Stitch Fix August 2016 Review

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Stitch Fix Box August 2016 box

Stitch Fix is a personal styling subscription box. Your stylist will send you 5 pieces based on your profile for you to try on at home and hopefully fall in love with. There are no coupons for Stitch Fix but if you hit the jackpot and keep everything, you save 25% on your whole fix (read below for details).

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 unboxing

Everything always comes wrapped so neatly!  It makes it really fun to open!

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 (2)

Every box includes a set of styling cards with suggestions on how to wear the particular item. There’s usually a dressed up (right) and dressed down (left) version for each piece of clothing. I do wish these cards were accessible in your Stitch Fix profile. If you email them they’ll send them via PDF. Stitch Fix customer service has been super helpful lately!  I also find the styling cards very helpful. I am not a naturally good-at-fashion person and these help a LOT. Even if I don’t keep the pieces I use them as inspiration – like my own personal fashion editor!

I wasn’t 100% on some of my recent fixes so I asked Stitch Fix to rematch me with a stylist. They dug up the one I had all of last year – HOORAY! I love you Kate! She totally gets me.

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 unboxed

Here’s how Stitch Fix works: fill out your style profile! This includes style, budget, what you’re looking for, and you can get as detailed as you want with the notes to your stylist. It really really does help to provide notes to what you’re seeking, and a Pinterest board if you have one!

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 (1)

You will also receive a separate paper with a list of your items. You’ll be charged a $20 styling fee and shipped five items to try on at home. If you keep anything your styling fee will be applied to your order, but if you don’t, you will pay the $20 fee. This is so worth it. If you keep everything you get a 25% discount, so it pays off to be specific. You will check out and get charged through your Stitch Fix account. Return the pieces you don’t want in the prepaid mailer (free shipping!).

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 review

Everything in my fix for August. It looked very… blue.

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 (3)

Market & Spruce Barringer Trench Jacket ($88) This was an auto-no for me. It’s messy, rumply, the sleeves don’t go down all the way – 100% not my style. Also really nothing flattering about this for my body type.

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 (4)

Market & Spruce Trellia Cross Over Back Knit Top ($37) I forgot an extra picture of the back of this – there are 2 layers in this inexplicably heavy top, on the back. There’s just no reason for this befuddling style – and the front was kinda boring. Neg. It was like a wrap dress for your back. I just can’t.

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 (5)

Papermoon Maula Cap Sleeve Knit Top ($48) This was my favorite item in this fix, but to be honest, I was pretty frustrated and just sent it all back. The shape was good on me and I liked the pattern and it was bra-friendly, but my husband was sort of lukewarm on it.  He’s a good arbiter of style and knows me pretty well. This didn’t grab me enough that it would come out from the back of my closet very often to be totally honest.

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 (6)

Octavia Joanna Crochet Knit Infinity Scarf ($34) While the back of the two-layer-on-the-back-of-the-heavy-shirt was befuddling, this was downright mysterious. While this is a light and lacy scarf, it’s knit and you know what, I’m totally not rocking this on a 95 degree day. One of the reasons I like clothes delivered to me every month is that I do not have to shop in advance. Let’s save the knit scarves for October, mkay?

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 (7)

Pixley Eileen Honeycomb Texture Knit Tank ($54) Meh. Bra friendly but the design is blah and I’d never wear it.

Stitch Fix Box August 2016 (8)

And that, my friends, is my review of my 80% crappy and totally mystifying Stitch Fix for the month of August. Maybe you’re down with these items, great if you are, but I thought they were boring and uninspired. The only color was in a too-warm scarf. Pluses – my stylist did address my #1 demand – which is bra-friendly pieces – but these items were HEAVY, unseasonal, and boring. I do love my stylist but I am thinking maybe everyone is missing the forest for the trees here.

What did you get in your Stitch Fix this past month?

Visit Stitch Fix to find out more or set up your first box!

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  • Julie B

    I felt like all the styles and colors were my style BUT not for these inflated prices. I bet I could get similar pieces for half the cost. Hope you get a great one next month.

  • Jenny

    Oh no. I love to look at peoples Stitch Fixes since they are never items I would consider. I can’t believe they sent such heavy items. We still have months of 80s and 90s here and you aren’t much different. They need to be cooler clothes at least for another month I would think. Hopefully they will listen and knock it out of the park next time.