Wow Box August 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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WOW Box is a Japanese candy subscription coming right from Japan! For only $24.99 a month, you can enjoy Japanese sweets  and snacks delivered to your door every month. WOW Box has recently revamped their subscription model as of August, so I’ll touch briefly on some of the changes!

  • Choose from three themed boxes with regular ($24.99) and large ($24.99) versions available. The three themes are New & Limited, Original & Tasty, and Kawaii & Beauty.
  • There is also a smaller box for $14.99 called Dagashi.
  • Product information is now digital on the website versus a card. I received my box mid-August but the new website wasn’t finished yet, so I’ve done this review with the help of my beginning Japanese skills and Google.
  • There will soon be a review/points system with the new website as well.

This box is the New & Limited Box (large size), which includes the latest treats from Japan — Japan loves their limited edition items, so these won’t be around for long!


WOW Box packs everything safely with air packs to keep things from shifting around — my May box last month included a drink which could have smushed/broken items if it had rolled around too much during transit, so this is appreciated.


As I mentioned above, WOW Box no longer sends out printed information cards, which I miss. I’ve used my limited knowledge of Japanese, my hiragana/katakana charts, and Google. Let’s see how far I get!


Don Tacos Squid Chips Nope. Nope. Nopes out. I can’t do squid (or “ika“) in any form. These are a limited edition version of Don Tacos tortilla chips.

Takofuusen So I totally misread the katakana on the right — I saw “su” and filled in “cheezu” (cheese) and deemed these safe to eat. What they are is actually hollow, golf-ball sized rice crackers that are takoyaki flavoured. Takoyaki are batter balls typically filled with octopus.


Country Ma’am Crispy Chips These are very thin, baked chocolate chip cookies. They’re very crunchy and I really liked them!

Puccho Plum & Sea Kelp Gummies At first I thought maybe it was bacon on the inside. I was so wrong. I did figure out “ume” (which means plum) but there’s more to it than just that. I was a bit nervous to try them because I don’t know what sea kelp would taste like. But these are pretty good! The outer shell is a soft taffy which tastes sweet with a touch of saltiness. The plum is chewier/harder in the middle.


Coconut Milk Caramel Corn Tohato’s Caramel Corn isn’t popcorn like it is here in North America — instead it’s puffed corn treats similar to Cheetos. Most are sugary/sweet but I’ve had a few savoury ones now, too. This coconut milk version is great! Also check out the cute limited edition art on the bag — she’s got a flower in her hair and a Hawaiian print dress!

Ososmatsu Grape Gummy Osomatsu was a manga series from the 60s, and UHA now has a limited edition version of their gummy candy featuring the artwork from the manga. There are six different versions of the packaging. The flavour is a muscat (grape) which is quite nice!


Torotto Mango Chocolate This is a special edition of Meiji’s chocolate! I’ve received this previously and found it okay — mango isn’t my favourite flavour but the chocolate is always high quality and delicious!

Koeda Chocolate Koeda (which means little branch or twig) has been around since the 60s! Every year they have limited edition flavours of the popular rice cracker and chocolate snack. This limited edition is a baked/grilled version which has a nice crunch to it. The chocolate is light and not overpowering.

Fit’s Salty Lemon Gum This is a lemon flavoured gum. It’s pretty sour but then sweetens out.

Meigum Pineapple Chew This is a special summer flavour of Meigum’s popular chew! This is like a giant Hi-Chew; it takes a lot of chewing to get through it! The pineapple tastes very real and not too artificial.


Mets Mango Soda WOW Box sends a drink in their large size boxes, so I was excited to try this mango soda even if Mango isn’t my favourite. It’s a carbonated soda that isn’t too sweet.


WOW Box has really shaken things up with their new formula, but I like it! I miss the product information cards (and hopefully the website will be up soon) but overall I was impressed with the selection of items and how fun they all were!
Visit WOW Box to subscribe or find out more! Save 10% off upon checkout. Use coupon code  S-Q7MQ12IE.

The Subscription: WOW Box
The Description: You pick the theme we pick your treats! Receive Most up-to-date and time-limited Japanese sweets & snacks are included  Hand selected by culinary specialists. Original Fun & Tasty, Kawaii & Beauty, and limited edition boxes!
The Price: $24.99 per month


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