Nerd Block Jr. Girls Subscription Box Review & Coupon – August 2016

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NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_box

Nerd Block Jr is a subscription box for boys or girls ages 6-11 (you pick the box – boy or girl) that is a monthly surprise of fun little toys for kids. They’re part of the Nerd Block Family – check any of them out here.

NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_woohoo

I love opening a box and having a little fun inside.  I actually say Woohoo all the time so this really made me smile and my boys were laughing when they saw it.

NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_firslook

Purple is my favorite color and I was so excited to open this box.

NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_info

The information card provides a list of all the items included in the box.

NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_septspoilers

Your little girl will surely love what Nerd Block Jr. for Girls has come up for next month. Shopkins and My Little Pony!

NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_everything

Everything in the August 2016 box!

NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_shopkins

Shopkins 6-Color Pen ($6.95) We love Shopkins at our house and since my youngest just started kindergarten he is always writing and loves this pen. He ran off with it right away.

NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_sonic

25th anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog button set – It is so hard to believe that Sonic is 25 years old. I cannot be that old but my boys ran off with this one too.  They are all into anything that can decorate their backpacks and my oldest loves video games so he claimed this as his own.

NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_balloon

Zorbz Self-Sealing Water Balloons ($6.99) – So I was really intrigued by these and went to try and fill one in the sink and that won’t work since you really need to use their filler cap and it will need to go over a hose nozzle. I’m hoping they work great and I’m reading that they do but they don’t stay sealed for long since they use a dissoluble cap as the sealant so we will need to fill and use them pretty fast.

NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_amigami

Amigami Mini Frog ($4.96) This is really cute and fun. You punch out the pieces and then make your own original frog that you can play with.

NerdBlockJrGirls - Aug2016_littlepony

What little girl doesn’t love My Little Pony? I know I did growing up and they are still so very popular. This month came with three great and fun items.

My Little Pony Sweet Apple Juice Stand ($7.04) – A fun little pony playset!

My Little Pony pencil case with puzzle inside – This is great for back to school. Kids love pencil cases and can always come up with so many uses for them. Mine are always stashing things in bags.

Twilight Sparkle Plush Clip On ($2.50) – Another great school item. Both of my boys love keychains and clipping things on their backpacks. I mean really the extras almost way as much as the bag itself.  My youngest ran off with this and clipped it on right away.

We really enjoyed this month’s box and even though I have boys we will get use out of everything. They only grabbed a couple things to give to the little girl who collected our mail for us while we were out of town last weekend.  That is really nice of them but my youngest was ready to open and play with even those items. They selected the My Little Pony playset and pencil bag for her.

 This month was a bit more girlie then some of the past months but my 5 year old still loves all things that sparkle and I’m taking full advantage of that until he decides those things are just too girlie for him. I know that time will come and I will be so sad when he gets there.

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Visit Nerd Block to subscribe or find out more about this subscription and all the Nerd Block Family boxes!

The Subscription: Nerd Block Jr: Girls
The Description: A monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectibles!  Geared for girls ages 6-11.
The Price: $19.99 per month


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