Mickey Monthly Pin Edition Subscription Box Review – July 2016

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Mickey Monthly Pin Trading Box July 2016 box

Mickey Monthly is a monthly Disney-themed subscription box.  They offer snack boxes, souvenir boxes, and combo boxes with a mix of both types of items! They recently released a new Pin Edition Box.

There are 4 options for the Pin Edition – all but the lowest one have free shipping. The lowest ones are traders – don’t buy that, because you can buy traders on eBay. PinPro comes without a card, PinTastic comes with a card – both those are open editions (which means they are sold to the general public and there are a lot of them. This is a review of the PinCollector, which was $5 more when I bought it – they dropped the price. This one is a limited edition pin that you pretty much have to be at the park on release day to buy.

Mickey Monthly Pin Trading Box July 2016 unboxed

The pin is placed inside a blue silk (?) bag.

Mickey Monthly Pin Trading Box July 2016 review

 It’s Disney UP! Carl and Ellie Fredricksen Love Letter Limited Edition Pin! There is also a little boo-boo on this pin – the plastic heart sealing the envelope has a blackish smudge. I contacted Mickey Monthly about it and they sent a replacement pin. I wasn’t sure if it would be the same pin or not but I was really pleased with their prompt & responsive service.


I wasn’t particularly wowed by this choice – it has a $16 list and I paid $35. I changed my mind when I saw what a prior year’s edition goes for on ebay ($80-$100). But that one had only 400 made, this had 3000 (the photo makes it look like 2000 or 2500 but I swear it says 3000).


And here’s the replacement! No smudge.  I’m not a big Up! fan (I know, I’m sorry, I didn’t cry! It’s not my thing!) but I love the pink glitter 🙂


The pin card has a cute poem on it too.I didn’t really understand the card because it seemed to be a mish-mash of things until I poked around regarding some info on the back!Mickey Monthly Pin Trading Box July 2016 (1)

Even though the cost of the service is much higher, the only way to buy LE pins like this is through some sort of resale market – unless you happen to be at Disney that day.

Bizarrely enough it has copyright information for Nightmare Before Christmas, Beauty and the Beast, and Once Upon a Dream. That’s really odd. I did a little digging and the same card/tag is used for all the pins in the Love Letters series, so the poem is the main lovey dovey tag lines for all the franchises in this series (should be 12 pins total!).

Mickey Monthly Pin Trading Box July 2016 (2)

The pin opens up with a little love note!Mickey Monthly Pin Trading Box July 2016 (3)

So sweet! A fun pin and definitely a nice addition to our collection!

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  • Lisa

    I just received my first pin and it is the Mickey & Minnie love letters pin! I really like this Up pin too.

  • Jenny

    I actually like Up and think the beginning is really sweet but I laugh at the cranky old man in the middle. LOL I just think he’s a hoot. As for the pin I’m meh about it. While its a nice pin and I’m sure very collectible its just ok for me. Maybe I’m not much on the love letters line of pins. This is a good idea for a sub though since you re right and it is so hard to get the limited edition ones.