Olfactif July 2016 Subscription Box Review

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IMG_6701Olfactif is a monthly fragrance sampler subscription box whose mantra is

If you think you’ll love a scent, try it on. If you’re not sure, try it on. And if you think you’ll hate it, definitely try it on. Your nose is begging you for more adventures.

Every month you’ll receive 3 samples, each of which contains 15-20 applications of an independently designed perfume. Along with every $18 subscription box you receive, your account will be credited with an $18 voucher to use on fragrances from the store. Thus, if you purchase a full bottle of perfume each month, the subscription sampler is free.


Olfactif focuses on niche fragrances, unique scents produced with higher quality and harder-to-find ingredients than you would encounter in a department store. They offer both a unisex scent sampler (this one!) and a men’s fragrance sampler.  You can check out our reviews of Olfactif Men here.

IMG_6716Olfactif has redesigned their boxes! They’ve made them larger and reusable while still retaining their signature sexy black look. I love it! The additional space also allows them to put more information on the enclosed information card, which is great!

IMG_6705Each sampler contains a card that offers suggestions on how best to appreciate the fragrances: since scents develop over time on the body, don’t just assume your first experience will be your last! Spritz the fragrance on and smell it at different times to fully appreciate all that the artist intended to express through the scent.

IMG_6707I love Olfactif’s new little black box! It’s sexy and intriguing all at once–just the way I hope I smell when wearing their scents!

IMG_6709Each month, Olfactif includes an information card about the fragrances. The theme for July is Day to Night.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose your scent of the day. So how about three scents of the day?

This month, we feature a green-hued citrus that feels as refreshing as a grapefruit on a summer day. It gives a gentle jolt to your senses and a perfect start to your morning.

Next, we have a dry, smoky vanilla that was five years in the making. It pairs vanilla with hinoki, the prized wood of the Japanese onsen, or hot springs, where people enjoy a ritualistic soak, in harmony with nature.

Finally, we feature a debut fragrance from a new house that meditates on the nature of color. Our selection evokes the warmth of a campfire on a summer night.

The information card gives the general gist of each perfume, as well as the notes.

IMG_6710Olfactif July 2016 Day to Night (all prices listed are for full bottles, available for purchase from Olfactif):


  • Summer by Dasein ($95; $77 for Olfactif subscribers). This sharp citrusy scent is produced by Sam Rader at Dasein in Los Angeles, who is known for recreating scents found in nature. I enjoyed comparing and contrasting this with his Spring scent which I received in Olfactif’s May 2016 sampler. Like Spring, Summer has a lot of green, grassy notes. When coupled with grapefruit and orange blossom, though, this scent brought me back to my childhood, where I would spend my summer days poolside at my great aunt’s home in Miami snacking on chips and guacamole in between games of Marco Polo.


  • Geisha Vanilla Hinoki by Aroma M ($90; $72 for Olfactif subscribers) was created by Maria McElroy after an extended journey through Japan. Five years in the making, this sensual scent couples vanilla with hinoki, a type of Japanese cypress tree. Not typically a fan of vanilla perfumes, I thought this one was fabulous! Unlike many vanillas, the woodsy, smoky one from Morocco used in this scent isn’t too sweet. When coupled with the lemon-tinged hinoki, the initial scent was lovely. As time progressed, the lemon gave way to a more nuanced cedar, leather and vanilla scent. I would happily wear this day or night.


  • The Red by The Sum ($75; $57 for Olfactif subscribers). This scent was somewhat perplexing to me. Produced by The Sum, a Portland-based jewelry company, in collaboration with Josh Meyer of Imaginary Authors, this scent is unlike anything I have ever smelled before. Containing notes of fire, saffron, sandalwood, amber and sterling silver, it transported me to an exotic place characterized by  contrasts. Full sized bottles contain a sterling silver bead.

While my favorite scent this month was Geisha Vanilla Hinoki, I always enjoy trying out the new scents that Olfactif sends me each month. I haven’t had so much fun sampling new perfumes in years. Thanks, Olfactif!

Visit Olfactif to subscribe or find out more!

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