Ipsy Spoilers – July 2016

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ipsy spoilers

July 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag Spoilers! Not a member? Sign up for the waitlist here!

As always, I get too many Ipsy referral points so I like to pick a reader to be my referral link for the month (all the ipsy links on the site are replaced for the remainder of the month with the winner’s ipsy link!). Leave a comment below and I’ll pick a random winner after all the Ipsy spoilers for July have been released.

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Congrats to Aarika, the giveaway winner! Here’s my July Glam Bag! Remember to subscribe to the newsletter so you see the August 2016 Ipsy Spoilers – I will open the referral link giveaway with the first spoiler!

Ah, some COLOR insta spoilers!

Sneak Peek #5 is here – giveaway ends Thursday Night!

This answers the speculation on that bare minerals product!

#4 in the most annoying spoilers in the world series.


#3. This black & white thing sucks.


Sneak Peek #2


Sneak Peek #1 – THE BAG!


It’s holo metallic!

Every subscriber in July will receive one of the following items!

Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash

Too Faced Cosmetics Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

bareMinerals Lipgloss

theBalm Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow

Benefit Ka Brow

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  • Jenn

    I haven’t signed up for any boxes yet!decisions.lol….would.love to.win and.try out.ipsy;) ty;)love ur blog btw

  • Siobhan Downing

    I am addicted to Ipsy. I love my bag.. every month i can try something new. My fav so far. Love it. Keep the sneaks comin. Cant wait for Aug. My birthday month.. woo hoo

  • Paige S.

    I am getting the benefit ka brow and I am so excited I really hope this bag is better than last month because for me last month was really bad

  • Niad

    I am excited to see what I get this month!

  • Evelyn Cruz

    This is gonna be my first glam bag so I’m really looking forward to it!

  • Christen

    Excited about this bag! A lot of stuff I would love to try!

  • Jasmine

    I really want the Luxie brush most.

  • Sun

    In case anyone is interested, when I tried the little Em palette (balm, shadow & blush) I was not pleased at first because the colors are so subtle and need to be built up. One of the colors only works for me if I use my finger, but now it works. 🙂 Thankfully the colors I got work great for me; so I built them up, and they give such a pretty glow I now love them and am really curious about the other Em products. I keep hearing love/hate mixed things about them; so I hope to get some samples to try.

  • Sun

    Mmm I wonder what color the Em balm is. I got a dark berry version in a little palette from ipsy and used it up fast. It was kind of between a balm and a gloss and a gorgeous color!

  • Sonya

    Hmmm I hate to get too excited. But oh I would like to try the KaBrow in the darkest shade. I don’t know…starting to think about cancelling this and Birchbox and just signing up for one of the pricier subs out there.

  • Krissy

    I hate this black and white sneakpeak crap too, its so frustrating?. I really hope to get the concealer or the primer this time. Last month I got two different bags with two completely different beauty profiles and they literally sent me the exact same thing in both glambags except for one item!!

  • Zillah Nomura

    I really hope I get the ka brow in medium!

  • Alyxaine Vetter

    If love to win something !! I try but still waiting!!

  • Blair

    I would love to get either one of the balm shadows. Those are my favorite types of shadow colors. I was hoping for it last month, but received UD’s Lounge instead (which I love, too).

  • Alicia

    I’m looking forward to this month’s bag.. it’s my birth month, and im just glad the bag isnt pink! lol. Ipsy seems to have stepped it’s game (back) up, and all the teasers have amazing products.

  • Rachael Jones

    Hoping for the lipstick/lipgloss. Looks like a really flattering shade!

  • Carla

    I’m excited for any of those!!

  • Aurora Gomez

    I am like super excited about this month’s bag. I always come here to check out the spoilers. Thanks so much. Hopefully I’m not too late to enter.

  • Shanda Renee

    The bad is meh but I hope I at theBalm in my bag!

  • Jessica

    Hoping for the bare minerals

  • Carolann Curry

    I like the bag design! I’d be happy with Too Faced.

