World Book Expert Explorers Subscription Box Review + FIRST BOOK FREE!

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World Book Explorers (11)

World Book Expert Explorers Program is designed to encourage a love of history and reading in children age 11 to 13 (or grades 6 to 8).

Your first book is FREE when you sign up for World Book Expert Explorers Program!  (Just pay $1.00 shipping and handling.)  Cha-ching.  After that you will receive another shipment of books to entice your children to learning every month.   Each shipment will contain two books and costs $25.00 plus $4.99 shipping.  Also, four times a year you are notified in advance of special products to review.  If you want the products, they will ship automatically.  If you choose not to receive them, simply decline within a 10 day window.

They do accept returns if you miss the window, but be careful because they do not cover shipping on returns.  I like to set a reminder on my phone calendar.

World Book Explorers (9)

This letter welcomed us to the program.

World Book Explorers (10)

The back of the letter covered useful information such as their contact info and their guarantee policy.

World Book Explorers (12)

This product guide booklet tells you more about your subscription.

World Book Explorers (13)

World Book offers Explorer subscriptions for other ages and grades in addition to the Expert program.

World Book Explorers (14)

Their World Book New Explorers program is for grades K to 2.

World Book Explorers (15)

World Book Junior Explorers program is for grades 3 to 5.

World Book Explorers (16)

And, the program we are looking at, the World Book Expert Explorers for grades 6 to 8.  You can choose between history and science for your subscription.

History Topics may include:   *The Mysteries of the Trojan War   *The Secrets of Ancient Tombs   *The Mysteries of the Maya    *Searching for Atlantis   *The Legend of King Arthur   *Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt

World Book Explorers (17)

This last page of the product book encourages you as a parent to read with your child and set up a special place for reading.

World Book Explorers (2)

The Legend of King Arthur, Enigmas of History from World Book ($31.13). The cover features a picture of a fragment of tapestry made in the Low Countries in the early 1400’s depicting the legendary King Arthur.

World Book Explorers (3)

It’s a sturdy hard cover book with glossy covers and pages.

World Book Explorers (4)

The pages of the books are bound by sewing and not glued, for a higher quality product.

World Book Explorers (5)

I like these pages.  They lay out a lot of information in an attractive and easy to read format that makes you want  to read it.

World Book Explorers (7)

There are multiple two page layouts like this one.

World Book Explorers (8)

This is the Chalice Well where it is said that Joseph of Arimathea is said to have hid the Holy Grail.  Doesn’t it look cool?        

World Book Expert Explorers Program initial offering, “The Legend of King Arthur” is a well made educational book meant to entice your children to explore the past and all the lessons that it holds.

Did you join World Book’s Expert Explorers?  Are you exploring history or science with your children?

If you’d like to try it out, you can get your first book free with $1.00 shipping. In 3 weeks you will be charged the full subscription price ($25.00) plus $4.99 shipping and handling unless you cancel.

Visit World Book Expert Explorers to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: World Book Expert Explorers
The Description: Imagine … your child reading just for the love of learning! With the World Book Expert Explorers Program, your child can choose to explore history’s greatest myths, mysteries, and secrets—from around the globe. Or, bring science and nature into striking focus— from the deepest depths of our planet’s amazing oceans to way beyond the Milky Way! The captivating journey is designed to intrigue and inform inquisitive minds. Ages 11-13.
The Price: $25.00 per month


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