Teacher Peach A Note from the Teacher Subscription Box Review – August 2016 + Starter Kit

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Teacher Peach is a company that aims to support teachers by offering items to help at work or at home. Their boxes make a nice one-time or year-round gift for your favorite teacher, especially if you are short on time and are unable to help in the classroom or are always scrambling to find the perfect gift. Set your child’s teacher up with one of these boxes and you’re done. I am reviewing the A Note From the Teacher Starter Kit. It is $14.95 for a one-time purchase and the subsequent monthly subscription is $17.95 a month. You can opt for a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.

Teacher Peach always does a superb job at presentation! Their boxes are colorful and bright and I can’t help but feel happy when I see one. On top there was a presentation card addressed to me from the sender, in this case, Teacher Peach (for review purposes). It states that each monthly box will contain 4 greeting cards with envelopes (individually packaged), 4 unique glossy envelope seals, 4 colorful postcards, 3 Forever US stamps, 1 custom Teacher US stamp, 1 Bonus seasonal greeting card and envelope, an extra envelope, tip-filled AnecNOTES—and a bonus surprise!

Since this box is designed to be a gift from a parent, Teacher Peach starts this sub off with a Thank You card and envelope so you can instantly thank your giver. If an educator orders this box directly, then this part would not be in the box.

Next up was a personalized envelope with the following two cards included inside:

The card on the left contains info on how to receive a special offer for yourself and a colleague. The card on the right is personalized and then opens up to reveal a product information card for this box.

I appreciate it when companies let you know what you are receiving along with a description of the product and how to use the items.

Your first shipment will include a translucent plastic organizer. ($5?) This, along with the pens, markers, magnet, and card organizers are considered the Starter Kit and retail for $14.95 on the site but are free with your first shipment.

There was a cute “mag tag” magnet attached to the organizer box handle. There are 9 magnets total that can be collected from other Teacher Peach products. We are lucky enough to have a fridge in our classroom and decorate it with useful magnets all the time.

There were a lot of different items in this box and I am so glad that Teacher Peach makes sure to let you know what you received and how to put it to use.

This Organizer Identification Card can be personalized with the markers that are included in the kit. There were also 5 colorful dividers. ($1.20?)

There were 15 different divider sticky label options to help you customize the box according to your personal needs.

Check out this ball point pen in a “peachy” shade (the ink is black though!). ($3?)

Six colorful markers were included to give a bright touch to the note cards. ($3?)

The rest of the items were conveniently wrapped in plastic to keep them contained during shipment. These are the items that will be shipped in the monthly subscription for $17.95 a month.

There were 5 individually wrapped cards with envelopes included ($4.96). Each card was blank on the inside.

Four seals with bright colors and inspiring words can be used to seal the cards or as stickers (25¢).

Four U.S. postage stamps means that you can easily dash off a thank you card without a search and rescue mission in your desk. I love it when companies send unusual stamps in subscription boxes because it adds a special touch when you see something different on the corner of your mail. ($1.88) (Note: the custom postage stamp on the left is sold in a set of 5 for $9.95, which would make the value of that one stamp $1.99 instead of 47¢, but you can purchase a book of 20 stamps for $9.40 so I am not sure why it is so inflated.)

Four postcards that are blank on the other side were also in here. I think these would be best to place in a child’s folder or backpack rather then sending in the mail. (80¢)

Four stickers were included. I love the bright colors! (25¢)

There was an AnecNotes pamphlet that gave tips for personalizing your thank you cards so your student, parent, or even another teacher will know how much you appreciated whatever it is that they have so thoughtfully given, whether a gift or their time.

Finally, there was an order form and an envelope so you can stock up on your favorite items from the box or discover some new offerings from the Teacher Peach shop. I couldn’t find all of these on their website.

This was a helpful box from Teacher Peach! I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of papers when I first opened it but luckily Teacher Peach thought of everything and there were helpful papers to tell me what everything was for. The presentation was top-notch. I had to guess at some of the values but this box was worth around $20. You may be able to find these items for less but the value includes the curation, extra touches, and convenience. Monthly stationery subscription boxes will run about the same price. Once the school year starts there isn’t a lot of time to go around to shops to find this and that and so it might be nice to have everything ready to go.

I am interested in seeing what the new Teachables subscription box looks like when it debuts! What do you think of Teacher Peach?

Visit Teacher Peach: A Note From The Teacher to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Teacher Peach: A Note From The Teacher
The Description: Teacher Peach provides teachers with great tools that fit into their educational and budget priorities and provides families with special teachers gifts that teachers really want. Every product created by the Teacher Peach team has been conceptualized, tested, revised, or designed for teachers—with teachers.
The Price: $17.95 per month


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