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  • Holly

    The red top is gorgeous on you!! Definitely keep it!

  • Addie

    I think the black and white top is so flattering on you and I can see why you got so many compliments (and I love all the blue pairings you did too!)…. but the other two colors were made for you – you rock a jewel tone!

    (and can I mention how cute those black and white striped flats are!)

    • Summer

      Thanks, Addie! I have to thank my sister for the B&W flats. I’m grateful that we wear the same shoe size because it means I can raid her closet.

  • Katy

    They all look very nice on you but the red top….FANTASTIC. Keeper.

    • Katy

      And for justification…it is so flattering for your figure that it was literally made for you…it can be dressed up or down for practically any occasion…it can be worn alone in warm weather or under sweaters and blazers in chillier months…its a great color for you…it won’t last. Its too nice of a top, its super fashionable and more than likely the next woman to love it will keep it.

      • Summer

        Oh, Katy, I love that you’ve rationalized this out for me! I had the same inner debate with myself. Hahaha. 😀

  • Skylar

    You look great!! I do LOVE that red top, though. Gorgeous!!! KEEP!!! ^_^

    • Summer

      Thanks, Skylar! The longer I keep the red top, the harder it is to say goodbye to it. 🙂

      • Brandy

        i was just rereading comments and whomp, back in 9th grade. thanks.