Here’s the Rub – July 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Here’s The Rub is a great new subscription box for people who love barbecue and grilling.  Each month, Here’s the Rub will select a state known for barbecue and send three local rubs or sauces that showcase the distinctive flavors of that state.  Subscriptions start at $25/month, with discounts for purchasing multiple month packages.  Let’s see what’s in this box!


When I first opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the smell.  Oh my – this box smelled amazing.  Why?  Well – laying inside the top of the box is a beautiful cedar plank.  I’m already excited and I haven’t even seen what’s underneath yet.


The cedar plank was on the top of the box…but before I show you the rubs and sauces they sent this month, let me show you what was in the bottom of the box.  Wood chips!  Beautiful apple and hickory chips for smoking meat.  Here’s the Rub says the items each month will be packaged in wood chips and include a plank.  I’m drooling before I even get to the goodies.  I love a good barbecue and I love smoking meat – this box is already spot on for me.

Here’s a look at everything in this month’s box.

Booklet: The box included a nice booklet with information about the state of the month (Alabama) and the included products.  The bulk of the booklet tells the story of Sam Nakos, proprietor of Demetri’s BBQ in Birmingham, Alabama (and maker of one of the sauces in the box).  It’s a great story and I like hearing the tale behind the food.


In addition to the story about Demetri’s BBQ, the booklet shows where in the featured state of Alabama each of the products is from.


Finally, the last page of the booklet tells what is in the box along with a little “story” about each.  I loved everything about this booklet — the feature story on one of the restaurant owners, the little map of where the goods are from, and then the short blurb about each product — I feel like the folks at Here’s the Rub are really giving me a great picture of BBQ in the great state of Alabama.  So fun!  Now – let’s get to the fabulous products.

Demetri’s BBQ Sauce ($8.99 – because of the local/small producer nature of these items, the prices I’m using in this review are those that Here’s the Rub charges on its shopping site to purchase the individual product):  Yum!  This is a nice tomato-based BBQ sauce – not too sweet, not too spicy, just a little bit smoky…plus it’s nice and thick, so it sticks to your food like crazy.  This sauce is from Birmingham, Alabama, from the restaurant spotlighted in the booklet.  I put this on some simple grilled chicken breasts and it was so amazing.  I can’t wait to make some good old pork barbecue with this sauce too.


Granville’s Gourmet Pixie Dust ($6.95):  Who doesn’t love a good rub?  Name it “Pixie Dust” and put it in a little honey bear…and well, now it’s just amazing.  This rub is from a restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama, known for its ribs.  I have’t had a chance to try this out on ribs yet – but the flavor of the rub itself it awesome.  It’s sweet, salty, spicy.  I can envision it on ribs, pork, maybe even a heavy fish.  I am definitely looking forward to trying this Pixie Dust out on a bunch of things.

Dixie Dirt Rub – Good Old Butt Rubbins ($6.95):  YUM!  Another rub – and I love this one too.  This rub is from Andalusia, Alabama, and is all sorts of smoky, spicy, peppery.  Whew!  It’s super good.  I’m thinking it would be pretty awesome on steak or maybe shrimp.  (You may have figured out, I’m a serious carnivore!  Both of these rubs would be good on some grilled veggies – mmmm, grilled corn smothered in butter and sprinkled with rub…yeah!)


Here’s another look at the plank that topped the box.  I’m a super big fan of cedar-planked salmon, so I’m looking forward to using this item too.20160708_125544And for fun, the box also included a couple Here’s the Rub koozies – which, of course, are perfect for grilling out and barbecues.  A neat little surprise in the box.

I was very pleased with this first box from Here’s the Rub.  Each of the three products had its own distinct flavor and use.  And the booklet really brought me to Alabama – I like how Here’s the Rub really spotlighted the state and its flavors.  Packaging the products in wood chips and including a plank is a super clever way to add value to the box.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where Here’s the Rub goes next!

If you’d like to try out Here’s the Rub use coupon code HELLOSUB to save 25% on your first box!

Visit Here’s the Rub to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Here’s the Rub
The Description: Each month you’ll receive a new Here’s the Rub box, from a different state, containing two rubs and a sauce. Each box is packed with over 2.5 lbs of apple/hickory chips and a cedar plank with the stories behind the products.For us, it’s not just about barbecue or the grill. It’s about flavor and the people who craft it. We’re bringing you the rubs and sauces you can’t find at the grocery store. Right now, we’re traveling to humble barbecue joints, local steakhouses, and keeping our ears open for word of home chefs preparing their own unique recipes. As we discover new flavors we’re also gathering the stories behind the unique creations.
The Price: $24.99 per month


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  • Danielle

    Ripoff! I emailed them 7 times…. they responded twice. Kept promising product was coming… nope. Only got a $40 credit card bill!

  • Christopher Rupprecht

    Bought a six month subscription in August, never fulfilled. Lots of back and forth through Facebook- promising to “look into it” etc. Months of communication and I’ve given up on seeing any boxes or that $200.

  • Brittany

    Order never fulfilled. I purchased a 3 month subscription as a gift for my step father and he only received 1 of the 3 months. Multiple attempts were made to receive the other 2 months that were paid for and I was told they had issues with product. I waited another 2 months before requesting for a refund which was just ignored. This company is runned by thieves.