  • Richelle Custis

    I have mixed feelings with my last 3 ipsy bags, didn’t get the urban decay last month, so I’m hoping for the too faced and the brush this month! Great Blog!!!!

  • Janet weinbren

    I love your blog! So excited every month for my sub boxes… It’s like Christmas!

  • Sun

    WOW! I was hoping the bag would be purple sunset & palm trees, but this one is pretty fun!

    I wonder if the Em item is mascara. I’ve wanted to try it after hearing good things about it. Not that I need any mascara. 😉

  • Velora Justice

    Hoping for bare minerals….fingers crossed

  • Lisa P.

    I am so excited for the July Bag! I will be happy to receive any of these items. I am just happy not to be on the wait list anymore. Ipsy can send me anything and I would be happy with it. Can’t wait to earn points to get more things.

  • April

    I can’t wait to see what is in my bag. Thank you for sharing!

  • Han

    I would love to see what I’m going to get in my bag for this month! Just got into the craze of subscription boxes/packages and am already addicted! Would love to get the mascara for this month!

  • Shannon

    I love seeing the spoilers each month!

  • MarciaF

    I hope I get the Benefit in a decent shade in my bag. I’m tired of theBalm minis which means I’ll surely get that instead.

  • Mng

    I recently signed up for 3 different subscription boxes to see which one I would love most!! Loving Ipsy! I have also been gifting items that I won’t use, but love the idea of saving them and gifting a whole bunch!!! That would make any woman’s day. Really hoping for the eyebrow product this month.

  • Ayejay

    Thanks for the spoilers!
    I’m beyong excited about this bag, so chic & cute for summer 🙂

  • Tabitha Miller

    Fingers crossed for Benefit Ka Brow! It’s gotta work better than the pencil I’ve been using!!

  • Wendi

    Great brands! These offerings are why I quit Birchbox.

  • Missy

    Ohhhh, that bag is so pretty ???

  • shar ducote

    I already have several mascaras that I haven’t gotten to use yet. Hope I don’t get another one.
    I make my own bags and put items I don’t use in them to give away. That way I don’t feel like its as much
    of a waste when I get something I don’t use or like.

  • judyo

    have always wanted to try the after-hangover primer—-thanks so much

  • Bella Sikes

    It’s my first month as a subscriber so I will be happy whatever I get!
    And the holo bag is really cute!

  • Jolene Johnson

    I’d love to get either the brows or mascara. I’ve got too many eyeshadows to use at the moment lol.

  • Michelle Maffia

    I have enjoyed both my Ipsy and Birchbox lately. Let’s me try new products in sample sizes and let’s me “step out of my box” by trying i might normally shy away . Not sure how I feel about Birchbox’s points revision.

  • Lynn

    So excited to try all products but really hoping for Kabrow! I need more brow products!
    Ipsy is the best for the money!!

    • Blair

      If you get Ulta’s ad in the mail, there’s a coupon for a free sample of Kabrow. No purchase necessary 🙂

      • Laura

        I have an account but I have never received mail from them not sure what to do :S

  • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

    Yeah, no. I don’t want or need any of these. Got the little Matt(e) Trimony eye shadow last time, still have a couple mascaras I haven’t even opened, don’t use eyebrow stuff, face primer or liquid lip things. At least the bag looks good this time – didn’t like the ugly graffiti one. At this point, I’m seriously considering cancelling ipsy for a while.

  • Nicole

    Since I don’t need any mascara (although I’m sure this one is fantastic) I would love to try Hangover RX or the new benefit Ka Brow products.

  • Rachel Blakley

    I would love to try any of them. So excited!

  • Amber

    I would love to try the Benefit brow!!! ????

  • sara hall

    Would lI’ve to try the benefit brow I think all their products

  • sarah

    I love the spoilers and of course love ipsy. ?I would love to try the the too faced primer or the bare minerals. ☺

  • Ashleigh

    Thanks for posting these sneak peeks!

