BookCase.Club August 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon – Thrill Seeker Case

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Bookcase.Club sends hand selected books to your door for less than $15 including shipping per month. With six different reader options there is something for everyone. I picked the thrill seeker case: mystery/thriller books. This box contains two books, one hard cover and a paperback and as well as a card with a quick description of each.


Select your genre when you sign up. Bookcase Club says that they are adding more genres soon!


I like that each month there is a different quote on the front of the enclosed pamphlet. This months quote “a book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age”, Robertson Davies. I absolutely agree as I’ve taken more out of the stories I’ve read as an adult than I did as a child. IMG_7455

The inside gives a quick description of the books and a personal note to remind readers to take some time out to relax and enjoy a good book. The handwritten closing makes me smile every time, just goes to show the heart and love that is put into this subscription.


Stay in touch via social media and the website. IMG_7447

Don’t Try to Find Me by Holly Brown ($21.72)

When a fourteen-year-old runs away, her parents turn to social media to find her—launching a public campaign that will expose their darkest secrets and change their family forever, in this suspenseful and gripping debut for fans of Reconstructing Amelia and Gone Girl.

Don’t try to find me. Though the message on the kitchen white board is written in Marley’s hand, her mother Rachel knows there has to be some other explanation. Marley would never run away.

As the days pass and it sinks in that the impossible has occurred, Rachel and her husband Paul are informed that the police have “limited resources.” If they want their fourteen-year-old daughter back, they will have to find her themselves. Desperation becomes determination when Paul turns to Facebook and Twitter, and launches

But Marley isn’t the only one with secrets.

With public exposure comes scrutiny, and when Rachel blows a television interview, the dirty speculation begins. Now, the blogosphere is convinced Rachel is hiding something. It’s not what they think; Rachel would never hurt Marley. Not intentionally, anyway. But when it’s discovered that she’s lied, even to the police, the devoted mother becomes a suspect in Marley’s disappearance.

Is Marley out there somewhere, watching it all happen, or is the truth something far worse?


From what I can tell this book is going to be a page turner. There seem to be many levels and half truths that will need to be figured out before the truth is revealed.


Dead Line by Chris Ewan ($2.41)

If you’re a security expert, what do you do if your fiancée suddenly goes missing, presumably kidnapped?

If you’re Daniel Trent, a highly trained specialist in hostage negotiation, the answer is simple: You find out who took her and you make them talk. But what if your chief suspect is taken as well? How do you get him back quickly―and alive―so you can find out what really happened to your fiancée?

Set in Marseille, Chris Ewan’s Dead Line is a fast-paced stand-alone thriller that pitches the reader into Daniel’s world, as he tries desperately to secure the release of Jérôme Moreau from a ruthless gang in order to interrogate him on the whereabouts of his fiancée. When things don’t go according to plan, Daniel must use all his skills and instincts to find the answers he’s looking for, but will he be in time?


This book looks exciting, I love when there is a cop story line and a little splash of romance.


Normally BookCase.Club comes with a paperback and hard cover book this month both are hardcovers. I love that each month there are different writers and different styles of thrillers. I have received multiple months of this subscription and to date have not been bored with the selections.

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Visit BookCase.Club to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: BookCase.Club
The Description: Book Case is a one stop monthly subscription service for book lovers. Our team consists of certified book worms and we have a long history in the world of literature so you can be assured that the books we select for you each month will be a delight to read. With each new subscription we donate a book to Books for Keeps in Athens, Ga. Genres include YA, children’s picture books, mystery/thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal romance, and regular romance too!
The Price: $14.99 per month


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