Powered Geek Box June 2016 Subscription Review + Coupon

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Powered Geek Box

Powered Geek Box is a monthly subscription with geek, gamer, and pop culture collectibles and gear.   Get an epic box every month with a “Christmas morning, gift opening experience,” 12 times a year!  You can choose the premium box (6-9 items) or the deluxe box (4-6 items) and both boxes include a shirt in your opening experience.

First Peek
First Peek

This picture is a re-enactment with me taking the picture outside at dusk. I originally took the notebook out and forgot to take the box picture. You will see why!

Powered Geek Box June 2016
Powered Geek Box June 2016

Powered Geek Box ships at the end of the month. My box arrived on July 11th which I am going to attribute to the holiday. Here are all the items in the June box!

Star Trek T-shirt
Star Trek T-shirt

PA Anna: The Trek Yourself Before Your Wreck Yourself Graphic T-Shirt ($13.00 for Medium on Amazon) cracks me up.  I did check to make sure the Vulcan Salute was not a gang sign when shown that way. I’ve always seen the sign with the hand straight up. It is a licensed 100% cotton shirt that is a tad too tight on T.

T (age 17):  This shirt is cool. It’s a play on Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

Justice League Notebook

PA Anna: My first thought when I saw the Justice League Notebook is why are the men covered from head to toe? Obviously they lack the superhero power of staying warm.

T: Justice League Notebook: Wow, this is packed with heroes! (from left to right we have) Hawkwoman, Vixen, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, Black Lightning, Black Canary, Batman, Red Arrow, and Red Tornado. There’s one guy I’ve tried to identify but can’t. The inside of the notebook shows Superman, Batman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, and Wonder Woman fighting in the ocean. On the back, we can see (left to right): Hawkman, Green Lantern, Hawkwoman, Flash, Stretch, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Zatanna, Green Arrow, Batman, Red Tornado, Wonder Woman, and The Atom.


PA Anna: I like the scene. It is the same on every page.

What's up with Wonder Woman and Flash?
What’s up with Wonder Woman and Flash?

I never knew Wonder Woman dated so many superheroes. Is Flash next on her list? The picture looks odd to me. T noticed it too.

Batman Peez
Batman Pez

PA Anna: The Batman Pez Dispenser ($4.73) is from the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. J, age 7, enjoyed the candy.

T: Batman: PEZ dispenser: Batman is in his iconic black and gray suit!

Funko Pop! Slimer
Funko POP! Slimer – Front
Funko POP! Slimer - Back
Funko POP! Slimer – Back

PA Anna: Who is going to see the Ghostbuster’s movie arriving in theaters this weekend? T and I will be there! The Funko POP! Movies Ghostbusters Slimer ($8.95) brings back memories for me. Slimer is part of the Ghostbuster 30th Anniversary POP! Series which can be seen on the back of the carton.

T: Slimer Pop Figure: Yay, a Slimer Pop figure! For those of you who don’t know, Slimer is a lovable, comedic ghost from the Ghostbusters series. Imagine Garfield the cat as a ghost. A lot of speculation as to whether or not Slimer will be back in the new Ghostbusters movie, released on July 15th. Fingers crossed!

Ghostbusters Mymoji
Ghostbusters Mymoji

PA Anna: I did not know this existed. The Ghostbuster Mymoji ($2.99) is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

T:  We received the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! He is the physical manifestation of the main antagonist of the original Ghostbusters movie. When I was little I thought he was the Pillsbury dough boy.

Marvel spider-Man Collectible Diorama
Marvel spider-Man Collectible Diorama

PA Anna: The Marvel Spider-Man Collectible Diorama ($5.99) is a hit with both boys!

T: S Spider-Man is showing off his ability of sticking to walls. He is in his trademark red and blue suit. Nothing like the classics. Spider-Man has a movie coming out next year titled: Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Tom and Jerry Pin and Robin Pin
Tom and Jerry Pin and Robin Pin

PA Anna: J looooves Tom and Jerry. He was ecstatic to see the pin. He did not believe me when I told him it was indeed Robin on the other pin.

T:  This pin shows off one of the original logos for “Tom and Jerry”. Did you know Tom and Jerry came out in 1940? 1 year after Batman! Speaking of which….

Robin Pin: Here we see an old comic book version of Robin. Looks like 1940’s style.

T is wearing a Medium,
T is wearing a Medium

We sized up to a medium from a small. T thought the sleeves were a little tight. We will see what happens next month.

The family enjoyed the June Powered Up Geek box. T loved the box especially the t-shirt which is one of his new favorite shirts. J is ecstatic about his Tom and Jerry pin. The boys are eager to split the items in the box. It’s an excellent box for teenagers and adults to enjoy!

What do you think of the June Powered Geek Box? What do you think of the t-shirt? Share below and let us know! If you’re ready to give this box a try use coupon code hellosubscription to save 10% on your first box or save 15% off a premium box with code PREMIUMBOX.

Visit Powered Geek Box to subscribe or find out more.

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