August 2016 Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome Subscription Box Review

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The Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome is a monthly subscription box offered by That Daily Deal. That Daily Deal says that “Each month you’ll receive a mysterious mystery box of awesome mystery packed with mysteriousness. It may be one high value item or smaller items that add up to a HUGE value. The price of the subscription is $9.99 and the items you receive exceed the cost.

I loved my mini mystery box of awesome! Let me tell you what came in my box. Now keep in mind your box may not be like mine.


My first item is the Atomic Wall Hook by Kikkerland ($12). It is an odd shaped hook to hang your items on.    You can hang your purses, clothes or bags on it. It is copper in color. I haven’t set mine up yet but I plan on using it for all of my reusable grocery bags I have stuffed at the bottom of the pantry closet.

Next is a fun little item is just what I have been needing. It is a Waterproof Suction Speaker from Banana Boat ($17.96).

My sons both use a speaker to play music from their phones while showering and I have been feeling left out.  Now I have one to use and I can actually put this one in the shower! I know there are some out there who listen to music in the shower but get frustrated because you have to turn the volume way up just to hear it over the shower.  I hate this. This little speaker over comes the water noise and my boys were impressed by the sound quality and the volume. They are jealous!

I am almost set for an awesome camping trip and with my last item, I am one step closer.


This little item is a Balloon Lantern ($6.75). It uses glow sticks and balloons to make a lantern for your tent. It is very easy to use with its 4 easy steps.

My friends were over last night and little miss Chloe just had to try this out. Isn’t she adorable?


We could not turn out all the lights but you can see from the photo above that it did give off a powerful glow. I know for sure the kids would love this in their tents.

Also included was a insert as to what some may have received in their box as bonus prizes and what may come in yours next month. Also there is a coupon code to save 20% on add-ons to next month’s box.

This was cute little box that goes well with the summer season. The total value of this subscription was about $30 – which is amazing for a $10 per month subscription!

What did you think of the Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome ?

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The Subscription: Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome
The Description: Every month you will receive an exclusive mini mystery box with goodies! Always worth far more than $9.99 – Like opening a birthday present every month. SCORE!
The Price: $9.99 per month


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