  • Heather F

    I like almost everything here! The only thing I wouldn’t be over the moon about would be the brow product everyone else loves so much. I would trade with my best friend though, I bought her a yearly sub and so far she’s traded with me or just inherited some items, like three red lip items (one per each of my first three Ipsy bags) hee hee. The lip product in this preview looks less RED but I hold out hope that if I keep reviewing I’ll get a great nude. Anyway thanks!

  • Angel

    I am new to ipsy. (makeup subscriptions in general) I received my first bag in June and as pretty satisfied. I hope that July is better. The spoilers look great!!! Btw pick me lol.

  • Paloma

    Love all of your monthly ipsy spoiler posts! Thanks for your previews!

  • Angelina

    I’m really hoping for the Ka Brow but I’d be happy with any of them! I’m super excited for my July Ipsy bag!

  • Brittney

    So excited! Love ipsy. I feel like they are getting better and better every month! Honestly, anything but the lip balm would be amazing. If I use anything oily on my lips I break out. 🙁 also, would love to be chosen for your ipsy link! So many things I want to try with my points but I don’t have enough!! (as if I need more makeup lol) thanks for the spoilers! ?

  • Donailys

    I love ipsy glam, have had subscription for almost year, haven’t always got every bag since I have 3 kids but when I have that extra money to spend I always get the glam bag… It’s like my little mommy treat. I can’t wait for july’s 2016 glam bag!

  • Tricia Sutton

    I would be more than glad to take this little bag of happy right off your hands 🙂 As always, thanks for the chance to win.

  • Aarika

    Hoping to get the benefit ka brow. Love benefit products

  • Lisa

    Primer Primer Primer ??

  • Juniper

    I am hoping for Benefit or Too Faced. Thanks for the spoilers!!

  • Melinda

    Thanks for the spoilers!! Hoping I’ll get the mascara or primer. 🙂

  • Sondra

    Thanks for the spoilers!! This will be my second bag, and I love anything I can use to doll up these eyes!!

  • Amber

    This will be my 2nd month with ipsy! Loved my first bag and would love the extra points!
    Thanks for the spoilers!

  • Katherine

    This is really exciting bc I haven’t received my June bag yet (I was out of the country) so I’ll be getting June and July so close together – double the pleasure! Love my gifts by mail 🙂 <3

  • Cindy solorio

    I really hope I get he kabrow, face primer, or bare minerals liquid lipstick! Knowing my luck though I’ll most likely end up with the mascara or eyeshadow 🙁

  • Tamara

    If anyone is intrested in benefit ka brow…I got ulta flier early with a order I placed. And with the coupon in it from July 2nd or 3rd until supplies run out you can get a delux sample….no purchase required!!

  • Megan

    Hoping to get the brow product, but everything looks pretty good.

  • Ranae Mayle

    I think the mascaras are overkill but I absolutely love ipsy.

  • Sienna Lynn

    impatiently waiting for the next sneak peek .. lol. this is my first bag, my sister gets it but this is my first.. eeekkkkkk My sister and I have to share an account, lol this bag will be mine. I so wanted her bag last wk. hoping this wk will be better..


    Crossing my fingers for the new benefit ka brow. Since they’re new and I was going to purchase anyway. But it would be nice to try em out first. ?

  • Dulce

    Love your spoilers !!!!! I just recently signed up for ipsy,glossy box ,fab fit fun, and one or two other boxes and I always use tour website to give me heads up of what’s coming up!! I’m deff excited for this months ipsy n hope o get a kadabrow item. Thanks for sneak peeks

  • Brenna

    Definitely wouldn’t mind any of these in my bag!! Ipsy never disappoints! This will be my 4th bag and I wish I had joined a lot sooner. Thank you for always providing spoilers to us subscribers who just CANT WAIT!! 🙂

  • Amy

    I can’t wait to receive my first ipsy bag!! I’m so excited and I do not get to ever treat myself so after my friend signing up I thought 10$a month why not to have something esp for me to look forward to each month. I cannot wait for this Lil bag journey to begin.. Dunno if I like the bag or the products more lol!! Pick me!

