LootWear Wearable Bundle by Loot Crate August 2016 Review & Coupons – The Anti-Hero Collection

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Loot Wear Bundle
Loot Wear Bundle

The August 2016 Level Up subscriptions were all about ANTI-HEROES! Loot Wear (formerly known as Level Up) is a monthly subscription from Loot Crate with exclusive geek and gamer premium wearable accessories themed along with the current Loot Crate theme. You can purchase Loot Wear separately from Loot Crate – and the wearable items (the shirts/hats/etc) are available in ladies’ sizes, but not the socks.

There are now four options:

  • Socks: 2 pairs of themed socks for $9.99
  • Shirt: 1 shirt for $8.99
  • Accessories: 1 or 2 fashion accessories for lady looters (hairbow, cosmetics, jewelry) for $14.99
  • Wearable: 1 wearable item like a premium shirt or hat for $14.99

You can also bundle the wearable + socks for $20.99 or the Ladies’ accessories and shirt for $19.99! See our Loot Wear/ Level Up reviews for photos of the other subscriptions!

LootwearAugust1607 LootwearAugust1606

The August theme is Anti-Hero! T loved the quote on the bag which is from the Suicide Squad Movie.

LootWear Bundle - August 2016
LootWear Bundle – August 2016

I miss the good ole days when the anti-heroes were called villains. Don’t worry, T (age 17) explained the difference between anti-heroes and villains.

Punisher Socks and Suicide Squad Socks
Punisher Socks and Suicide Squad Socks

PA Anna: The Punisher Socks, left, and the Suicide Squad Socks, right, are both LootCrate Exclusives by Bioworld. The crew socks fit sock size 10-13 and are made out of 98% polyester and 2% Spandex.

T (age 17): The socks fit great over my calves. They feel lightweight and are comfy.


PA Anna: The design is the same on both sides.

T: The Punisher is in Dare Devil: Season 2 which is now on Netflix. Netflix announced that there are going to have the Punisher star in his own show as a Netflix project.

Suicide Squad Socks
Suicide Squad Socks

PA Anna: I don’t understand the socks or why one is red and blue. All I can think of is that it must relate to the Joker or a deck of playing cards.

T: Harley Quinn wears red, blue, and white.

The Archer
The Archer
Loot Crate Exclusive
Loot Crate Exclusive

PA Anna: The Archer t-shirt style and graphic reminds me of the 80s. Archer is an FX animated TV show. The season finale in June 2016 has people wondering about Sterling Archer’s fate.

T: It’s a nice shirt except for the sleeves. It is also cut weird on the bottom. Maybe it is a girl’s shirt?

T is wearing a medium
T is wearing a medium

PA Anna: T hates the sleeves. Really hates them.

T thought the socks were great and plan to wear them. He is giving The Archer shirt to my sister because he is convinced it is not a unisex style. There were no size issues this month! Overall, it was a good month that featured fandoms that fit the anti-hero theme.

Did you order an August Loot Wear? Which one? What is your favorite anti-hero? Share below!

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Visit Loot Wear to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Loot Wear by Loot Crate (Level Up)
The Description: Loot Wear is a set of four premium apparel subscriptions from Loot Crate. Themed along with the regular monthly Loot Crate, get socks, a shirt, ladies’ accessories, or a premium wearable item.There are 4 options:2 pairs of themed socks for $9.99 1 or 2 fashion accessories for lady looters (hairbow, cosmetics, jewelry) for $14.99 wearable item like a premium shirt or hat for $14.99 1 shirt for $8.99You can also grab a socks & wearable bundle or a ladies’ bundle with the shirt & accessories for $19.99! Formerly called Level Up (Lvl Up)!
The Price: $8.99 per month


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