Whimsy Mail June 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Whimsy Mail and Putter Pails
is a Canadian subscription box aimed for tweens aged 8-12. Whimsy Mail is geared for girls, and Putter Pails is for boys. This is a review of the Whimsy Mail box, because I may be in my 30s but I’m young at heart. Whimsy Mail ships in a plain cardboard outer box and is packed with brightly coloured paper squiggles. So many squiggles.

Even though this is a box for tweens, it’s still really fun for grownups too!

Each month the packaging tape is patterned, and it’s usually a clue to the theme — I always have fun trying to guess! I thought for sure June’s box would be something to do with pets or animals from the paw prints!


June’s theme is ‘Take a walk on the wild side.’ Okay, it could still be about animals, right? Right?


Nope — June’s theme is all about pampering those which keep us upright all day long: our feet! Promising a theme that thanks them for their hard work and pampers them, I was really excited to see this box. I have child-sized feet (it sucks!) and enough problems with them that they’re always achy and sore. Giving them a little TLC is my favourite treat to myself.


Foot Bomb A bath bomb for your feet! I couldn’t find this item on Sab’s Soaps website for a price but it’s loaded with all natural ingredients and is great for soothing tired and sore feet.

Brown Sugar and Orange Sugar Scrub ($5) This smells soooooo yummy. It smells like a creamsicle to me — but then again, I think anything with orange in it smells like a creamsicle. I’m weird. This is loaded with coconut oil as well as orange oil and works to soothe even the toughest crocodile skin. My heels are a mess right now, so I can’t wait to give this a try.


Freetoes ($6.99) These are hilarious! Toeless socks that are perfect for yoga, dance, pedicures, or wearing with flipflops. They seem to be a universal size, and might be a bit too big for me (size 1 girls’ shoes, y’all) but they are adorable.


Flip Flop Cookies LOOK AT THESE TINY COOKIES. LOOK AT THEM. They’re itty bitty sugar cookies iced with little hibiscus flowers and they are almost too cute to eat. (But I did. They were awesome.)

Toe Ring A Whimsy Mail original! I have short toes so this is a bit too big to wear, but it actually fits my pinky finger pretty well! The blue stones are really pretty and perfect for summer — reminds me of the ocean!


Barefoot Sandals DIY Kit As always, there’s a fun DIY craft included!


The instructions are pretty straight-forward — just wrap the ribbon around your ankle and down between your toes, and then tie a bow and glue on your flowers. These are so cute and boho — what a creative idea!


I really liked this month’s theme! Whimsy Mail always thinks of something clever and it’s a lot of fun to see how everything fits with the theme. I’m thrilled with the bath products especially, since I’m long overdue for a pedicure. Remember to be kind to your feet — they have to carry you around all day!

What did you think of Whimsy Mail this month?

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The Subscription: Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails
The Description: Unique Canadian monthly subscription box for tweens with a NEW THEME every month! We feature items we know you will love as much as we have loved picking them out for you! Whimsy Mail for Girls and Putter Pails for Boys!
The Price: $31.90 per month


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