  • Tami

    This would be my second bag and I’m hoping that it has the KaBrow in it ?

  • Starlet

    Always hope for primer and the KaBoom looks interesting since I never received it in my BB. Cancelled my BB sub. Sticking with my ipsy. Ipsy is consistent and is getting better IMO.

  • Karli

    Love my ipsy… Thanks for the spoilers!

  • Sabrina Caban

    Those are some pretty cool make up items the primer is something that excited me. I love spoilers lol

  • Sherry

    I would love to get any of these in my bag. I’m not a big lip gloss fan, but I could save that back to put in a bag for a gift. I’m looking forward to seeing what the bag looks like, too.

  • Lona

    I need points……l love ipsy……..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Trina

    Would be totally excited to get a matt (e) trim on your eye shadow! I got one in my June bag and I LOVE IT! Totally a color I wouldn’t have chosen for myself and that’s what’s so great 🙂

  • Gemma

    I’m hoping for the primer or ka brow. I was really jealous of the birchbox brow product (I unsubbed from birchbox a while ago). I seem to get a LOT of the balm products – got the matte eyeshadow this month. July is looking good!

  • Siobhan Downing

    Oohhhhh the primer would be lovely to receive..

  • Sun

    I’m hoping for the primer or mascara. I wonder if the bag is going to be tropical with palm trees like in the background image! I hope so!

  • Kyla Vaverka

    Thanks for always keeping up updated! I check weekly to see what updates there are on my subscriptions I have! 😉 And to give away your link for points, that is super nice! Good luck to all!

  • Sabrina

    Love reading the ipsy spoilers!! Hope I get the kabrow or mascara in my July bag!! Anything but the shadow really!
    Thank you for always keeping us up to date!!!

  • Sylvia

    I’d be happy with anything from that preview but that eyeshadow!! I just got one last month and it was so tiny!!!

  • Jade

    Have my fingers crossed for the benefit KaBrow always wanted to try! Thanks for the sneak peeks!!

  • Stefanie DosSantos

    Dying to try the benefit Ka brow…looks like a great product. I’ve heard such great things about ipsy and all the great products they have each month, not to mention the cool makeup bags. I wish I got the May bag with the travel design! Crossing my fingers

  • Josiee

    Ive been on a primer kick here lately. I would like to try the Too Faced primer. In Birchboxs June box they promised a brow filler from Benefit and i didn’t recieve one for some reason. It wasn’t even listed as a product i should have gotten. I picked my color when i was supposed to so I don’t know what happened. So I would like to try that benefit brow product also .

  • Meg

    I would love to try the kabrow or the bare minerals lippie. I love lippies. But, my brows need some serious attention.

  • Jackie

    Thank you for sharing this with us! I have been eyeing and wanting to subscribe and I hope I can soon! The July bag in particular looks awesome and something I would love to receive.

  • Lily

    Thank you for taking the time to share this! I received the dark berry The Balm shadow in June and love it! So this time I’m hoping for the gloss, mascara or primer.

  • Sarah Rutland

    Is it possible that the Bare Minerals item is actually their new liquid matte lipstick coming out next month? If so, I would love to get that in my July bag!

    • Brandy

      that definitely looks like a possibility!!

    • Sam

      I think the bareminerals product is likely the liquid lipstick because the tube is slightly frosted, from what I’ve seen (youtubres unboxing PR packages with both products) the gloss is in a clear tube and the liquid lipstick is in a cloudy-er tube

  • Christina Moczygemba

    Pick Me!

  • Jennifer Williams

    I’m new and this is only my 3rd glam bag. The Ka Brow and mascara would be awesome to try. Thanks for the “spoilers”!

  • Maria

    Hope to receive bareMinerals Lipgloss or theBalm Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow))

  • Natasha

    All of them look great but I really want to try the 2 faves primer!!!

  • Missy

    Ka brow looks like fun ?

  • Krystal

    Ka brow PLEASE!

