Kloverbox June2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Kloverbox is a fun and unique natural and organic beauty and lifestyle subscription box delivering the purest in beauty, nutrition, health, and home essentials.

First Peek
First Peek

I see a Baggu bag peeking out at me.

Everything is packed in the pocket
Everything is packed in the pocket

The smiley faces are hiding the items in the pocket.

Kloverbox June 2016
Kloverbox June 2016

Here are the items for the June 2016 Kloverbox. There is no information card this month. The June box arrived in early July due to a product delay.

Lillian Eve Matte Top Coat
Lillian Eve Matte Top Coat

The Lillian Eve Matte Top Coat ($12.00) is a quick drying, 5-free, 100% vegan, non-toxic matte top coat. The top coat goes on smooth and is recommended to be applied twice. I love Lillian Eve products and am happy to see this in Kloverbox.

Harvey Prince Keravegan Hair Masque
Harvey Prince Keravegan Hair Masque

I missed the days when we used to receive full-size hair products in Kloverbox. The Harvey Prince Keravegan Repairing Hydrating Masque (1 oz, $3.00) sounds amazing. It’s free of sulfates, parabens, and gluten. It’s full of wonderful organic ingredients such as argan oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. I do find it strange that it is recommended to shampoo and conditioner first before applying the masque. Any thoughts?

Organic Nutty Quinoa Bites
Organic Nutty Quinoa Bites

The Organic Nutty Quinoa Bites with Cranberries and Rice (1.25 oz, $1.86) is a gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and kosher snack. I will be saving this for a snack.

Baggue Electric Happy Tote Sack
Baggue Electric Happy Tote Pack – straps
Baggu Electic Happy Zipper and Handles
Baggu Electric Happy Tote Pack Zipper and Handles

The Baggu Electric Happy Tote Pack ($14.00) does not make me happy. I dislike the color and the print. J, my 7-year-old, loves it. It measures 20 in. H x 8.5 in. W x 5 in. D and is made from 100% ripstop nylon. It folds up into the pocket and zips. Baggu is a fantastic company that makes fun, durable reusable bags. This marks the first time I am not excited about a Baggu bag.

Fits my 7 year old
On my 7 year old

The website states it can be used for a day hike. Maybe, if you are not carrying much. There’s more give in the straps when the bag is cinched closed.

Tote Bag
Tote Bag

I think it makes a better tote bag. Others may feel differently. J plans to use it as a backpack.

The June Kloverbox is a miss for me. I love fun prints but am not feeling the Baggu print and am disappointed to see another Harvey Prince sample. The box arrived late without an information card. I want to root for Kelly and Kloverbox especially because I’ve been with them for a long time. I missed the days when the Harvey Prince sample would have been a full-size product. Maybe I am expecting too much and need to adjust my expectations. I think I have a month or two left in my subscription and will wait to see how things bear out over the summer.

What do you think of the June Kloverbox?

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The Subscription: Kloverbox
The Description: Each month you will receive premium products to sample, each from top brands and hand-picked by our health conscious curators. From what you eat, to how you clean, to the products you use on your body, Kloverbox helps you learn about new eco-friendly options every month.
The Price: $25 per month


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  • Rebe M.

    I received a 6 month sub for Mother’s Day from my kids. They were so excited about it as it “sounds” just like me. This is the second box I’ve received and was very disappointed as well. Agree, the bag is much more suited to a young child. Love the nail top coat. Received Harvey Prince last month. The snack is not something I would eat. The first box was just OK. The website is never updated which I think, doesn’t bode well. I have subs with a couple of other companies where I always feel I’m getting a great value, for much less $monthly, and their websites are very robust. I have 4 months left to go…..just hoping the kiddos don’t ask how I’m enjoying their gift. Had great hopes for this one…

  • Nancy M.

    I did not renew my Kloverbox sub when it ended in April, and I had been a subscriber for around 2 years. It seems to me that things started to go downhill for this sub last year with the special edition Beach Box. There were problems with that, and it seemed like they never quite recovered. I am happy that I stopped when I did but I feel for those who are now “stuck” having to finish out their subscriptions. It is a shame how quality and service has declined and I don’t see how this will continue for too much longer.

  • Eve

    As one commenter stated, they are a very passive aggressive company. They’re also the same way with the vendors who supply products for the boxes. My friend owns a small business and Kloverbox was mean & dirty. Looks like they’re going out of business.

  • Andi

    I, too, am disappointed with this box, and with Kloverbox in general lately. I dislike anything from Harvey Prince (their fragrances are cloyingly strong), and to get products from them two months in a row makes me unhappy. I like that Kloverbox provides more lifestyle items, but something just seems off with this sub. The lateness of their boxes, lack of cards, and overall lack of communication are concerning. I have two months left on my six-month sub with them, and unless things improve significantly, I don’t plan to renew.

  • Marcey

    This is a much different box than the one I couldn’t wait to subscribe to for 3 months just 2 years ago. The value is no longer there & I would have been furious to receive only the items you did.

  • Kori

    I am so sick of Kloverbox. Disappointing over and over, and the customer service is literally just the one person being passive aggressive. Now that the visitor posts are shut off, we have no way at all to ask questions or get information aside from private messages. That is so shady. It is just insulting at this point that they treat people who pay them for a service this way. It is pathetic that the never-updated website still states the boxes come mid-month, because they NEVER do, and there is always some lame excuse given if you happen to bother them about it enough. Will never subscribe again. The value of this box, whatever it may be since they can’t even include an info card anymore, is a slap in the face. This box was my mother’s day gift for my mom, and this was the first one she actually received.. pathetic.

  • Mary

    This box was a new low for Kloverbox. They turned off the comments on their Facebook page. I wish they would communicate about the problems going on instead of going silent.

  • Angela

    I thought about subscribing a while ago, but the box has seemed to lose value over the past year. I didn’t like that bag either, and I generally like Baggu prints. It kind of seems like a print no one wanted and was easy to get for the box. Unfortunately, it makes it feel like a gift you get at Christmas that you just know is re-gifted. I would use it as a tote bag too. I think it was a good idea to give it to your kid 🙂 At least someone likes it 🙂 The rest of the box is not impressive to me at all. For it to be late and not even include a card makes it seem like it was missing an item, not just the one they said made the box late. Actually, now that I think about it, it does seem like it’s missing something. For a $25 box, I feel like there should be another big item, especially since that bag was so atrocious.

  • Sarah

    I’ve been so disappointed with Kloverbox lately. Last month, I was missing an item. I’ve emailed customer service & still don’t have a resolution. I can’t even get a response! Now this month is very much meh….