Fuego Box July 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Fuego Box July 2016 box

This box of fiery flavor was probably my favorite Fuego Box yet!  Fuego Box is a monthly hot sauce subscription box that brings the heat without being extreme, focusing instead on the best flavors (while still of course being hot – just without added heat extracts and the like).  They search out the best flavors to go with every type of food and discover new artisan hot sauce makers to bring to your door. Your first monthly box will be an introductory box (see our review of the Fuego Box intro box), with a tasting journal and two favorite hot sauces from Fuego Box.  Subsequent boxes include 3 full-sized artisan-made hot sauces like this box.

Fuego Box has pretty cool packaging that is efficiently and specifically designed for shipping sauce.  They’ve even livened up the box a bit with some color variation — it reminds me of the pattern on weight-lifting pants like Macho Man wore.

Fuego Box July 2016 unboxing

The card on the inside of the box has a bold Fuego logo, in case you missed it on the lid.

Fuego Box July 2016

The information card gives the details on each product – the flavors, the peppers, and where it was crafted.  The card also gives food pairings for each sauce.  I thought this selection was awesome — each sauce had a distinct voice, but each was tasty enough to eat on just about anything.

Fuego Box July 2016 unboxed

Everything in our box this month!

Fuego Box July 2016 review

Gold Coast Hot Sauce Original Fatalii Hot Sauce:  The hottest of the trio, this sauce reminded me that I should apply this condiment like hot sauce and not like salsa.  The fatalii peppers have a natural citrus tone that reminds me a bit of a kumquat.  It plays on a well-balanced background of sweet mango, onion, bell pepper, and garlic.  With a lovely sunny color, this sauce is a great all-purpose sauce, but it really shines when paired with a dish that needs brightening, like one weighed down with dark chili powder or musty turmeric.

Nam Prik Chili Sauce:  This sauce gets a restrained heat from sensible use of Thai chili, but its merit lay in the complexity of flavor.  By composition, it is less a hot sauce than it is a spiced fish sauce — the fish saue lends some SE Asian flair to the profile, but in a delicate manner, such that those unfamiliar with the cuisine would never identify it.  The sauce has an overall sweetness to it that cries out for use on fried seafood.

HotMaple Smokey Habanero:  I was skeptical of this sauce upon mere visual inspection, as the apple sauce textured sauces tend to lack cohesiveness, being flavorless fiber and formless runoff.  This sauce only displayed a slight bit of puffiness, and the flavor more than made up for the mild lack of uniformity in texture.  Onion, tomato, garlic, and liquid smoke provide the body and nuance behind the decent heat of habanero and the pleasant sweetness of maple syrup.  Try on anything that goes well with sweet:  bitter veg, plank-grilled fish, or BBQ meats.

Fuego Box remains one of the best ways to bet delectable hot sauces into y0ur house.  The price is on par with specialty shops and vendors (the only other place you’d find this variety of high-grade sauce), but everything is pre-vetted and shipped directly to you.

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The Subscription: Fuego Box
The Description: Fuego Box is a hot sauce of the month club focused on craft and small-batch hot sauces. They search for perfect artisanal sauces you’ve probably never heard of. They avoid insane heat, gimmicky labeling, and extract-based sauces, focusing on dynamic flavor accompanied by the appropriate amount of heat. A hot sauce club for people who love food. Get 3 hot sauces per month or per quarter, or opt for just one hot sauce every month.
The Price: $29.95 per month or per quarter with free shipping, or $12.95 per month + $5 shipping for one sauce per month.
The Reviews: See all our Fuego Box Reviews.


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