Foodstirs June 2016 Subscription Box Review + Free Trial Coupon

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Foodstirs June 2016 box

Foodstirs is a monthly baking subscription box . Every month you’ll receive family-oriented baking kits made with premium and real ingredients, free of preservatives, artificial dyes and flavors.

The mixes use organic and non-GMO ingredients when available.  You can also choose to subscribe monthly to their sugar cookie, brownie, or vanilla cupcake mix. You can choose to get the monthly kit or start your subscription with one of the kits in the store.

Foodstirs June 2016 unboxing

The theme for June was Star Sparkler Cookies.  When the treats have a holiday theme, this subscription comes way in advance of the holiday, so you’ll have it not only in time to make for the holiday itself, but also in time for pre-holiday parties, if you like.

Foodstirs June 2016 (1)

The box includes a card letting you know the ingredients needed, tools, baking time, quantity, etc.

I like that it breaks down the ingredients you need twice (the second time being what you need at home).   The kit includes all dry ingredients and decorative items — you supply eggs, butter, and other dairy when needed.

Foodstirs June 2016 (3)

The information card also has useful tips written on it.

Foodstirs June 2016 (4)

The box includes complete nutritional and ingredients information. You will like the ingredients – never anything artificial, and the ingredients are primarily organic with only natural food dye.

Foodstirs June 2016 (2)

The instructions. They are step by step with a photo for each step.  We’ve found them to be a bit awkward in the past (having you separate eggs only to recombine them, or chilling butter, making it difficult to blend), but this recipe was better-designed, except for that hand-mixing the butter business.

Foodstirs June 2016 unboxed

The contents arrive bundled in a Foodstirs cloth sack and nestled in squiggles.  We haven’t quite come up with novel way to reuse the bag yet, but is is certainly soundly enough constructed to repurpose.

Foodstirs June 2016 review

Each bag is labeled, though it’s fairly easy to tell what the contents are through the bag. We received sticks, a “star” shaped-cookie cutter (I thought at first it got bent out of shape, but the position of the weld and size of points suggest its just a very squat star, the top point facing the lower left in the above pic), vanilla frosting mix, cookie dough mix, and 2 colors of sugar.

Foodstirs June 2016 (1)

This recipe is simple, but it allows for lots of child engagement if you want to make it as a family.

Foodstirs June 2016 (2)

We gave it a shot, but we didn’t mix the butter entirely by hand ?!Foodstirs June 2016 (3)

Of course, kids love to use rolling pinsFoodstirs June 2016 (4)

Yes, it was that fun!Foodstirs June 2016 (5)

The cookie cutter worked well on the dough.  We had to remember that kids need some guidance when placing the cutter, as they feel compelled to plop it down in the middle of any open real estate instead of optimizing the available space to maximize cookies made without re-rolling.  Foodstirs June 2016 (7)

We did find that the frosting needed a splash more liquid to make it easy for the kids to work with.
Foodstirs June 2016 (8)

We also broke out the power equipment to help with the frosting. Foodstirs June 2016 (9)

The sticks made it really easy to frost the cookies!

Foodstirs June 2016 (10)

The taste of cookies was really great, and the kids had a blast decorating them, as only kids can — beginning by applying each sprinkle individually and gradually escalating to pouring them on!

Foodstirs June 2016 (11)

The result was very good for us!Foodstirs June 2016 (12)

We made some a few stars as set forth in the recipe, but we also used some of our own cutters.

Foodstirs June 2016 (13)

The popsicle stick style of cookie works well for kids — it keeps their hands from getting quite as sticky, and the cookies last a lot longer, too!

The feedback on this subscription in the comments have been mixed – some people agree with us that the subscription is very pricey, others love it as a fun craft box for their kids.  They have lowered the price recently, settling on a more reasonable price point.  We do love the quality and taste of the mixes that form the base of each project , and you always get to eat the results!

Did you do Foodstirs this month? We were happy with our results (finally!).

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