Loot4Fangirls Limited Edition Crate Review

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Loot4Fangirls is a special edition crate by Loot Crate, including 5 exclusive items celebrating awesome lady characters! The box is still available for $65, though there was an early bird special for $55 up until a couple of days ago. Boxes were also sold at San Diego Comic Con, so there were spoilers abound. I peeked, and was super excited when my box finally landed!


Scarlet Witch was the first thing I saw when I opened the box!


The product sheet includes stickers, which are awesome!


DC Comics Bombshells Vinyl Figure ($9.99 USD) Confession: I’m unashamedly biased to favour Marvel, so I had to google the Bombshells. This was a run of the comics that put a retro spin on the ladies of DC, and these figurines feature that styling. I’m a huge fan of anything retro, rockabilly, and pinup, so this was right up my alley! Everyone received Wonder Woman, who is adorable in her Western-style gear and a kerchief in her hair. She has her bracers on her wrists and her shield and lasso attached to her belt!


Stark Trek Uhura Clutch This roomy clutch is modeled after the red engineering uniforms worn by Uhura and other crew of the USS Enterprise. The keyfob features charms of Uhura, the Enterprise, and Tribbles! How cute! I would have liked for the clutch to have maybe a strap on one end to secure it, but other than that it’s well made and very geek chic!


Walking Dead Charm Bracelet This charm bracelet is made of braided cord and features charms from the series. I don’t watch Walking Dead, but my coworker is OBSESSED with it so I’m going to surprise her with this!


Her Universe Colouring Book This colouring book is so cute — it features art of various fangirl archetypes and other scenes, and included a set of six coloured pencils as well.


I found me!


Borderlands Nail Wraps (~$10 USD) I love the design of these — the gothic style print coupled with the playing cards is super cute! Nail wraps from Espionage are usually around $10-12, and these are glow in the dark!


Women of Marvel Skater Dress And here was the star item — a dress from Her Universe! This dress is made of a polyester fabric with 5% spandex. Based on their sizing chart I chose a Large to ensure it would fit my waist and hips. As a result, it’s much too large on the top/bust, but as the fabric has very little give/stretch to it, I wouldn’t have been able to get it over my waist if I had sized down.


The print is positioned a bit weirdly; it’s off-center on the front and is then cut off along the side seam before beginning again on the reverse.


An impressive number of female characters are featured! Off the top of my head I see Captain Marvel front and center with Ms Marvel to her left. Madame Masque (Whitney Frost) makes an appearance, along with Electra, Scarlet Witch, Medusa, Black Widow, and Jessica Drew among others.


On the reverse we also see She-Hulk, Agent 13 (Sharon Carter), Maria Hill, Felicia Hardy, Gamora, and a few others. I’d argue that a few more are missing — Rogue and Storm from X-Men, Spider-Gwen, and even Iron Man’s own Girl Friday who kicked a lot more ass in the comics, Pepper Potts, but it’s still an impressive roster of badass ladies!


I’m really happy with what was featured in the first Loot4Fangirls box! Strong women characters don’t get enough love, so seeing Her Universe partner up with Loot Crate for this box was a nerd girl’s dream come true! All of the items are exclusives and were high quality. I’m a bit disappointed with the sizing of the dress but I will still rock it as best as I can!

What did you think of the Loot4Fangirls box? This box is still available! Are you getting one?


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