July 2016 Taste Club Sample Box Full Spoilers + Coupon!

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Find out what’s in June Taste Club Sample Boxes from Eat Feed Love!

In addition to the Taste Club Sample Box ($22 per month), Taste Club has the Pantry Box ($45) and Snack Box ($35)!

Coupon: Save $5 on your first box of any of the Taste Club subscriptions with coupon code Hello5.

Here’s everything appearing in the July 2016 Taste Club Sample Boxes (item sizes will be samples):

Cascadian_wild berry_honey_best_friends_honeyThere’s something very calming about honey and this Wild Cascadian in particular is pretty pleasing. The berries are really the shining ingredients here because it’s what separates the amateurs from the all-stars in the battle of the honeys. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the difference in taste with honey because for the most part, many of them taste a lot alike: just like honey. Best Friends local berry sourcing is likely what escalates the flavor to a new level of fruity and sweet and it’s so delectable you don’t even really need to put it on anything, it will just dance on your tongue all by itself. But of course, it’s also amazing when used as a topping or sweetener. My new favorite thing to do with this honey is to drizzle a bit over some hard cheese – like white cheddar or cured sheep milk – atop a crisp salted cracker. It makes for a deliciously light appetizer, especially when accompanied with a little bit of Vintage Port Wine. Tasty!

Tonewood_maple_sugar_candy_wafersThese wafers come from Vermont where only the highest quality of maple syrup and sugar is made, and it shows in every bit of this rich maple sweetener. The wafer discs will dissolve on your tongue and slowly disperse in an explosion of maple-y, sugar-y flavors, sending your taste buds into a sweet frenzy. If you drink your coffee or tea with sugar you will never go back to regular sugar packets after you plop one of these maple wafers into your cup – I can guarantee it. It’s single-sourced, unblended and free of any additives so the taste is as pure as the ingredients. It’s really nice on a hot summer day to toss one into a pitcher of refreshing iced tea. And for those who really dig sweets – there is no shame in eating an entire wafer on it’s own and letting it melt in your mouth like an elegant cotton candy cube. It’s a luxury food and you deserve it! Tonewood, the makers of the maple wafers, are also a 1 Percent for the Planet member, where they donate 1 percent of their sales to climate change research efforts at the University of Vermont’s Proctor Maple Research Center. At EFL our mission is to give back to our community and we appreciate any do-gooder company who shares the same values… especially one that makes such delicious stuff!


This is a beautiful balsamic in every way. Its rich blush colors give it a sense of elegancy that really separates it from standard white balsamic. The combination of tart and fruit flavors give it that extra zing that works perfectly for a salad dressing and for drizzling over some graceful greens. You can mix it with regular unflavored olive oil but it bears an unparalleled taste when combined with citrus or Tuscan herb oil. The bold flavors make it very versatile and it can be used as a marinade or even as a glaze for chicken or meat. But, my very favorite thing to do with it is to pour it into a bowl, drizzle some oil into it, sprinkle some salt and pepper in the mix, and dunk some fresh and crispy sourdough bread into it. The tangy flavors of the sourdough and the balsamic will spark up your taste buds and leave you wanting to dip and dip and dip until it’s gone.  With its beauty in both appearance and taste, it’s not something to store in your pantry it’s something to adorn your table top with, next to a vase of fresh flowers. And somewhere near a loaf of bread. 


Roasted_Garlic_mayo_empire_mayonnaise_co_1This creamy, garlicky, and smooth spread will make it difficult to go back to plain old mayonnaise. The potent roasted garlic fused with tangy luxurious mayonnaise makes this a unique and well-rounded condiment with infinite possibilities. Terrific on burgers, turkey sandwiches and tuna salad it also works wonderfully as a base for a creamy garlic salad dressing. It’s versatile, silky smooth, and far from ordinary.

Instant_tropical_tea_10th_avenue_tea_1Ann Foley and Morgan Walsh are two moms taking the tea world by storm and they’re doing so with a purpose. Disturbed by the massive waste problem and clogged landfills the ever-so popular Keurig cups have caused, Ann and Morgan have created an innovative (and delicious) way to enjoy a refreshing drink without wreaking more havoc on our beloved planet. With a vision to invent a recyclable, eco-friendly (and adorable) aluminum tea shaker bottle they have had to jump through many hurdles to maintain their purpose. Many companies advised them along the way to switch to plastic bottles but they stayed true to their vision. They ultimately hand-filled their first set of 450 reusable bottles in the living room of Ann’s 10th Avenue Chicago home – with a little help from their friends, Grandma, and even their kids – where their business, 10th Avenue Tea, was born. They have many exciting plans for the future where they intend to expand their line to hot chocolate and lemonade, amongst other fun drinks, and they hope to revolutionize the way the world looks at tea while helping to save our environment one sip at a time. 

Champagne_vinaigrette_dress_it_up_dressing_1What I love most about this dressing, aside from the exquisite taste factor, is that it’s right there and ready to go. I tend to make my own dressings because there’s nothing like homemade dressing to make a salad a little bit more fun. But the beauty of this champagne vinaigrette is that it tastes homemade without having to home make it. It’s a fact for every person on this planet that sometimes we’re just too busy or too tired or too lazy to cook and there’s no shame in wanting something done for you sometimes, especially when it comes to the kitchen. This dressing has become a staple go-to for me on those nights when I get home late and I’m ravenously hungry and have zero energy to make myself a meal. When my only choice is Domino’s delivery it’s heaven on earth to be able to have this dressing handy to throw together a beautiful, delicious and healthy salad so I can go to bed feeling satisfied without feeling bad about myself. And besides just the convenience factor, this champagne dressing is DELICIOUS. It’s sweet and tangy and savory and bursts with flavor. I also appreciate that it doesn’t make my salad soggy in seconds. I hate when I take two bites and within minutes the lettuce is already wilted and saturated. But this dressing caresses lettuce without drenching it so you can actually take your time eating. With the taste and convenience factor, I might be in love with it. I feel like on those busy days that I can’t even dress myself I can at least dress my salad.

Save $5 on your first box of any of the Taste Club subscriptions with coupon code Hello5.


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