Level Up Wearable Bundle by Loot Crate June 2016 Review & Coupons – The Futuristic Collection

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Lvl Up+ Wearable
Lvl Up+ Wearable

The July 2016 Level Up subscriptions were all about FUTURISTIC! Loot Wear (formerly known as Level Up) is a monthly subscription from Loot Crate with exclusive geek and gamer premium wearable accessories themed along with the current Loot Crate theme. You can purchase Loot Wear separately from Loot Crate – and the wearable items (the shirts/hats/etc) are available in ladies’ sizes, but not the socks.

There are now four options:

  • Socks: 2 pairs of themed socks for $9.99
  • Shirt: 1 shirt for $8.99
  • Accessories: 1 or 2 fashion accessories for lady looters (hairbow, cosmetics, jewelry) for $14.99
  • Wearable: 1 wearable item like a premium shirt or hat for $14.99

You can also bundle the wearable + socks for $20.99 or the Ladies’ accessories and shirt for $19.99! See our Loot Wear/ Level Up reviews for photos of the other subscriptions!

Theme Card
Theme Card
Information Card
Information Card

The July theme is Futuristic! I love the tongue in cheek play on the quote, “Shut Up and take my money!” from Futurama on the theme card.

Here’s a quick clip where Fry says it!

Loot Crate Wearable Bundle - July 2016
Loot Crate Wearable Bundle – July 2016

T, age 17, did not know what to expect with the July 2016 Loot Crate Wearable Bundle. He’s not that familiar with futuristic fandoms.

Megaman Crew Socks
Megaman Crew Socks

The Exclusive MegaMan Buster Gun Socks are colorful graphic crew socks. Be ready to blast your way through anything. The socks are made out of 82% polyester, 16% cotton, and 2% spandex.


T did not like the socks because they were tight and uncomfortable. He disliked the material which disappointed him because he liked the design.

Rick and Morty Socks

The exclusive Rick and Morty “Geez Rick” Crew Socks are more comfortable than the Mega Man socks.  They are made out of 97% polyester and 3% spandex.


T found them to be comfortable. They feel more like a typical sock and are easy to wear with a variety of outfits.

Futurama Short-Sleeve Hoodie
Futurama Short-Sleeve Hoodie

The Futurama Short Sleeve Hoodie is sure to please Futurama fans. The subtle print on the black background makes it a versatile choice. It is made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and feels medium weight.

Shirt Information

Check it out.  It is a Loot Crate Exclusive hoodie!


The sweatshirt ran true to size. T disagreed that the cut was unisex. He felt the sleeves edges were flowly in the front.


He also felt it was too heavy to be included in a July box. He is looking for items that he can wear now, not later.


He hated the bottom band which trapped the heat, making the sweatshirt unbearable to wear on a hot July day. It will make a great sweatshirt once summer starts fading away.

We had mixed  results with the July Wearable Bundles. The Megaman socks material was a bust for T while the Rick and Morty socks worked out well for him. No size issues with the hoodie although it is too warm for him to wear it in July or August. He is concerned that the cut of the Hoodie is a woman’s cut and not a unisex style.  August Loot Wear spoilers have been announced!

Did you order a July Level Up? Which one? What is your favorite futuristic universe? Share below!

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Visit Loot Wear to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Loot Wear by Loot Crate (Level Up)
The Description: Loot Wear is a set of four premium apparel subscriptions from Loot Crate. Themed along with the regular monthly Loot Crate, get socks, a shirt, ladies’ accessories, or a premium wearable item.There are 4 options:2 pairs of themed socks for $9.99 1 or 2 fashion accessories for lady looters (hairbow, cosmetics, jewelry) for $14.99 wearable item like a premium shirt or hat for $14.99 1 shirt for $8.99You can also grab a socks & wearable bundle or a ladies’ bundle with the shirt & accessories for $19.99! Formerly called Level Up (Lvl Up)!
The Price: $8.99 per month


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  • Tricia Sutton

    OK. I’m not really complaining as I do LOVE Rick & Morty as well as Futurama!!! Big fan 🙂 I was thrilled with the Rick & Morty Tee but I would rather if seen just Tuck & Mortys faces!! Maybe it’s just me. My oldest son thought the print they chose was better and brilliant. I love the Futurama wearable, I wish the print wasn’t so light though! You can barely see the characters. U hardly ever see a short sleeve hoodie so I think that is super cool & rare BUT… I haven’t tried mine on yet. I’m still hoping 2 lose a little more weight 1st. I noticed on ur son the band on the bottom!!!! GRRR I hate those. They are NOT a big girls best friend lol. Soon, now that I wrote a small book on the matter I’m not sure why I’m complaining because all in all it was an awesome box if ur interested in these 3 shows and we love them. We also got a Loot Pet crate for the 1st time. They changed their minds and decided to start sharing the theme. They weren’t doing this when I wrote them disappointed about missing Adventure Time. The theme was the Jetsons and I could not pass that up. The adult and doggie shirts don’t match anymore but the themes are the same. I loved ours. If I could share pictures on here with u I would! We are waiting on a Halo crate 4 my youngest. I’m worried it’s not going 2 be what he has pictured but we’ll see. Lastly I am very much so looking forward 2 the Loot Kawaii crate that’s in the making now!! As always… Thank you 4 ur reviews. I love Hello Subscription !! It’s my happiest computer part of the day!!! And obviously a place to talk, talk, talk lol. Thank you guys ?