Wine Awesomeness June 2016 Review & 50% Off Coupon

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Wine Awesomeness June 2016 Box

Wine Awesomeness is a wine club that’s like a subscription box  – great wines are thoughtfully curated around a cool theme.  Every month you’ll get themed, wine-fueled adventure complete with 3 (or 6!) excellent wines and “The Back Label” mini-mag! You can choose reds, whites, or mixed — we’ve been getting the mixed since we switched to the six bottle box.  One of the things that we like about this subscription is that they include rosé in with the whites, so this increasing popular category does not get ignored.

You’ll get 3 (or 6, depending on your choice) wines every month or every quarter, depending on how often you’d like to receive it. The 3 bottle box costs $45, and the 6 bottle box is $75.

wine awesomeness

The six bottle box doesn’t ship in the rad Wine Awesomeness boxes.  Guess that’s where the savings are!  When you get a 3 bottle box this is what the box looks like – it’s really neat!

Wine Awesomeness June 2016 (2)

The theme this month is “Beach Box.”  Every month you don’t just get 3 “really good” bottles of wine (for a great price, I might add), you get 3 really good bottles curated around a specific theme along with an introduction to the theme, very readable educational materials about all the grapes in this region or the theme, and page by page introductions to each wine.  The book is a great tool to help you intelligently explore the world of wine out there.

Wine Awesomeness June 2016 (3)

This is such a great, accessible mini-mag.  This is my favorite wine subscription because of the theme and the magazine (and the great wine!).  The mini-mag is full of cool stuff — great detail on the wines, recipes, and even several articles on the theme and its relation to wine culture.

Wine Awesomeness June 2016 (4)

This month’s letter is all about how fun summers and the wines that go with!

Wine Awesomeness June 2016 (5)

An excerpt from Diane McMartin’s new book This Calls for a Drink! The Best Wines & Beers to Pair with Every Situation. This excerpt focused on box wines, which made me wonder when we’ll see a boxed wine subscription box?

Wine Awesomeness June 2016 (7)

Oysters (pass!)Wine Awesomeness June 2016 (9)

I could get behind this DIY.

Each wine has its own information page including the following:

  • Wine Name
  • Grape
  • Location
  • What you should do while drinking this wine (many tongue in cheek)
  • What to eat with the wine
  • What to listen to while you drink the wine
  • A cool chart showing a visual on the Acid, Body, Tannin, and Fruit of the wine (this is new!)
  • Wine Bouquet
  • Tasting Notes
  • Description
  • The recipes appear facing the wines, which you can make to eat with, or use to guide your selections.  We are simple folk, so we usually pick the recipe that is closest to what we’re already eating and grab the corresponding bottle!

Wine Awesomeness June 2016 review

Oh look, it’s all the wines that come in my 6-bottle box!  The labels this month seemed much more traditional than usual, which was a bit odd for a summer box, but of course – the label is just marketing!

June Wine Awesomeness: Whites

Wine Awesomeness June 2016 (11)

Heinz Eifel Dry Riesling “Mosaik” 2014: I’m such a fan of  a dry riesling, which you don’t see that often. This wine paired exceptionally well with a spicy dinner and had a nice mineral finish!

Proud Pour “The Oyster” Sauvignon Blanc 2014: Well, I guess you’re supposed to drink this with oysters! I just drank it plain, for drinking’s sake.

Eikandal Cuvee Rose 2014: Rosé is always a yay! This one was fresh, zingy, and strawberry-y.

This was an unusual batch of whites – not really sweet, but with lots of character, and was refreshing!

June Wine Awesomeness: Reds

Wine Awesomeness June 2016 (10)

Gabriel Correa 2015: I am not sure if I like any wine more for a summer red than tempranillo. It really goes straight down in a non obtrusive way that says yay wine, drink me! It’s really a chill summer bev.

Piazza del Castello Super Tuscan 2014: The label totally matches this wine – big body and a bit old school and quite tannic!

Exem Bordeaux 2013: A little stem-like  and not as fruity as I’d like, but pretty balanced.

Bonus!Wine Awesomeness June 2016 (1)

Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt Bar Sample:  This was included as a little something extra.

Another excellent box of awesome sauce! Wine is for any time, but especially for summer!

What did you think of this month’s Wine Awesomeness theme? You can get your first month (3 bottles) free, just pay $22.50 shipping and handling – click here to activate the offer – no code necessary!

Visit Wine Awesomeness to find out more or to subscribe.

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Ships to: All states except Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota, and Utah. Yep, this wine club ships to Pennsylvania.
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