Anime Bento Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2016

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Anime Bento July 2016 box

Anime Bento is a monthly subscription box for true anime fans! With this subscription you’ll receive Japanese toys, collectibles, and other swag from your favorite anime shows delivered straight to your door every month. Anime Bento is committed to sending only authentic products, too. Moe Chan, depicted on the cover of the box, is Anime Bento’s official mascot.

Moe Chan is a master chef and bento artist. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her saucy get-up, but she’s a sweet 16.

She enjoys watching comedic anime and is often caught doodling when she should be working.  Her dream is to one day open a great restaurant where food and art can be equally appreciated.  She attends the local high school and is popular with her class mates.  Moe has very close friends that she works with and always makes sure that they always have a good lunch to eat.  When she is not working at a maid cafe in Akihabara or going to school, she helps run the Social media sites for Anime Bento.

Anime Bento July 2016 unboxing

I like that the box is always filled to the top with anime goodies.

Anime Bento July 2016 (1)

There’s an invite to come in this year’s San Antonio, Texas Anime Convention.

Anime Bento July 2016 (2)

The back of the card shows a list of the guests, speakers, and what to expect in the event.

Anime Bento July 2016 review

Everything in my July box! This month’s Bento contained some pretty nice items- let’s jump right in!

Anime Bento July 2016 (10)

The information card shows all the items in this box!

Anime Bento July 2016 (9)

Moe-Chan T-Shirt Moe-Chan is in a cute maid outfit! Maids are a popular anime trope, and in Japan there are maid cafes you can visit where all the waitresses are dressed as French maids.

Anime Bento July 2016 (3)

Kill la Kill Guts Plush GUTS! I am a huge Kill La Kill fan (I have cosplayed as Ryuko and have my full-size scissorblade hanging over my television) and I love Guts! He’s the pug belonging to Mako’s family, and he’s obsessed with eating as much food as noisily and messily as he can. He’s so ugly he’s cute — and they’ve dressed him up in his little grey hoodie!

Anime Bento July 2016 (4)

He’s so soft and squishy! And that little tongue is adorable.

Anime Bento July 2016 (5)

Hi-Chew Bites Hi-Chew are a popular candy from Japan, and these are a new smaller version instead of the standard square pieces. You also get two flavours instead of just one!

Anime Bento July 2016 (6)

No Game No Life Lanyard No Game No Life was originally a series of short novels about two step-siblings, who are loners who really only enjoy gaming. One day they win a game against a god and are transported to another world, full of nothing but games. The series also launched a manga serialisation as well as an anime series. The lanyard depicts the protagonists, Shiro and her older brother Sora. This lanyard includes a passcase attached, which is really handy for anime conventions!

Anime Bento July 2016 (7)

Fairy Tail Key Chain First or all, how has Fairy Tail been around for ten years now?! That’s crazy. I feel old. Second, Fairy Tail happens to be one of my friend Mitch’s favourite series. The basic premise is that in a fictional version of our Earth, wizards inhabit the world and spend their time joining guilds to practice their craft. Lucy Heartfilia is the protagonist, and joins a guild called Fairy Tail. Along the way she meets up with the rest of her rag tag team, and the series (whether it’s the manga, anime, video game, movie… seriously, there’s a lot!) focuses around their antics and adventures.

Anime Bento July 2016 (8)

We got Lucy Heartfilia — she’s so detailed!

Another great box from Anime Bento! I’m thrilled with the Guts plushie and the Fairy Tail keychain, and I love the shirt too.

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The Description: Created by anime convention organizers and Otakus, Anime Bento is a great way to get your anime fix each month. We pack the newest and best title into each months bento and ship it straight to your home.
The Price: $35 per month
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