Universal Yums July 2016 Subscription Box Review – Taiwan

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This month, Universal Yums takes us to Taiwan!  Universal Yums is a monthly international snack subscription box.  Every month you’ll take a trip to a new country and munch on brand new snacks.  Yum Yum! There are two sizes of box, the Yum ($13) and the Yum Yum ($25).  This is the Yum Yum box, and it’s a really solid subscription that shines each and every month.


This month we were treated to some great goodies from Taiwan.  The beautiful information booklet provides some extra insight into Taiwan’s history and culture.  The box always has a tissue paper flag inside, too.  It’s a cool touch that sets the stage for you culinary exploration of culture.


This month’s introductory note tells us about how much the Taiwanese people love to eat.  They ask “Have you eaten” like we will ask “How are you?”

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The booklet really enhances the experience with some fun strange sights, zodiac information, and information on Ghost month.


And of course, there is an in-depth description and background on all the items in the box.


It has a handy ingredient/potential allergen breakdown on it, and lots of details on the snacks.


This month one of the items was discontinued from the manufacturer so they had to substitute something else after they had already done the books so they send an extra slip of paper with the new information.


There was a lot in the July box. While the box did not look especially full it was because there are a lot of smaller size items in it this month but they did send multiples of all of those which was a nice touch.


Koloko Basil Pea Crackers:  A cracker made of peas! While that may sound odd to you its actually the Basil that makes this unique. While most people think of Italian food when thinking of Basil it is actually commonly used throughout Asian cooking.

Taro Mochi Cake: Mochi cake is a sticky, chewy treat made from glutinous rice.  They then wrap it in sweet butter cake and flavor with Taro which is a purple potato.

Green Tea Choco Roll: A delicious cookie wrapped in sweet white chocolate around the green tea filling.


I Mei Red Bean Jelly: This is a jelly made with red beans and algae! Red Bean is a very popular ingredient in Taiwan and often takes place place of chocolate.

CCC Yogurt Candy: Yakult is a probiotic drink that is all over the Taiwan culture and this is just a little taste of it in the candy form.

Prince Kimchi Noodles: I just can’t try these since I don’t like kimchi and I actually just tried some the other week since my step-dad had gotten some. He loves it but I just can’t. This is like the dry instant noodles we have all eatten through the years and especially in college that are just flavored with kimchi and are meant to be eaten hard right out of the package. My step-dad will love this I’m sure and I’ll be taking it when I go and visit him.


Lays Stax Seaweed Chips: Chips are my downfall and I can’t have them in my house and not eat them. I liked these and the chip taste with a hint of seaweed and seasoning.

YB Brown Sugar Milk Candy: A sweet chewy milky candy. The Taiwanese call chewy candy “QQ” and these are for sure QQ.

Morinaga Lychee Hi-Chew: Taiwan has some of the strangest fruits around due to their climate and temperature and one of those is the Lychee which has a very fragrant and floral flavor.

CCC Soft Pudding Candy: This is a lot like flan in a candy and is made with fresh caramel and egg whites.


Kuai Kuai Strawberry Milk Snack: So these look like little shrimps but have nothing shrimpy about them and are more like a strawberry flavored cheetos.

Oishi Chocolate Corn Roll: The average person in Taiwan eats less then half a pound of chocolate each year which isn’t much of anything considering the average American eats about 17lbs. This treat is made mostly with beans and just a hint of chocolate powder which could really have something to do with that.

Melon Milk Candy: After dinner in Taiwan you will more then likely get a nice place of unripened fruit on bamboo toothpicks.  Unripend fruit is thought to be good for digestion.


Can you guess which country is featured next? Based on the clue, it seems like we’re about to experience a taste from the location of the Olympics and Rio!

Universal Yums is a ton of fun each month. Since the candies are sourced from the country even if you think you know what it will taste like it usually is different. It is very unique, different, and educational.

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