July 2016 Graze Subscription Box Review & Free Box Coupon

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Graze Box July 2016 box

Graze is a weekly snack box (you can opt to get it bi-weekly too or every month) with 8 individual servings of prepackaged fresh and healthy snacks. Here’s how it works:  once you sign up, you “like” the snacks that interest you on the Graze website.  Your next scheduled box is then assembled from some of your likes, so you never get something you don’t want to try.  You can snag your first snack box free with this link ($1 shipping).

Note that only 8 count boxes are available as a subscription here in the US.

Graze also has all sorts of themed boxes that help you whittle down your snack preferences into the box that you really want!

Graze Box July 2016

Nutrition info is included on each of the selections.  You will see a host of healthy ingredients and no weird stuff.  When they sweeten dried cranberries, for example, it is usually with fruit juice rather than corn or cane sugars.  We have our favorites, but we like that we see some new stuff in every order.  There is something for everyone, though — bars, granolas, trail mix style blends of high-end nuts and fruits, cookies, seasoned party mixes, biscotti with dips — all kinds of tasty snacks!

Graze Box July 2016 review

Everything is packed in neatly! Megan reviews Graze for us now, but I got an offer on my account for a cheap box (a good reason to try the trial – they will send you less expensive offers), so I picked it up!

Graze Box July 2016 (1)

Chocolate Cherry Protein Granola Topper: Granola toppers? Always snatched by the kids. Perfect to top a yogurt!

Smart Blondie: I loved this the first time I had it and the second time was no exception. Bring it back to my box. It’s a love!

Graze Box July 2016 (2)

Sweet Rhubarb Jam: Whenever we get this mix I think of my best friend – she’s a rhubarb addict! I save the dried fruit mixes for the kids, who loved it as much as she would. Nice and soft and flavorful!

Pumpkin Spice Flapjack: Mmmm. I actually trash most of the flapjacks (I know the UK subscribers are obsessed with them but I only really like the protein ones). But hey pumpkin spice is a must have!!

Graze Box July 2016 (3)

Herby Bread Basket: I’m addicted to this carbsplosion. I love it when it comes in my box!

Zesty Chili Lime Cashews: Also super duper delicious – I’ll take cashews with whatever wild seasoning Graze can dream up!

Graze Box July 2016 (4)

Zesty Lime & Red Pepper Salsa With Wholemeal Pita Chips: Perfect mid afternoon savory munch!

Chocolate Pretzel: Yes more of these! For some reason Graze got rid of its dippers-only box but I really wish they’d bring it back!

This was a fun box for me with a lot of items I’d like to see again. I think this subscription is great for someone, like me, who wants to pop one in their purse for a work snack or in their desk. You can get an individually sized (4 count) box free for your first box in a Graze subscription ($1 shipping).  Canceling is easy online but we just tend to move around our ship date and take advantage of their seasonal dollars-off offers.

After you get your free box, pick up more free and almost free subscription boxes here!

Visit Graze.com to subscribe or find out more! .

The Subscription: Graze
The Description: Graze offers a weekly sampling box of 4 little snacks.
The Price:  $11.99 for 8 count box, $25 for sharing box.
The Coupon: Get your first box free! Click here to activate!


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