Loot Crate SDCC 2016 Limited Edition Box Review

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Loot Crate SDCC 2016 Limited Edition box

Every year Loot Crate releases an SDCC exclusive box. Shocking nobody, they also release it online at the end of the con. The Loot Crate SDCC 2016 Limited Edition Box is currently still available! The box is $100 + $10 shipping (US).

The exclusive, limited edition Gallery of Heroes crate celebrates fan-favorite heroes across genres, including characters from DC, Marvel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy and includes six exclusively licensed products, including an exclusive Aquaman & Cthulhu Q-Fig Max Figure. The crate also includes a Buffy t-shirt, a Nightwing Hat, a Hellboy Kubros Mega Blocks figure, an oversized classic Marvel beach towel, a Hawkgirl bombshell pennant and an SDCC Exclusive Loot Pin.

FYI – if you like items like this box I suggest taking a look at Loot Crate DX!

Loot Crate SDCC 2016 Limited Edition unboxing

Ka-Pow! Everything looks great from here.


The theme this year was Gallery of Heroes. Can we expect villains next year?


The information card gives you a list of all the items in the box.

Loot Crate SDCC 2016 Limited Edition review
Everything in the box! No possible way to fit every angle in!


Loot Crate Labs Exclusive SDCC 2016 Enamel Pin: Bummer – no golden variant for me! This is cute because Loot Crate is obviously dressed up as Superman!


Cryptozoic Entertainment Exclusive DC Bombshells Hawkgirl Pennant: this item came safely rolled up in a tube. The other pennants in this series are available for $10-$12 – would be cool to make a whole wall!


Everyone received Hawkgirl! This is a fun item and can match so many styles of geek decor too! I think the Bombshells line is fun and saucy and it’s great to see this superhero get some love.


QMX Exclusive Q-Max Aquaman Figure ($49.95) This figure is big and rad and so detailed! It’s an SDCC exclusive figure. Like this box, they sell out the remainder of the inventory online. This one item takes care of half the box cost!


I love the height and details with basically 3 layers of figure! And CTHULU!  This Q-Fig Max about twice the height of a regular Q-Fig.loot-crate-sdcc-2016-limited-edition-6

The details from the lobster to the scales are all there!


The back side is not ignored. This figure is amazing and I love the Q-Fig Max figures! Fingers crossed we might see more of them in DX?


Bioworld Exclusive Nightwing Snapback Hat: A really great bold graphic choice – and looks slick even if nobody looking at you knows this is the Nightwing logo.


Fortunately if someone engages with you and your hat you can just the flip the brim and be all like duh, Nightwing. My husband or kids will probably take this one – it’s a good hat but I have to really be nutty about a snapback to put it in my pile.


Loot Crate Labs Exclusive Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tee: I actually squealed when I saw this shirt. It’s awesome! I can’t decide to wear it every day or save it so it can be pristine. (Every day!) I love Buffy! It was designed just for this box and I knew I had to get it when I saw the shirt. Buffy + Stake + beating heart + rad Dia de los muertos style? YES. More of this please!


Mega Brands Kubros Hellboy Series 2 Figure: So I had of course saw the spoilers for this box but didn’t really realize that this was a Mega Bloks Hellboy! Kubros figures/sets typically run $15 MSRP, the double SDCC exclusive sets are $50 on the aftermarket – so I figure this is about a $20-$25 value.


I was excited because Hellboy is a total fave! But they sell other sets too! I had no idea Mega Bloks licensed some of these brands. Very neat!


This was an excellent unboxing inside another unboxing. It got very meta for me for a bit.


But I brought it back down when I looked at the pieces! I was surprised how extensive a build it was! Not as extensive as the current Gundam model I’m building but still – this will keep you busy for a good bit!


Building…building..building. It took about half an hour straight through.


Worth every minute. Look at that snarl!loot-crate-sdcc-2016-limited-edition-16

And those guns!loot-crate-sdcc-2016-limited-edition-17

And his little puddin tail! I have to say I was impressed with the build itself – sturdy and it’s not going to get jostled and fall apart. I love it!loot-crate-sdcc-2016-limited-edition-20

Jay Franco and Sons Exclusive Marvel Comics Beach Towel: I wanted to get the details on this towel so I didn’t drag it outside! Beach towels are the thing in pretty much all the boxes right now and with a towel in the last DX and Gaming boxes it was no surprise that it was in this box too.loot-crate-sdcc-2016-limited-edition-18

Left side. Love the little stamp.


Right side. Love the classic comic style here.

What did you think of Loot Crate‘s SDCC 2016 Limited Edition Box? I thought it was fantastic, a little something of everything, and while I am at it – it was less expensive than the widely-criticized Marvel Year One Super Box ($125)! I also think this LE box really showcases Loot Crate’s growth over the past year – landing really exclusive items, incorporating the biggest + new IPs, and just creating spectacular geek gear. Did you get this box? You can check its availability here.

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