My Lemon Crate July 2016 Subscription Box Review

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20160711_130252My Lemon Crate is an essential oil monthly subscription box.  In each box, they send everything needed to make 3-5 complete recipes (e.g., health and beauty products, items for around the home, etc.) each month.  The boxes cost $29/month.  Let’s see what’s inside!


Here’s what I saw when I opened the box.  Uh oh…something spilled!  We contacted the folks at My Lemon Crate, who offered to make things right – either by replacing the liquid or labels or whatever was necessary.  I appreciated their responsiveness and desire to fix things!  In the end, we decided that not very much had spilled and the worst damage was to a couple of the bottle labels.  I was still able to make all the projects.  The only negative is that a couple of the liquid bottle labels didn’t photograph perfectly.  But rather than wait for replacement labels, I’d rather make the projects and tell you all about them.  So here we go!


On the inside of the box, there is a placard that introduces the theme and lists the included projects.  This month’s theme is First Aid.  Given how active my family is during the summer, a box with first aid projects will come in handy!


Here’s a look at everything in the box.  As I’m still fairly new to making essential oil products at home, I love that My Lemon Crate projects are clearly labeled as to both what the item was AND what project it would be used for.  Additionally, My Lemon Crate makes it super easy to do the projects.  The instructions (available on Pinterest, Youtube, and by email to subscribers) are clear and simple.


Inside the little muslin bag is a collection of essential oils to use in the projects.  What a great variety and many different ones from last month.  I love learning about new essential oils.  Plus, My Lemon Crate promises to send therapeutic grade essential oils.  In addition to the oils, My Lemon Crate sends all the other premium natural ingredients and the containers you need to make the projects.  The box contains everything necessary to make each of the projects (a little spill notwithstanding), but even better, the recipes give ingredient detail amounts so you can make and remake the projects after the supplied materials are used up.  Let’s check out this month’s projects!


Bruise Buster:  For this project, I mixed together the essential oils listed in the recipe in the red-labeled roller bottle, along with some of the provided carrier oil.  Super easy.  (Just a note:  the labels on the oils, such as the carrier oil in this photo, were the only casualties of the mailing spill.  The labels are actually a lot brighter and easier to read than this.  See the review of the June 2016 My Lemon Crate box for a more accurate picture of these labels.)  The essential oils for this project have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties – perfect for increasing circulation and reducing bruises.  I use some other natural bruise reducing oils, so I look forward to giving this a shot the next time I bump into a table leg or car door.


Anti-Itch Dog Wash:  For this project, most of the work was already done for me!  My Lemon Crate had helpfully combined all the liquid ingredients in the small white bottle; I simply had to add the listed essential oils and some distilled water and put everything in the larger bottle.  Easy peasy.  I loved the smell of this project — rosemary and eucalyptus and lavender.  I’m not sure my dog was a huge fan – but hey, if it keeps him from being itchy, that would be great.  He does tend to get some itchy patches in the summer – hopefully this will provide him a little bit of nontoxic chemical relief.

First Aid Spray:  For this project, I put distilled water in the spray bottle provided, then added the essential oils.  The oils used in this project have anti-fungal and anti-infection properties to promote wound healing.  My Lemon Crate suggests this spray is great for minor cuts, burns, and abrasions.  Thankfully (knock on wood), we haven’t had an opportunity to test this one out yet – but I’m sure that someone will be wounded in the near future!  Me and my crazy kids – we’re kind of disasters when it comes to getting minor owies!


Scar Serum:  Another super easy project – part of the liquids were already mixed.  I again just needed to add the essential oils to the liquids and roll the bottle between my palms to mix.  The oils used in this project are to rejuvenate skin and improve elasticity.  I’m definitely going to give this project a shot – I have some older wounds that are healed but have left me with some tight skin and scar tissue.  Rejuvenating the skin in that area and improving elasticity would be great.

Bugger Off insect repellent band:  The last item in the box was a bonus – a product from the My Lemon Crate shop.  The instructions for use were on the packing of the item itself, rather than the recipe card.  Basically, to use, you place some of the citronella essential oil on the little ceramic disk and let it soak in.  Then the band should keep nasty mosquitoes away.  The packaging suggests you can put the band on your arm, your leg, or even around a table leg.


One of the fun things is that the band is actually one of those “snap bracelets” – it folds in with a bit of pressure.  Fun and easy to use.

Bottom Line:  This was my second experience with My Lemon Crate and I enjoyed it.  These projects were even more simple than in the first box I reviewed – which is great, since I’m still learning about essential oils and their uses.  My Lemon Crate provides a great, stress-free introduction and is a good way to learn more about essential oils without getting overwhelmed on my own.  Also,  I was super pleased at how My Lemon Crate responded to my concern over the spill during mailing.  They wanted to make it right, right away.  That’s awesome.

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The Subscription: My Lemon Crate
The Description: Discover new ways to use essential oils with our tried-and-true recipes, hand picked and sent monthly. No stress; No sourcing materials , ingredients, and containers; No long hours searching for just the right recipe. Explore new ways to incorporate essential oils, making products that suit your lifestyle on your schedule.
The Price: $29.00 per month


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