  • Laura

    wow! I need that brow product in my life. don’t really care about anything else but maybe the balm eyeshadow…. so hopefully will get the benefit eyebrow pen!,
    last month the bag was not so good.. to be honest 🙁 didn’t like the graffiti design…. at all… turned it inside out.. XD

    • Amy

      I love the bag and kinda upset I wasn’t able to get it.. I signed up half way through the month and wS emailed saying I’d have to wait til July =( Boooooo but I’m so looking forward to all of the goodies and esp the bag!!

      • Laura

        im sorry u didn’t get the bag u wanted :(!! I didn’t like it at all, but im excited for the summer bag.. love the umbrellas, and I still cant get used to the fact theres not early access anymoreee..!!
        my profile says my bag was shipped but I still don’t know what it has inside (-_-)

  • Jennele Berry

    I can’t decide if I am hoping for the eyebrow gel (I’m just learning how to use the powder properly!) or if I would rather have the eyeshadow. I really do like eyeshadow.

    • Lily

      I got the dark berry shadow this month, and it is really pretty and nicely pigmented! It works better than the other Balm shadow I tried.

  • Lynn

    I can’t wait to see the design of July’s bag. I am wondering if it will be something patriotic. I absolutely loved the design of June’s bag. I just hope that I don’t receive another Balm eyeshadow,everything else looks amazing!

  • judyo

    i think that i canceled my ipsy sub too soon –the current boxes are better than the previous ones i got. this box looks great, as did june. thanks for this chance

  • R.Sanders

    Very excited to see the new Benefit brow items recently in sub boxes to get to try them before buying. Received the tinted brow gel from Birchbox this month..and hoping to get the KaBrow from Ipsy next month!!

  • Laurie

    I’m getting my first ipsy bag this week and I’m so excited about my selections! Can’t wait to see what I get in July. 🙂

  • Cindy

    I would love, love, love to get the Benefit Ka Brow!! I seriously hope that I don’t receive the Balm eye shadow or the lip gloss, but the mascara or primer would be fine. Not bad choices!

  • Anne

    Hoping for the Benefit Ka Brow to try out. But any of these would be fabulous!

  • Amy Marshall

    I’m really hoping I get the ka brow product! Ipsy is absolutely my favorite subscription box!

  • Eileen

    Benefit Brow, too faced primer, or bare minerals lipgloss please… I’m sooo looking forward to this one.

  • Veronica Vatter

    I hope I don’t get another on of those tiny eye shadows. What I really want are face masks and highlighters

    • Veronica Vatter


  • Diana

    I’m new to the Ipsy box but I have to say It’s one of my favorites! I love a new bag every month especially the June bag. I’ve used every product I’ve received so far…that says a lot. I’ve gotten product from other boxes that are in my ‘share’ basket!

    • Lily

      I love ipsy too! I’ve started keeping an ipsy envelope with items I won’t use, and when it’s full I give it away. That has saved me from wasting them and having to sort through them later.

      • Lily

        I forgot to say I also have special ipsy bags set aside for people I know will use certain items and love certain bags. So when those are full I gift them, mail them, put them in a stocking etc. These 2 things help me feel less wasteful.

        • Angel

          Do you sell them?

        • Kim

          I set aside the things I don’t/won’t use or don’t want/need for stocking stuffers (I fill a stocking for my sister and my mom) or gift bags too. It saves me the money of not having to buy other stuff and then the items don’t go to waste either. Win/win

  • Kelli

    Wow, so many awesome things! I’d be happy with any of them! Hoping my for the benefit or too faced though ??

  • Teddie

    Hoping to get to try the Benefit Ka Brow.

    • Eileen

      Just a heads up there’s a coupon in the July ulta magazine for a free sample of ka brow.

  • Danielle

    Excited for all of these products! Well a bit less excited for the mascara, but that’s only because I keep getting them in boxes before I can use them.

    • Lillian

      Would love to try the too face.

  • Lauren

    would love to try Hangover RX or the new benefit brow products! fingers crossed 🙂

    • Erlinda Gonzalez

      Would love to try benefit ka brow! Deep med