new Stephen King talk lately it is really timely and sure to be awesome. I’m a huge King fan and while I haven’t read his books as recently I used to read them pretty exclusively. I love his brand of scary without going straight for the gore and really working in the mystery and the suspense. The box will also include 4 more Exclusive to Horror Block items!


All Nerd Blocks come with a $10 credit for ShirtPunch.com! This is really fun and I’ve been collecting my pieces. There are pieces that are harder to get than others and even my boys will tell me we already have that piece once I open one of the boxes but I’m going to keep collecting since someone has to win and it could easily be me!

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