Highlights Puzzle Buzz Book Club July 2016 Subscription Review + Free Book Offer

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Highlights Puzzle Buzz Book Club is a monthly subscription for children ages 4-7 that sends one shipment of two books of puzzles to your home each month. Each book costs $6.95 and each shipment of two books costs $2.98 for shipping and handling.


Puzzle Buzz is Highlights’ most popular puzzle book club. It contains a mixture of age appropriate puzzles including hidden pictures, mazes, number games, word searches, quizzes, drawing and coloring hidden pictures. For those who desire more of a challenge, Highlights’ Puzzlemania is the next level up.


We have been subscribing to this magazine for some time. My four year old loves receiving his own mail and loves completing all of the puzzles on his own. The only two pages that ever require our help are the multiple choice quizzes in the middle of each book.

IMG_6399Each book contains multiple hidden pictures. Some, like this, require the child to circle the hidden object. Others include stickers for the child to place on the hidden object.


My son enjoys both styles.


In each book, children will have to locate a certain number of the same objects. This requires the child to keep track of the number of objects already found as well as the number of objects outstanding. This helps develop early mathematical skills.

IMG_6397In other activities, children will be presented with two similar, but different pictures. They will use stickers to make the two pictures identical.

IMG_6348Distorted pictures challenge children to discern the original underlying image.

IMG_6401Art prompts teach children how to draw complex figures and how to create identical pictures while rewarding them with finding a hidden picture through their own coloring skill.

IMG_6393Like a puzzle, each magazine includes stickers of missing pieces to a scene. My son loves filling these in with the enclosed stickers!


This is the only section of the book that ever requires adult assistance. Here, Puzzle Buzz asks the kids some random questions (including a Spanish question each month!) that they can answer verbally or by filling in a multiple choice circle. These questions have prompted my son’s interest in early Presidents of the United States.

IMG_6406Each month includes a manageable word search that my son enjoys immensely. He practices sounding out the words as he searches for them.

IMG_6357This puzzle was somewhat unique for Puzzle Buzz, and my son enjoyed it very much! He loves jokes and codes, so this was perfect for him!


Although we’ve never needed to consult it, an answer key is provided at the end of each book.

This is a great subscription for kids who enjoy solving puzzles on their own. My four year old son loves it, and I love that it provides him with hours of stimulating entertainment. Although it’s designed for 4-7 year olds, I would encourage parents of children on the older end of the age range to check out Puzzlemania as my four year old hasn’t encountered a puzzle in this book that is beyond his ability to figure out on his own. Come to think of it, I may call Highlights to switch us over in the near future. Still, it’s a great subscription and a perfect solution for those times when parents are otherwise occupied but kids want to do something new, exciting and fun. I highly recommend it!

If you want to try out the Puzzle Buzz level of Highlights Puzzle Club you will get a second book and a tote bag free (first mailing $6.95, plus $2.98 shipping and handling). Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

Visit Highlights Puzzle Buzz Book Club to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Lorraine E Phillips

    We wish to cancel any further Puzzle Buzz books. They come too often.. please unsubscribe us to Puzzle Buzz. We will not be paying for any future issue#.

    • Valerie

      Hi there! We aren’t affiliated with the box so we are unable to answer your questions. We suggest reaching out to them directly through their website to get some assistance. Thanks!