GlobeIn Limited Edition Jewelry Box Review

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First Look
First Look

Globein is introducing their first-ever Limited Edition Jewelry Box! All the jewelry pieces are handmade from brass and designed in collaboration with Tribe Alive. Total retail value is $135.  All GlobeIn subscribers have a chance to purchase the Jewelry Box for $50 instead of $70 regular retail price! If you aren’t yet a subscriber can use coupon code WELCOME to save $10 OFF a 3+ month Artisan Box subscription.

I was surprised that an information card was not included. I suspected that it slipped out in its travels because the box arrived unsealed.

Items packaged
Items packaged

The items are packaged in small plastic bags except for the earrings which are inside the handwoven pouch.

Globein Jewelry Box2016
GlobeIn Jewelry Box 2016

Here are the items in the 2016 GlobeIn Jewelry Box. It’s a minimalist curated look.

A note from the curator!

Dear Ladies,

Adorn yourself. You needn’t wait for a special occasion to frame the lovely body that is yours with some bling. The delicate yet funky, regal yet spare pieces waiting in this special box are simple enough for a daily accent, august enough to say, I honor myself, I am an expression of beauty in the world.

We created your jewelry box in collaboration with Tribe Alive, a social fashion business founded on the belief that there is nothing more fashionable than giving back. Tribe Alive partners with artisan collectives around the world, providing them a vital connection to the global marketplace, while offering training and support.

Your new charms, made specially for this collection, amplify the profound growth their partnership has already generated with Mi Esperanza in Honduras and Maya Traditions in Guatemala. Because fashion is meant to make a statement. And these pieces truly do.



Artisan Box Curator

My apologies for not having the information booklet, but GlobeIn followed up and updated us with the booklet. Genna did an excellent job explaining the inspiration behind the GlobeIn jewelry box.

Palm Leaf Pouch
Palm Leaf Pouch – Mexico

I don’t see the Palm Leaf Pouch listed on the Globein website yet. The design and color are beautiful. It closes tight and feels solid. I plan to use it to hold my lip balm, sunscreen, handcream, etc. when using my tote bag. It’s a gorgeous way to package the jewelry. Colors will vary.


It’s wonderful to read about the impact, and the way lives are being changed through our purchases. The beauty that the weavers create from discarded palms is pleasing to the eye.

FYI – Globein has removed all the items from the shop so the links to the items, at time of posting, are dead. However, we’re keeping them in this post in case they put the items back in the shop!

Token Pendant Necklace
Token Pendant Necklace – Honduras

The Token Pendant Necklace ($35.00) is a brass symbol of hope. The dainty necklace was created by the women of the artisan collective Mi Esperanza. It measures 12 inches long. There is a similar necklace that has an adjustable chain listed on Tribe Alive.

Wave Cuff and Duo Ring
Wave Cuff and Duo Ring

The Wave Cuff ($32.00) and the Duo Ring ($25.00) are both easy to adjust. There is a lot of give in both items fitting wrist and fingers of all sizes. The wave cuff and duo ring create a clean, simple look. I love how they look together.

The Wave Cuff
The Wave Cuff – Honduras

The minimalist brass Wave Cuff ($32.00) is made in Honduras. It has a regal, crownlike bearing to it. It was simple to adjust the cuff and should fit most, if not all, wrists.

Duo Ring
Duo Ring – $25.00

The Duo Ring ($25.00) is a beautiful compliment to the wave cuff. There is a large amount of give in the ring making the brass ring adjustable for any finger. I love the duo lines and wished I had my nails painted for the photo. The ring would look absolutely gorgeous with beautifully polished nails. There is a nonadjustable Duo Ring available on Tribe Alive.

Handwoven Pouch and Crescent Stud Earrings
Handwoven Pouch and Crescent Stud Earrings

It was so much fun opening up the pouch and discovering earrings. I love how GlobeIn packaged the two items together!

Crescent Stud Earrings
Crescent Stud Earrings – Honduras

The Crescent Stud Earrings ($25.00) are beautiful, elegant earrings made by women as a means of survival in an area full of poverty, natural disasters, and violence. The earrings are brass. I noticed that I forgot to put the backing on the one earring. You can see it peeking out on the other earring. It is a softly worn finish. There is a similiar pair on Tribe Alive that may have different metal posts.

Handwoven Pouch
Handwoven Pouch – Guatemala

The Handwoven Jewelry Pouch ($18.00) speaks to my heart. I love the color and design. The jewelry pouch is made by Maya Traditions and was included as a way to keep your brass jewelry safe and dry. It is lined on the inside and handwoven on the outside. The sturdy pouch measures 3″ x 3″.  Colors will vary.

PA Anna
PA Anna – modeling the jewelry on a larger wrist and finger

Don’t laugh at me! I did not have the information card and first thought the duo ring was a midi ring. It is the first ring I liked as a midi ring because it stays on my finger. It was very easy to adjust to fit my finger as a regular ring. I did not include it as a picture because my sister is wearing it as a ring. The bracelet is comfortable. I love how they look together.

The Sister - Small Wrist and Fingers
The Sister – Small Wrist and Fingers

The curated look compliments the simple tee that my sister is wearing. It’s an elegant, yet minimalist look that reminds me of the simplicity of summertime fun.  Neither of us has pierced earrings. The earrings would complete the look giving it a geometric styling to the outfit.

And a quick note from GlobeIn:

Care instructions (for all jewelry included): 

Do you like an aged, patina look to your brass jewelry, or prefer it to always be bright and shiny? If shiny is your thing, periodically soak all the pieces in this box in a mixture of water and lemon juice for five minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry.

We both loved the first GlobeIn Limited Edition Jewelry Box. They did an excellent job putting together a curated look that works during the day or night. The simple, yet elegant, lines are exactly what I expect from a Tribe Alive collaboration. The Palm Leaf Pouch and the Handwoven Jewelry Pouch are thoughtful items that enhance the Limited Edition Jewelry Box. Each selection stays true to the heart of GlobeIn. It’s an excellent jewelry box that makes a statement!

What do you think of the Limited Edition Jewelry Box?


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  • AngelaR

    If GlobeIn does another jewelry box limited edition box I would like to some more color in the jewelry.