Doodlebug Busy Bags August 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Doodlebug Busy Bags is a monthly subscription service that sends fun seasonal crafts for kids. Each Doodlebug Busy Bag contains 4-8 crafts that helps children develop their fine motor skills, creativity and confidence. This subscription service is run by Kidable Adventures, who also produces the Little Thinker Box. My son loves the themes of the easy-to-assemble crafts, and I appreciate the tips contained on the detailed instruction sheets. New subscribers receive a nice big red bag, perfect for holding lots of beautiful Doodlebug crafts.


The information sheet contains an overview of all the crafts as well as color pictures of the finished crafts. Each craft comes individually bagged along with any other supplies that might be required, such as glue dots and magnets. This month’s theme was “Animal Science: Birds and Insects.”


I love how there was overlap this month in the theme of some of the crafts in August’s Doodlebug Busy Bag and July’s Little Thinker Box! After learning about bees in the July Little Thinker Box, my son was excited about the bee mask craft in his Doodlebug Busy Bag.


My son couldn’t wait to color in his bee mask!


He enjoyed wearing this around the house, pretending to drink nectar from flowers as he buzzed around.

IMG_8351Continuing the pollinator theme, next, my son decorated a butterfly.


This craft was simple to construct–a lot of peeling and sticking with some sliding at the end.


How cute!


Since my son was eager to use the enclosed glue stick, he decided to make the bird ornament next.


He enjoyed working with the glue stick very much.


He loved how his bird turned out. Once he was done, he ran upstairs to show it to my husband.


My son was excited to make a lightning bug. He rarely gets to see them as he’s typically asleep before the sun sets. This is his chance to see one whenever he wants to!

IMG_8499My son enjoyed stringing the beads and affixing the eyes to the lightning bug’s head. I assisted with the wings.

IMG_8504If left out in the sun ahead of time, the green beads at the bottom of the lightning bug will glow in the dark. How cool!


We have a lot of birds that nest around our house and in our yard, so my son is pretty familiar with bird nests. He was excited to make his own!


How adorable! My son immediately took this up to his room for safe keeping.

IMG_8355The next activity was very easy to complete–just peel and stick birds onto a piece of paper.

IMG_8392My son decided that there was a leader bird and a bunch of bird followers.

IMG_8398He loved how his creation turned out!


Ever since he saw his first owl pellet, my son has been fascinated by owls.

IMG_8467He was happy to complete the enclosed owl craft.


How cute! He pretended this was a barn owl and proceeded to tell me about the time his nature preschool visited a barn owl at a rescue zoo.


Finally, he got to work on the enclosed lady bug craft.


Clearly he knows of my affection for lady bugs. Once he completed the craft, he hung his artwork on my bedroom door.

As always, my son and I enjoyed working through his Doodlebug Busy Bag together. He finds great satisfaction in creating the enclosed crafts by himself, with his cheering squad giving him high fives as he completes each one. I’m grateful for the bonding time it provides us each month.

We can’t wait to receive next month’s Doodlebug Busy Bag!

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The Price: $16.00 per month
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