Mouth: Gin Every Month July 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Mouth Gin Every Month Summer 2016 box

Mouth: Gin Every Month is a quarterly gin subscription from the Mouth family. For only $180.00 per quarter, you’ll get full size gin bottles from different indie makers.

Mouth Gin Every Month Summer 2016 unboxing

I’ll admit it, gin is one of my weaknesses. I say I am going to behave myself, and then someone puts a delightful gin cocktail in front of me and I can’t resist a sip. Or several.

For some, gin conjures up the taste of pine trees. To them I say, you haven’t had a good gin. I find that most of the mass market gins are too harsh, and I am ever so thankful that craft distillers are popping up everywhere (including in my neighborhood – danger!).

Mouth Gin Every Month Summer 2016 box (1)

Enter, the Mouth: Gin Every Month subscription. I am quite happy to let someone else wade through the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of options that are out there. This box is a curated supply of craft gin, designed to broaden your horizons and help you find the right gin for every drink.


How it works:

Choose the duration of your subscription. The longer you go, the better the deals.  Mouth offers a few different gin subscription boxes – I opted for the simple one, which includes a full-size (or equivalent) bottle each month, since I already have a lot of other ingredients stocked on my bar.


After receiving a confirmation message and welcome certificate with the details of your subscription, sit on your hands and wait for your first bottle. If you order before the 3rd, you’ll receive your first box that month.  If you order on the 4th or later, your first box arrives the next month. Subscriptions boxes are shipped around the middle of each month. Boxes take 1 to 5 business days to arrive, so you can expect to receive yours between the 16th and the 25th. Shipping is included in the cost of the subscription.

As this is an alcohol subscription, keep in mind that deliveries must be signed for by someone who is 21 or older, and alcohol cannot be shipped to all fifty states, so check ahead if you or your gift recipient can receive this box in your home state.

Mouth Gin Every Month Summer 2016 box (2)
Each month, the Mouth team of curators puts together an amazing selection and orders from the makers to keep everything as current as possible. The focus is American Dry Gin, which is more botanical forward, and less juniper heavy. Since gin is basically neutral base spirits distilled with juniper and other botanicals, there are unlimited possibilities depending on the distiller’s mood. Citrus, mints, savory spices – you name it, and someone is making a gin with it.

 Mouth Gin Every Month Summer 2016 (1)

My Experience 

My box arrived on a Saturday morning via FedEx. I meant to send this to work, since someone needs to be around to sign when it arrives – oops! I will change my address for next time. But, hey, no harm, no foul. I was home!

I was really impressed with the packaging. Heavy duty bubble wrap, with foam at either end of the box. This thing wasn’t going anywhere inside that box. Inside that, a sealed heavy plastic pouch – no chance for leaks if something had somehow broken the bottle. Around that, fun custom paper with a lot of delicious food words on it. Inside that, more bubble wrap.


 Whew! I finally got to my gin. The big reveal!


High Wire Distilling Co. Hat Trick Extraordinarily Fine Botanical Gin

I’ll admit it, I am a sucker for good marketing, and an art deco label gives off the Prohibition era vibe that I associate with gin.

The package also included an information card with a recipe, so I decided to make that to give my new gin a test drive.


Conveniently, I already had vermouth and citrus bitters on hand. (And if you’re saying, “Ew, vermouth,” then you probably haven’t had good vermouth. In fact, you may have, but it was probably old.  Vermouth should be treated like wine – if you don’t use it relatively quickly (2 weeks-ish), it’s time for a new bottle.  Keep it in the fridge, and judge your bar by where they keep their vermouth.)

 Oh, the skill it takes to photograph yourself pouring things.

Oh, the skill it takes to photograph yourself pouring things.

finished product

The finished product! Conveniently, I had some friends who like gin in town, so we all shared a drink and discussed. There was consensus that the gin was good, but not a favorite. I had another bottle I received last month from Mouth that got better reviews from the crowd.

[Note from Brandy: Jen is my best friend and I gifted her this subscription for her birthday – so she’s off the hook for skipping a review! Also, I am a terrible best friend for making Jen review her present. She forgives me, I promise. Because, craft gin! Also look at that twist! I approve!]

This gin was bright, a little citrusy, a little sweet. I found it a little less smooth than I was hoping for, but it was far from harsh. Reading up on it, I found that they do three different distillations with “roots, berries, and flowers” which they then blend to produce the final product. A lot of thought goes into this gin, and I can appreciate the final product.

Mouth Gin Every Month Summer 2016 box (3)

Why I like my Mouth: Gin Every Month Subscription:

When I think about how much gin I could go through making myself the occasional cocktail and making them for friends when they visit, a bottle a month for a few months didn’t feel excessive. I especially like that this subscription gives me the chance to broaden my gin horizons and find the right gin for the drink, but also the right gin for many drinks. It provides me gins that I likely would not come across on my own. Last month’s was from Portland, and I actually recognized it on a shelf when I was in a bar in Seattle, but if I hadn’t received it from Mouth, I wouldn’t have known how much I like it. This month’s is from a totally different region (Charleston, SC) which means the chance for different local ingredients or a flavor profile geared at a different population. I appreciate that each month comes with a suggested recipe that showcases that gin. So far, none have had ingredients that hard to come by, which is important for someone who is just getting started making their own cocktails.

I am looking forward to next month’s box arriving, hopefully when someone is there to sign for it!

Visit Mouth: Gin Every Month to subscribe or find out more! Save 20% on your subscription! Use coupon code  SUBSCRIPTION20.

The Subscription: Mouth: Gin Every Month
The Description: We’ll send you a full size bottle (or the equivalent in small bottles) of a fabulous new gin from a different indie maker every month. You will be blown away by the diversity of flavor and the totally consistent quality, care and deliciousness in each bottle.
The Price: $180.00 per quarter
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  • Chanell

    Thanks for the thorough review. I find this subscription interesting but I dont know about a Gin a month subscription. You definitely sold it to anyone who is a gin lover.

    • Jen

      You’re welcome! I do think it is a good choice for a gin lover, but it might be a bit much for someone who isn’t into gin or the cocktail thing. I do think it’s a great gift, though!