Highlights Hidden Pictures Let’s Play Book Club July 2016 Review + Freebies

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Highlights Hidden Pictures Club Let’s Play Book Club is a monthly subscription geared toward 3-6 year olds that sends two activity books to your home each month. Each book costs $6.98 and shipping costs $2.98 for each two book shipment ($16.94 total). For children who desire even more of a hidden pictures challenge, Highlights produces Eagle Eye Hidden Pictures Books.


Very similar to Highlight’s Puzzle Buzz Book Club for 4-7 year olds, this magazine foregoes the art prompts and quizzes and focuses even more on hidden pictures fun. Even the cover of the magazine contains hidden pictures!


Like Puzzle Buzz, the hidden picture games in this magazine come in two varieties: circle the hidden pictures and put stickers on the hidden pictures.


The black and white hidden pictures with stickers seem to be the first to go each month. After all, stickers are fun!

IMG_6983Many of the hidden pictures in this magazine have different activities that run along the bottom of the pages. Here, my son traced the letters to some common words.


In this activity, my son had to identify which of the circle shapes was different from the others (all but the orange were balls).


This activity required children to solve a riddle before finding all of the buttons on the page.

IMG_7095Here, in addition to finding the hidden pictures shown on the top of the sheet, children had to find a number of items listed on the bottom of the sheet.


Sometimes, each hidden picture is depicted twice–once on each of two different scenes!


In one activity each month, children are supposed to state the hidden object in both English and Spanish.

Just as he does with Puzzle Buzz, my son looks forward to receiving his Hidden Pictures magazines each month. Every day when the mail lady comes, my son runs outside to greet her and see if he’s received any mail. If he sees either of these subscriptions in the mail, he gets very excited and takes them to a table to get to work. These make great activities for him to finish on his own when my husband and I are otherwise occupied. We love Highlights Hidden Pictures and can’t wait for our next installment to arrive!

Visit Highlights Hidden Pictures Club LET’S PLAY Book Club to subscribe or find out more! When you join Hidden Pictures Club they will send you the first book for just $6.95, plus $2.98 shipping and handling – you will get the second book and a tote bag free! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.


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