Doodlebug Busy Bags July 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Doodlebug Busy Bags is a monthly subscription service that sends fun seasonal crafts for kids. Each Doodlebug Busy Bag contains 4-8 crafts that helps children develop their fine motor skills, creativity and confidence. This subscription service is run by Kidable Adventures, who also produces the Little Thinker Box. My son loves the themes of the easy-to-assemble crafts, and I appreciate the tips contained on the detailed instruction sheets. New subscribers receive a nice big red bag, perfect for holding lots of beautiful Doodlebug crafts.

The information sheet contains an overview of all the crafts as well as color pictures of the finished crafts. Each craft comes individually bagged along with any other supplies that might be required, such as glue dots and magnets. This month’s theme was “Animal Science: Mammals and Fish.”

I love how there was overlap this month in the theme of some of the crafts in July’s Doodlebug Busy Bag and June’s Little Thinker Box! After learning about clown fish and sea anemones in the June Little Thinker Box, my son was excited to make the Clown Fish Sea Anemone Pop-Up Craft in his Doodlebug Busy Bag.

IMG_6724My son couldn’t wait to make this lion puppet for his sister, who is fascinated by lions!


As I was taking the picture, my daughter could be heard saying “I want that!” in the background.

IMG_6720Few things are more fun than elephant trunks, and it looks like this one will fit my son’s head. Awesome!

IMG_7241This craft was simple to construct–just a lot of peeling and sticking.


I only had to help with the sizing at the end. How fun!

IMG_6729My son was very excited to decorate these puzzles! Animals and puzzles are two of his favorite things!


After complaining that his drawings couldn’t be realistic if he was limited to the colors included in the box, my son got to work.

IMG_6731He decided his lion was pretty close to the real thing.


After finishing the lion, he felt freer to experiment with the cat.

IMG_6728My son was very interested to learn about mosaics. After discussing mosaics for some time, he got to work.

IMG_6727There were so many components to peel and stick, though, that my son’s energy began to wane.


He finished the elephant on his own over the course of a few days.


While he loved his creation, it was difficult to get him to muster up enough energy to finish the monkey. I’ll let him finish it on his own later this month.

IMG_6723My son did some sand art in the January 2016 Doodlebug Busy Bag and loved it! He was excited to do it again.

IMG_7276His technique has improved since the last time he tried to make sand art. He’s better at pouring the sand slowly and moving it around directly from the bag.

IMG_7277His fish turned out great!


He was very proud of the result. Before putting it on the refrigerator, he brought it upstairs to show to my husband.

IMG_6722 (2)This was completed and used as a placemat without me realizing it. My kids love stickers! By the time I found it again, the lovely underwater scene with fish was covered in jelly. The kids certainly had fun with it!


Scratch off art is new to my son, so he was excited to try it!

IMG_7204A little tentative at first, he eventually decided to scratch off the entire fish so that he could see all of the colors.


So cute! He ran upstairs to show his creations off to his dad. He then returned and hung them on one of our doors.

IMG_6721My son loved the theme of this craft!

IMG_7259Assembling the clown fish and sea anemone was pretty straightforward. It involved a lot of peeling and sticking.


As always, my son and I enjoyed working through his Doodlebug Busy Bag together. He finds great satisfaction in creating the enclosed crafts by himself, with his cheering squad giving him high fives as he completes each one. I’m grateful for the bonding time it provides us each month.

We can’t wait to receive next month’s Doodlebug Busy Bag!

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The Price: $16.00 per month
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