Green Kid Crafts September 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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img_9981Green Kid Crafts is a subscription box that sends 5-8 themed projects made with eco-friendly materials to your home every month. The boxes contain hands-on explorations in science, math, technology, engineering and art that are intended to challenge children from 3-10 years of age.

img_9982September’s theme was Weather Science. This got my son very excited. He is fascinated by clouds and is always asking me what types of clouds are in the sky. Beyond cirrus, cumulus, stratus and nimbus, though, I’m not much of a help. Hopefully we’ll learn more about clouds together this month!

img_9983Each set of crafts is grouped together by theme. The introductory card depicts the exercises: making a cloud finder, weather station, wind sock, tornado jar, storm saucer and rain jar. Sounds like fun!

img_9985Before we began, we checked out this nice visual representation of the different activities awaiting us in the box. Then we got to work.

img_9986We began by talking about weather science and meteorologists. Next, we made our own rain gauge and placed it outside. Unfortunately, it hasn’t rained here in weeks, so there hasn’t been a lot to measure. It’s supposed to rain later this week, so we’ll enjoy measuring the rainfall then.


My son enjoyed measuring the wind speed and direction in our home by licking and lifting his finger!


Next, my son got to work making a cloud finder that he can take outdoors to help him identify clouds. This looks great!

img_9989I love this visual representation of cloud types and their relative locations in the sky.

img_9990My son and I both enjoyed studying these pictures. After we looked at them for some time, my son began cutting them out and pasting them around the enclosed frame.

img_0293It’s too bad this activity required him to cut up the helpful information on the reverse!


Now that his cloud finder is dry, my son is excited to take it outside and put it to good use!

img_9991The next activity asks children to make their own weather station. This reminds me of what children often see during circle time at school every day.


The only difference is now my son can assemble his himself! Cool!

img_0737After punching out the different components, my son decided to decorate some of them with the enclosed crayons.

img_0739Next, he affixed velcro to the back of the different components and stuck them on the enclosed felt.


Finally, he pushed the enclosed pipe cleaner through the felt and secured the tabs on the reverse with glue dots.


As you can see, it was a warm and cloudy but calm day at our house!

img_0734This storm saucer sounded cool. My son loves playing with colors, so this sounded right up his alley.

img_0752First, he added drops of food coloring to a plate full of milk.

img_0754As soon as he added dish detergent to his plate, the colors retreated to the edges of the plate almost immediately.


Finally, my son swirled the colors around with a paint brush. The effect reminded us both of the paper marbling activity we completed at our local children’s museum last weekend.


My ice maker is on the fritz, so unfortunately, we didn’t have the requisite supplies on hand to complete the rain jar. We’ll save this card and complete the activity at a later date.

img_9997Next, my son got to work making a windsock.

img_9994My son has made windsocks before, but never out of fabric. This should be exciting!

img_0684First, my son got to work decorating his fabric with the enclosed crayons.

img_0686Next, he used glue dots to affix the ribbons to the fabric.

img_0687After peeling and sticking the enclosed foam strip to the fabric, he placed four glue dots along the width of the fabric.


He used the glue dots to fasten his windsock together and finished up by pushing a pipe cleaner through either side of the top of the windsock (through both the fabric and the foam). Ta da! He enjoyed playing with his windsock very much.


He looks forward to using his wind sock to measure the wind outside according to the Beaufort Wind Scale.

img_9995Next, he filled a mason jar with water and dish soap and swirled it around in circles.


He very much enjoyed looking at the resulting vortex that he created.

What a fun box of crafts and scientific discovery! My son and I both love the nature bent of this subscription box, and we have a lot of fun working through the crafts together. It’s an added bonus that we get to learn together as we create. My son and I both eagerly await our Green Kid Crafts boxes each month, and we can’t wait to see what we’ll learn about next month!

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The Subscription: Green Kid Crafts
The Description: In the Discovery Box you’ll find three eco-themed crafts connected by a monthly theme using art, science, movement, and play. All materials are non-toxic and sustainable where possible.
The Price: $20.00 per month


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